Top 17 Best Coffee Storage Containers 2020 Reviews

Top 17 Best Coffee Storage Containers 2020 Reviews

Most homes in the 21st century won’t lose out on a packet or two of coffee. And this is sufficient to inform you that java is loved throughout the world. Coffee has many advantages like keeping you into the mood and making a fantastic environment to spend some time with your visitors, amongst others.

Nonetheless, there’s always 1 problem with java, and that’s storage.

Yes, there are lots of methods to store coffee, but nearly all of these manners normally don’t preserve the taste, odor, and quality of the coffee.

They also don’t keep coffee fresh for longer, thus, resulting in wastage of money as you’ll need to dispose of your coffee since it’s stale. Luckily, this problem should no more be a hassle to java fans; thanks to java storage containers. These components are specially made to keep coffee fresh, while there are several which are best for keeping additional perishable goods also.

They let carbon dioxide to leave the blocks and container off moisture and light, therefore, retaining the taste and quality of java.

Searching for you? Check out the next top 17 Best java storage container testimonials.

Top 17 Best Coffee Storage Containers Brands

Top 17 Best Coffee Storage Containers Brands

Anchor Hocking Coffee Container

Our earliest best coffee storage container, a normal Anchor Hocking container collection contains one 24-ounce, 1 46-ounce, 1 64-ounce plus one 36 ounce jars. It’s constructed from glass that is more effective in keeping coffee than plastic containers. It doesn’t retain odors, purge or purge the beans. A steel sleeve covers the glass cylinders. These high containers are developed for superb performance. It’s also considered among the best coffee containers that can be found in the marketplace. They’re simple to maintain because you simply wash them with a moist cloth and you let them dry.

Cherry Palladian coffee container collections are excellent for any area in the house including the kitchen and pantry. Their glass cylinders permit you to see what they contain hence helping you to determine different coffee types.

The steel sleeve, as well as the cylinders of the container, raise the stability and sturdiness of this java container. You may line up the four canisters onto a countertop to boost its visual appeal. You could even set them to make additional space.

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container

While employed as a barista, I have begun to understand how significant it’s the roasting date of java is when it comes to its freshness. That’s why we were not permitted to sell coffee beans which were roasted more than a month past.

If you’re a true coffee aficionado, then you’ll also know about this and might wish to have the ability to keep an eye on if the coffee has been roasted, also it had been bought, or at least recall that the expiration date of this java. If that’s the situation, this java container out of Coffee Gator is something which you would rather not overlook.

It’s a date-keeping system on the lid, which you are able to adjust to reveal a date and per month, and that means that you can easily keep tracking the freshness of the coffee. Aside from the date calendar wheel, also it’s an airtight system paired with a patented valve that keeps our oxygen from getting into the canister, however, will permit the CO2 released by the java to escape from the container and also preserve the odor of the coffee efficiently.

It’s constructed from premium quality stainless steel that gives it a glossy look alongside high durability. Additionally, it will come with a stainless steel scoop for carrying out coffee in the container without inducing your cherished coffee to melt.


Tightpac America, Inc. Coffeevac 1lb Ultimate Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container

What I like about the Tightpac Coffeevac is how amazingly simple it’s to use. It does not use any type of mechanism to guarantee the freshness of your coffee beans. Simply pay for the container with the lid and you are done.

The vacuum does all. You may really hear the vacuum layout working its magic if you remove the lid. You may hear a faint’whooshing’ noise that informs you that the seal was eliminated as the pressurized air circulates out.

This container may hold as much as a pound (500 g ) of this delicious ground coffee mix or java beans without an issue. The broad opening can be big enough to match your whole hand so scooping and cleanup are very simple to accomplish. Cleaning may also be achieved via handwash or dishwasher. When dishwashing, just be certain that there isn’t any debris stuck onto the lid along with the outside.

This really is a minimalist and elegant looking java container that’s guaranteed to fit into almost any kitchen whatever the aesthetics. Additionally, it is quite reliable in regards to sealing the freshness of your coffee beans.

OXO Good Grips Pop Container

If you will acquire a 1lb bag of java, this is the best coffee container for you. These are perfect for organizing your cabinet, and what is even better, you are able to save food inside them, also.

This really is a tight vac airtight storage container, so there is no way any freshness could escape while it is closed. Press on the button to secure it, then push again to discharge. When it is popped up, it functions as a treat, also.

You’re able to store coffee beans within this container, even though you are able to store ground coffee too. They’re stackable for greatest efficiency.

It comes in many sizes, which means that you may select the one which meets your needs the most. It enables you to keep pasta, snacks, rice, coffee, nuts, and other components.

Pouring is simple because of its curved edges. Besides, you could snap off the lid and bathe it in a dishwasher. The remaining part of the container is not dishwasher-safe.

