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Our 5 Best Air Fryer Cookbooks – Impress Friends and Family!

Time will fry by making recipes from these cookbooks!

There’s no denying it: air fryers are must-have kitchen appliances to enjoy fried food in a healthier way. No need to worry about eating fried chicken swimming in cooking oil, because air fryers remove the need for frying with oil and allow you to have the same meal, and more!

From pork chops and frittatas to donuts and apple pies, you can whip up almost any recipe without the additional calories. Have a look at any of these amazing cookbooks and you’ll be whipping up a healthy dinner for the family in no time.

1. Delish’s Party In An Air Fryer Cookbook

Expecting some guests over the weekend? How about hosting a party for the holidays? Put that air fryer to good use with Delish’s Party in an Air Fryer Cookbook. Learn how to prepare healthier meals for your loved ones and get rid of extra grease and calories. Enjoy the countless holiday dinner parties without worrying about your weight or your health because you will be cooking greaseless. Learn how to cook your favorites and traditionally fried food into healthier meals that any guest will absolutely love. You get the same good taste without the added pounds or clogged arteries.

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2. Good Housekeeping Air Fryer Cookbook

If you are new to the air frying obsession, it can be confusing what you could actually cook with your air fryer aside from frying a few chicken wings. Believe it or not, an air fryer is a multipurpose tool that could do much more than frying. If you are looking for a bit of help creating delicious meals with your air fryer, a beginner-friendly option is the Good Housekeeping Air Fryer Cookbook. Start air frying with simple dishes such as cauliflower “popcorn” to advanced recipes like shrimp curry potstickers. Your creative recipe ideas will start flowing once you start cooking.

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3. Air Fry Every Day Cookbook

Looking for new dishes for your air fryer? You may have just fried almost everything and running out of ideas on how to put your air fryer to good use? Look no further, because the Air Fry Every Day Cookbook offers a total of 75 improved recipes and new dishes that you can enjoy minus the grease. We guarantee that your air fryer will continue to be of service to your kitchen and to your family and guests. Try out their savory triple-coconut shrimp or their delightful charred okra with peanut-chile sauce! You will be surprised just how much more your air fryer can offer.

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4. The Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook

Want to enjoy a delicious burger but worried about the fat, calories and salt? What about your favorite chicken wings or fried porkchop? The Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook follows the recommendations of the American Heart Association and came up with a healthier way to let you enjoy your fried favorites without the guilt. Cook your favorite meals with the usual flavor and spice minus the excess fat and grease because this air fryer will crisp it up on its own. Prepare delicious mini pizzas, burgers, chicken croquettes, wings and other fried favorites in just 30 minutes or less using only a few ingredients.

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5. The Air Fryer Bible (Cookbook)

No one is ever too late to join the air frying frenzy. It is a cost and health friendly alternative to the usual deep fryer or deep pots that need lots and lots of oil. If you are making the healthier switch an air fryer, The Air Fryer Bible (Cookbook) is the best companion piece to healthier cooking. With over 200 recipes, you’ll be cooking lots of different hearty meals every day. If you are thinking of getting rid of oil and grease for good, then this cookbook will introduce you to plenty of healthier options that you’ll love.

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New to air frying? Make sure to take a look at our page on things to avoid with an air fryer before you begin!

Is air fried food healthy?

Yes! The low fat cooking method means that air fried food is far healthier than food cooked in a conventional fryer.

Do you put oil in an air fryer?

Although you do not need to add oil to an air fryer, adding a small amoutncan help to crisp up the food. If you are adding oil, add it to the food before putting it in the fryer, not straight to the pan.

Can you put raw meat in an air fryer?

Yes, raw meat will cook perfectly in an air fryers. You can use it to cook burgers and sausages, as well as whole chickens, steaks, chops and fish.

Looking for even more air fryer recipes? Check out our recommendations below: