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The Top 5 Carbon Steel Woks – Quick, Healthy and Tasty Stir Frys

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Do you love Asian cuisine? Quick fact: Most Asian dishes are commonly cooked in traditional cookware called wok. A wok is a huge bowl-shaped pan that is used for stir frying, braising, deep frying, and more. Compared to ordinary frying pans, tossing food is way easier using woks. Because of its shape, it helps in distributing heat evenly; hence, cooking takes less time!

When buying woks, it’s advisable to choose the ones that are made with carbon steel. Cooking on carbon steel wok is healthier than standard frying, as it is non stick — requiring less oil or butter when cooking. It doesn’t release any harmful substances to your food too. It also heats up pretty fast so it can help reduce your cooking time. Here’s a list of the best wok brands you should check out.

Top-Rated 18 Best Carbon Steel Wok Brands

A Healthy Kitchen Tool


MOKIKIA Carbon Steel Wok, Stir Fry Pan Flat Bottom Pan, Japanese Iron Pan with Wooden Handle, for Electric Stove, Induction Cooker and Gas Stove(12 Inch)

Woks can be your most versatile kitchen tool as it is used for different cooking methods such as stir-frying, stewing, braising, poaching, and more. Take a look at this MOKIKIA Carbon Steel Wok — a wok hand-hammered 36,000 times by an artisan. This healthy wok contains a small amount of iron that can penetrate into your food when cooking. Thus, using this product can supplement iron to your body too.

Last updated on July 26, 2020 9:01 am

Sustainable Kitchen Essential

Ecolution Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok with Soft Touch Riveted Handle, 12",Black

Did you know that by using this Ecolution Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok when cooking, you can help save Mother Earth? This wok releases fewer greenhouse gases. Compared to other brands, it is safer to use as it is PFOA free. This wok works well on gas, electric, or ceramic-glass stove tops.

Last updated on July 26, 2020 9:01 am

Perfectly Handmade By Artisans

Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok with Wooden and Steel Helper Handle (14 Inch, Round Bottom) / 731W88

When choosing between stainless and carbon steel, it’s always best to choose the latter. Stainless woks are thinner and don’t distribute heat evenly. Check out this 14 Inches Carbon Steel Wok — an authentic Chinese wok hand-hammered by professionals from Guangzhou, China. For easy and proper seasoning, an instruction guide is included with the wok.

Last updated on July 26, 2020 9:01 am

Best For Any Cooking Method

Helen's Asian Kitchen 97007 Non-Stick Xylan Wok, 14-Inches, with Bamboo Handles

Wondering why Asian cuisines are so flavorful? It’s because most of their dishes are cooked in woks. If you want to test how effective woks are, then try this Helen’s Asian Kitchen Flat Bottom Wok. It is best for frying, steaming, stewing, low-fat cooking, sauteing, stir frying, and braising. Because it’s made with carbon steel and Xylan nonstick coating, it requires less oil when cooking.

Last updated on July 26, 2020 9:01 am

Great For Outdoor Cooking

Eastman Outdoors 37212 Outdoor Gourmet 22 Inch Carbon Steel Wok Kit,Black & Steel

Love to invite friends and family for some outdoor get-together? Showcase your cooking skills using this Eastman Outdoors 37212 Gourmet Wok. With its deep concave shape, it’s best for stir-frying, braising, or deep-frying. It comes with a propane burner with adjustable legs too. Cool, isn’t it?

Last updated on July 26, 2020 9:01 am