Top 19 Best Chinese Cleaver Reviews 2020

Top 19 Best Chinese Cleaver Reviews 2020

In the world of knives, it’s uncommon to come upon the amount of flexibility and possible improvisations that can compete with the “Ciao Dao”. Although it sounds like the name of a Chinese magician, and a Chinese magician may be a metaphorically proper description for this tool, it translates to exactly what a few of us may be familiar with as “the Chinese Cleaver.”

As soon as we hear the term”cleaver” the very first thing that comes to mind is that a muscle butcher brutally chopping back on a whole duck, and it could make you believe this type of knives focus mainly in cutting together with brute force rather than with precision.

However, this is the place where the Chinese cleavers are different from different cleavers. In comparison to other cleavers, the Chinese cleavers have a thinner blade, are milder, and therefore are applicable for numerous functions beginning from cutting edge chicken cartilages to creating thin slices of onions.

Apart from cutting, the rectangular and broad surface of a Chinese cleaver’s blade is quite helpful for crushing garlic and ginger, in addition to being a moving tool for safely taking the chopped food out of your cutting board into a wok.

If you are somebody who loves cooking and has not tried using a Chinese cleaver yet, then you should consider trying it out at least once during your culinary trip since it has quite a large possibility of becoming a chef’s favored cutting tool.

Chinese cleavers are made by different manufacturers and are made with different materials and with varying designs, so we came up with the idea of going to a quest for the good Chinese cleavers that can be found on the market and also to share the findings with you that you do not need to waste your valuable time looking for all the probable alternatives and thinking difficult about which one to buy.

Top Rated 19 Best Chinese Cleaver Brands

Top Rated 19 Best Chinese Cleaver Brands

CPK Elite 7″ Professional Cleaver Knife Stainless Steel with Ergonomic Handle

If strength is an element that’s high on your priority list, then you should check out this knife. It’s a complete tang knife where the grip and the blade is just one strong piece rather than being separate pieces.

This averts the probability of the blade coming away from the handle and provides you fantastic control over how you want to use the knife. To ensure that the handle isn’t only durable but also comfortable to hold, a separate ergonomic cloth has been used on the handle so that you do not have any hand cramps even after cutting on a whole batch of vegetables.

The broad surface area of the blade includes distinct components each of which can be used for versatile kitchen methods, as an instance, you may use the sharp tip of this blade peel vegetables, the flat part to crush garlic, along with the backbone of the blade to pound various meat. Contrary to other Chinese cleavers with an authentic appearance with wooden grips, this cleaver has a very modern design which makes it a stylish kitchen tool that you can store in a visible region to grow your kitchen décor.

The blade of the knife has a hole at one corner so you can hang it for drying and also for storage. One other wonderful thing about this cleaver we love is that it comes with an odor-removing metallic soap that you can use to take out the odor of food materials such as fish and garlic in the blade. The soap and the cleaver come in an elegant box that makes it a great gift for anyone who loves cooking.

SPEVORIX Cleaver Knife

This cleaver is a powerful cutting tool that has been made to the criteria approved by specific organizations like FDA, LFGB, etc. so you can stay confident about the quality of this cleaver. The blade has been made using a stainless steel of the model 9Cr15, which has a high Chromium content that makes it exceptionally resistant to rust.

To equip the blade with superior edge retention and sharpness, then the blade has been forged with heat treatment. If you’re knowledgeable about sword angles, then you’d be familiar with the fact that 15 degrees bevel angles are very popular as they are incredibly sharp.

The sides of the blade of this cleaver have been sharpened to 15 degrees angles to make it the perfect knife for making thin slices of vegetables, meat, fish, etc.. 1 factor which could cause hand cramps while utilizing a cleaver is the resistance that the hand must go against while slicing using a knife using a wide blade. To stop this resistance and to keep the blade elastic enough to easily slice through any kind of meal, the cutting edge of the blade was tapered.

The handle of this cleaver was made using a black colored Pakka wood which makes the cleaver sleek and stylish. At the same time, the Pakka wood makes the handle lasting and resistant to fungal growth even when the cleaver is kept in the moist environment of their kitchen. The knife is full tang and continues to be triple riveted to prevent the blade from being separated by the handle, no matter how much about the cleaver is used.

Victorinox Cleaver Chinese

Almost any individual you meet would most likely be familiar with Swiss Army Knives and their kitchen cutlery lineup is named Victorinox. This Chinese cleaver was made from the famous producer of this Swiss army knives and you can expect the quality and standard of this knife to be exceptionally large because of this.

This cleaver would also be highly valued by anyone who is looking for a cleaver which is not merely good for cutting vegetables and meat but is also capable of chopping through bones. Whether it be processing whole poultry or cutting edge rib meat into pieces to get a barbecue celebration, this cleaver will have you covered.

The handle of the cleaver has been produced at a round cylindrical shape rather than being flat, which gives you an ergonomic grip making it easier for you to employ force for cutting hard food substances.

Wusthof Gourmet Heavy Chinese Cleaver

Anybody who’s acquainted with kitchen knives has surely learned about Wusthof, a Germany based company that’s been in the knife-making business since the 1800s. So it is not surprising when they make a Chinese cleaver which delivers a fantastic performance along with an elegant layout.

This cleaver comes with an 8-inch blade that will supply you with the strength and force needed to cut through meat, bones, and vegetables that are hard. The blade is made from stainless steel which has a high carbon content that further increases the hardness of the blade, preventing it from breaking or breakage when maneuvering through bones.

Although the blade is very difficult, the handle was made of ABS polymer which has been rigorously riveted to provide you with a firm and comfortable grip. The handle can also be heat and impact resistant to make it suitable for being used in rough and heavy-duty settings.

LedgeON 7-Inch Professional Cleaver

This is only one of the best Professional cleavers since it’s effective at most tasks, from chopping through bones to precision cutting. The seven-inch high carbon stainless steel blade is thick, sharp, and rust-resistant. It undergoes a unique forging procedure which provides the knife its hardness and sharpness. The entire tang makes this knife feel stronger and raises safety. This knife boasts an ergonomic triple-riveted Pakka wood handle that is shaped for both control and comfort. Each element of this knife goes through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure the highest quality knives are created. The knife comes in an elegant gift box that you can use for safe storage.

Imarku Chef Knife,7-Inch Chinese Cleaver

If you’re the kind that likes to get the best all-around products, look no more. This is one of the best all-around Chinese cleavers on the market. The Imarku Chef Chinese Cleaver consists of a number of the best quality stuff for the most affordable cost.

With a stunning ergonomic pakka handle, cutting your favorite vegetables and meats never felt so simple and comfy. Also, the cleaver may be used as a multifunctional tool for a variety of types of cooking methods such as chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, and much more. In addition to the blade is made of 100a5percent 7Cr17 stainless steel that’s rust-resistant, easy to keep, and keeps its integrity for a long time.

In general, this is one of the top Chinese cleavers which you may get if you want a great knife that can do it all without breaking your bank accounts.

Sunlong Damascus 7-inch Home Chinese Cleaver

Now, if you’re ready to shell out the big dollars for a prized piece even your mom will be proud of, you know exactly what to bu next. The Sunlong Damascus 7-inch Chinese cleaver is by far among the very beautiful and high-quality products on the market.

The knife has a beautiful Tsuchime (hammered patter) textured Damascus blade that cuts correctly and sharply each time. The hand-sharpened a hand-honed VG-10 stainless steel blade center is clad on either side by a 33 -layer Damascus stainless steel (50/50 symmetrically floor double-sided edge). The handle consists of environmentally friendly and organic high-grade rosewood with an ergonomic fit. Also, the knife surface is convex with an anti-stick effect.

Through this cleaver isn’t cheap, it is worth adding to your kitchen gear if you’ve got a little extra spending money.

WINCO Chinese Cleaver with Stainless Steel Handle

Affordability is one of the main selling points of this Chinese cleaver, therefore it just makes sense that we kick off our list using a few of the best values on the market. Having a low retail price, you will be amazed by everything you can get for such a small investment. This Chinese cleaver includes a 4 handle and a blade which measures 8.3 in length. The blade and handle are both stainless steel, and the item is dishwasher safe also.

