Hey Fox Fans/ Hackney,

On the 24th of June, this Sunday, The Fox Craft Beer House will have to close. The freehold landlord of the building to taking back possession of the whole premises for structural renovation and refurbishment. The upstairs is being turned into flats. This means the pub will be closed for 12 to 18 months.
We’ve fought this as hard as we could and we’ve exhausted all angles to avoid this but alas there is no other way about it but the pub will be back. We’re sorry we couldn't have given you more notice (we received our notice last Saturday) but at least we still have a few days to drink the bar dry. It’s been an awesome 6 & half years and we’re glad to have helped out this whole craft beer thing along the way.
We’ve never been much good at this social media craic so if you’ve anymore questions gimme some chat at the bar and I’ll try to expand on the above.
Massive thank you to all our customers. You seemed to like the place and I hope ye had a good time. Sometimes we messed but it came from a place of honesty, love of the beer and we always tried our best. A special thank you to all the incredible breweries we’ve had in. You’re the real heroes. In other news, Luna, the diva pub dog might be pregnant so let’s call this a paternity leave while we look after her and her pups.

Joseph, Jerry & gang