The testimonials that have been made by previous users of this knife are rather impressive, particularly considering the low price point. For a low cost, users report you will get an item that comes sharp directly from the box, is versatile enough to complete a list of jobs inside the kitchen, and is lightweight for ease of use even if preparing large meals. You can certainly spend a good deal more money on a higher-end model, but the reviews that have been left for your WINCO Chinese cleaver indicate it is worth strong consideration at a budget cost.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 7-Inch Vegetable Cleaver

Speaking of spending more money, another option on the list takes a higher cost. But for this money, you will receive a 7 Chinese cleaver that includes a high-carbon stainless steel blade. This knife is made with a complete tang design, and there are 3 rivets throughout the manage to keep a stable feel when in use. While you can place this cleaver in the dishwasher if you want, it would be better for the life of the product to simply hand wash.

It is not easy to locate products that receive excellent reviews from the plank, but this knife comes around as close as you can to that standard. The consumers of the knife are overwhelmingly positive in their reviews, stating it is comfortable to hold, features quality workmanship, and is very sharp. As you can hear in testimonials for many various Chinese cleavers, this is a knife that can be used for an amazing number of jobs in the kitchen, and it might take over as your knife of choice when doing any food prep. If your budget with this purchase runs up, take a close look at the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 7-Inch Vegetable Cleaver.

Mercer Culinary Chef’s Chinese Cleaver with Santoprene Handle

Surely, this particular Chinese Cleaver is well worth an addition to your collection. The triple-riveted, ergonomic design of this Eldrin handle makes my clasp stress-free and relaxed during the chopping. Besides, the textured Santoprene handle that is slip-resistant and also its rounded spine enhances the quality of traction too. The product has a shortened bolster that shows the complete blade edge that doesn’t give you a hard time sharpening it.

With a full tang design that runs the whole length of the handle, it offers superior balance. Mercer cleaver is proud of its one-piece precision-forged construction of high carbon, no-stain German cutlery steel that is rust, corrosion, discoloration resistant. However, it’s a single grind at the ideal side of the blade making it a disadvantage for left-handed cooks.

See that the taper-ground edge adds more assurance for stability, simple honing, long-lasting sharpness and higher efficacy when trimming and chopping. When I do julienne carrots, the cleaver never disappoints me. Mercer Chinese cleavers are NSF certified. Thus, it meets the necessary standard for security, quality, and performance.

For certain dimensions, this cleaver steps 3 5/16″ wide, 8″ length, weighs approximately 8 oz., 2mm thickness, and 4 7/16″ handle length.

TUO Chinese Cleaver Knife with PAKKA wood handle

TUO 7″ cutlery vegetable and meat Chinese cleaver are proud of its polished PAKKA wood handle. Since Amazon’s option for Chinese cleavers, it performs as expected. From the grain of the handle to the gentle curve of the blade, it is an ergonomic handle design for exceptional comfort and robustness. I respect its exceptionally razor-sharp, full tang, imported high carbon German stainless steel material with a hand-polished edge at 18 degrees per side.

This item is just tempered and stain resistant with a hardness which reaches to HRC56. I consider the PAKKA wood (from Africa) as exceptional for each handle not mentioning it’s being luxurious and good-looking. The Engineered timber handle inlay is oil evidence and anti-corrosion. For that reason, it ensures that you will have a hygienic kitchen cleaver.

Therefore, it means goodbye to blisters stains as I had with different brands. The Chinese cleaver weighs .75 lb., steps 3.15″ in width, .09″ in thickness, and 7″ in length. Like the other items, this too offers 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee. This risk-free purchase is also perfect for gifts and giveaways.

Sky Light 7inch Cleaver, Chinese Butcher Knife German High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife

The next best Chinese Cleavers in our critique will be nitrogen cooled for improved hardness and flexibility of use. And being manufactured from top-grade Wusthof and Zwilling Henckels German steel, its quality is unrivaled. It is handmade and designed to be heavy to allow gravity to do most of the job for you. And it can even cut through bone without any difficulties.

Ergonomic and balanced…

The handle is correctly shaped to offer you a proper balance and traction. Made of a military-grade polymer material, it also includes ridges that allow your fingers to sink, which gives you cleaner outcomes.

Stain-proof, rust-resistant, and extremely polished, this Chinese cleaver is one that you’re certain to fall in love with. Additionally dishwasher safe, and using a full refund lifetime warranty, you can count on this very simple instrument to remain ever faithful.

Spevorix Chinese Cleaver

This high-quality merchandise is a strong competitor in the race of their best Chinese vegetable cleavers since it comes with amazing crafting and designing.

It’s constructed from premium excellent carbon German stainless-steel material and can be used for cutting edge, cutting, chopping, and shredding. Due to this blade width of 3.5 inches, it is also possible to crush the vegetables like tomato, garlic, and ginger with the utmost simplicity.

The knife is forged authentically through the hot-forging process. This increases the durability and sharpness of the knife. As far as the deal is concerned, it is made of Pakkawood, full tang and triple riveted to include more strength.

Additionally, there is a groove on the handle that makes it more ergonomic. It also comes with a 100% money-back warranty. The only disadvantage is that product it’s not dishwasher safe.

Shi Ba Zi Zuo F214-2

This product is accompanied by an amazing Rosewood handle and this is the USP of this knife. The 7 inches large blade is made from high-carbon stainless-steel and contains non-stick coating on the top to prevent food from sticking.

This is a lightweight merchandise weighing merely 8.5 ounces. It could be suitable for people with limited hand strength.

It’s an amazingly sharp border and a pointed tip that aids with convenient mincing and dicing. The blade isn’t forged in any exceptional way, unlike many other products so this may be susceptible to rust and corrosion. Additionally, it is not dishwasher-safe.

Orblue Stainless Steel Chopper-Cleaver-Butcher Knife

To get a pain-free cutting experience, this particular Chinese cleaver is likewise terrific. Should you spend a better part of your day cutting and chopping and chopping meat then you must comprehend the significance of cleavers that don’t harm your wrists and hands. This is 1 reason why we think it is the best Orblue cleaver for every home and industrial fighter out there. It’s heavy-duty and lasts a lifetime if you treat it the ideal way. Above all, it is balanced and this feature has a very crucial part to play in every kitchen of the world.

DALSTRONG Gladiator Series R-Obliterator Meat Cleaver

DALSTRONG knives are created with perfection to supply you with a relaxing and relaxing encounter in the kitchen. This cleaver may be used for domestic and commercial purposes so call it a multitasker. Everything about the cleaver’s manufacturing is pristine and provides you a great return for every single penny you pay for this. It’s made using updated technology and this is among the several explanations for why this is the best Dalstrong cleaver. Click the link below to learn more about it and purchase it right now.

Sekiryu Chinese Kitchen Chopping Knife

Taking our list back down to the budget section, this is another knife having an affordable cost and a good deal of positive reviews to its credit. It’s a handle that is made from Western Oakwood, the blade is 7 long, and the overall length of this knife is 11. It’s made in Japan utilizing high carbon stainless steel for the blade. Among those points which are emphasized from the reviews of this product is the lightness of this blade.

If you’re thinking about doing a high volume of chopping with your new cleaver, you may appreciate having a lightweight tool to do the job. A heavier cleaver would be good for going through bone, but that isn’t the purpose of the product. With a lightweight design and tons of sharpness on the blade, you should be able to do nice work to a stack of vegetables. To acquire a cleaver that will aid in your everyday food prep without having to measure your budget, have a moment to review the Sekiryu for yourself.

ISSI Cutlery Chinese Chef Knife

This knife is designed for professional usage, although it’s a low-budget option, and it is inspired by Japanese culture. The seven-inch blade is a good example of premium craftsmanship and is produced from stainless steel. Its blade has a hole for hanging from a kitchen hook and can be stamped with symbols. The edge of the knife will retain its sharpness for a long time, and it’s sharp enough to easily slice by fish, meat, and veggies. This knife’s ergonomic handle is made from luxury looking pakka wood that’s slightly curved for a comfortable grip. The knife comes in a wise presentation box that is ideal for storage when not being used.

TradaFor Chinese Meat Cleaver

Made from German high-carbon stainless steel, this 7.2-inch blade is powerful, corrosion-resistant, and it retains its edge well. It is perfect for precision slicing, preparing fish, poultry, or vegetables, mincing, and also for chopping through cutlery bones. You might also use the flat side of the versatile blade for many tasks. The solid balance of the Chinese cleaver makes it simple and enjoyable to use. Its pakka wood handle has an ergonomic design and looks stylish. The handle is durable and has moisture security, so it remains sterile even after long-term use. It is available in a wise gift box that is excellent for storing your knife when not being used.

Chinese Cleavers Buying Guide

Every one of the Chinese cleavers accessible has different qualities that will appeal to various people. Here are a few of the factors you should consider while purchasing a Chinese cleaver knife.

Blade Size and Materials

The blade is the most significant element of your Chinese cleaver and these can vary significantly. Think about these points:

The thickness and dimensions of the blade depend upon its intended function. Thicker blades are intended for butchery and thinner blades are designed for cooking.

The most flexible option is to choose a moderate thickness blade as you’re able to use these for many cooking tasks.

Traditionally, Chinese knives are made from carbon steel. This material is still used in many modern knives. Carbon steel sharpens easily and holds a sharp edge. The downside of a carbon steel cleaver is they tend to rust.

Modern knives are most commonly made from stainless steel and laminated with Chinese symbols. The advantage that this substance has over carbon steel is that it’s rust-resistant.

Another substance used is high carbon steel since this has the best characteristics of carbon steel and stainless steel.


The blades, the handles are the next most crucial component of a knife. When comparing the grips of distinct Chinese cleavers, Consider the following:

Materials- The biggest difference between the handles of the numerous cleavers available is the materials from which they are made. Traditionally, Chinese cleavers have a wooden handle and this remains a favorite substance. Other materials used include plastics, G10, stainless steel, and other metals.

Comfort- It is essential that a handle feels comfortable when you’re chopping and slicing. The form and design of the deal play a major part in this. Usually, a curved or shaped handle is more comfortable than a straight handle.

Grip- The grip an Asian cleaver manage is important since this gives you more control over the chopping or cutting edge and increases safety. Handles that are shaped or textured usually have a better grip.


Price is a large consideration for most people when purchasing a product. You will find Chinese cleavers to suit all budgets, so Consider the following points in relation to the price:

Factors that impact the price include the brand, the materials, and the size.

Many times, the best Chinese cleaver brand is significantly more expensive.

It’s likely to receive a less expensive Chinese cleaver that is equally as good as the more expensive knives.

If you only intend to use the cleaver sometimes in your home, then it makes sense to choose one of the cheaper Chinese cleavers.

On the flip side, if you are a professional chef or you would like to use the cleaver every day, then you might rather pay a bit more to your Chinese cleaver.

The Way to Use a Chinese Cleaver?

Don’t forget to select a cleaver with a suitable size and form so you could readily use it.

To utilize it, firmly grip the handle with one hand, while the other hand retains the components that need cutting. Gently move the knife as you slice.

It will require a while to become accustomed to the cleaver, but once you are, cutting with it will become effortless.


The duller the blade, the more pressure you want to use to cut through foods. Honing the blade frequently ensures you can slice effortlessly.

To sharpen the Chinese cleaver, you can use a honing tool.

First, place the honing tool on a level surface; you might slightly moist it along with the blade.

Next, put the cleaver’s edge into the rock and tilt the edge about 15-20 levels.

Then, move the cleaver back and forth about 10 times.

Finally, flip to the other side of the blade and repeat.

Following some easy and simple steps, your cleaver becomes as sharp as newly bought.

The Way to Maintain the Quality of the Chinese Cleaver?

Aside from strengthening the cleaver from time to time to keep its sharpness, it’s also wise to wash it thoroughly and keep it in the right condition.

The best way to wash the cleaver is to wash it with soap and warm water. After you cut some acidic meals with the blade, then immediately wash them carefully to prevent rust and blot.

After cleaning, let it dry properly before storing it in a dry place to keep it efficient and endurance.


If a Cleaver Be Sharp?

The blade cutting edge should be sharp for nice slicing, while a cleaver meant for chopping thick hard bone doesn’t need to be sharp.

What is the Difference Between a Chinese Cleaver along with a Western Nakiri Knife?

A Nakiri is also great for veggies. However, it’s lighter and smaller than a Chinese cleaver. A Nakiri may be a bit comfier for the hands when it comes to delicate cutting jobs. But normally, a Chinese cleaver is much more versatile.

The differences in size and weight affect the equilibrium and control of the knife. Take that into account when choosing one from a Chinese cleaver and a Nakiri knife.



Now, if your objective is cooking with comfort and speed, the cheap Chinese cleavers are exactly the knife that can allow you to attain it. It’s convenient, useful, and versatile as it is. However, TheFoxe8 suggests choosing it carefully by checking out the important factors which make it great.

We are hoping that you discovered now your best Chinese cleaver that is going to be your favorite companion in your kitchen.

Make the most from it and enjoy cooking your favorite meals!

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