This vacuum coffee container is an exceptional solution if you fight storage space. Since all dimensions are stackable, you can keep as much as you need in your own kitchen.

With only 1 hand, it’s possible to quickly open, close, and secure the container. The sealing mechanism unscrews in the bottom half by the top. There are arrows on the lid that will aid you with this.

It is among the best java storage containers since it’s simple to use and wash. . Above all, it assists with maintaining ground coffee clean. Store java beans in there for lengthy freshness, too.

Friis Stainless Steel 16 Ounce Coffee Vault

The Friis Stainless Steel 16 Ounce Coffee Vault can be offered in many colors, including black, red, stainless steel. You may, therefore, readily select one that best fits your requirements. It’s intended to keep up the taste of your coffee obviously without using substances. Furthermore, it includes freshness valves that help vent carbon dioxide out (IV) oxide gas. The Friis 16 Ounce Coffee Vault also offers air-tight storage to be certain that published carbon (IV) oxide, light, and atmosphere don’t get in the coffee. Plus it’s a capacity of 16 oz, which means that you can save as much coffee as you desire. This unit includes directions, a one-year source of Friis valves, along with a booklet.

We’re totally unsurprised to remember that this container for preserving coffee has made it into those testimonials. Launched in 2008, the 16oz Stainless Steel Coffee Storage Canister has existed long enough to capture the interest of the majority of coffee connoisseurs. It’s been featured in a number of magazines and online publications, such as Real Simple Magazine and Wired Magazine. Like that is not enough, the java vault has won”Most Innovative New Product” in CoffeeFest Seattle in 2009 from CoffeeTalk.

What does this tell you? The java storage container is among the best in the marketplace. Because of this, we’re sure you aren’t going to be disappointed if you purchase it. The java vault canister measures 7-1/2 inches high by 5 inches deep and holds 16 oz of coffee beans. It’s safe to use since it’s constructed from a stainless steel structure and a BPA-free plastic lid.

Planetary Design Airscape Coffee & Food Storage Canister

This 2-in-1 device is ideal for storing both java and other foodstuffs. It’s intended to prolong the life span of sugar, cereals, coffee, bread, biscuits, nuts, pet food, perishable good, and herbaceous plants, amongst others. It’s a patented lid that doesn’t only eliminate but also locks out air to help preserve taste and protect freshness.

What’s more, the Planetary Design Airscape Coffee & Food Storage Canister is made from restaurant-grade stainless steel, which means it’s durable and simple to wash. The substance can also be BPA-free to make sure your health isn’t compromised when you eat food in the canister. The apparent airtight insert will permit you to observe the quantity of foodstuff left, which means that you can budget accordingly. This canister should not lose out from the kitchen, especially in the event that you would like to save in the long term.

The container gets the ideal size to your kitchen countertops. It measures 5 inches wide by 7 inches. From these measurements, we could state it is tall but not too tall to get problems fitting on your kitchen cupboard. In any case, the slim design doesn’t forfeit the capacity of the container, since it’s still able to consume over coffee beans. Another thing we’d like to state is that the container is still searchable.

The multiple colors, the container is offered in, which makes it simple to settle on which fits the present kitchen utensils as well as the décor. The colors comprise Brushed Steel, Candy Apple Red, Mocha, Obsidian Black, and Turquoise. They’re exciting colors that will add flavor to your kitchen. In addition, this coffee & food storage canister comes in two distinct sizes, which can be small and moderate. All these sizes, such as the numerous color choices, make it simple to select what is acceptable for your requirements.

EECOO Coffee Container Airtight Vacuum Seal for Ground or Whole Coffee Beans

A harmonious mix of traditional and contemporary can best sum up the EECOO Coffee Container. The copper-toned canister is really a breath of fresh air from the standard black, grey, and silver java containers.

The EECOO comes with an integrated valve very similar to that of this Coffee Gator. This one-piece valve compels the carbon dioxide from the container and preventing oxygen from penetrating that can help safeguard the freshness of their coffee beans indoors.

Additionally, it will come with a knob positioned on top of the lid which permits you to monitor the freshness of the coffee bean. This ought to help you monitor the freshness of the coffee bean and utilize it throughout its peak period for your best-tasting coffee.

In terms of storage capability, the EECOO coffee container may hold up to 16 ounces of coffee bean and 14-ounce ground coffee. It comes in 4 variants: black, white, red, silver, and aluminum. All are nicely made and seems quite tasteful, a fantastic match for any kitchen.

Typhoon Living Blue Coffee Canister Airtight Bamboo Lid

The Typhoon Living Blue Coffee Canister is another highly recommended coffee container for each of your coffee fans out there. Personally, I like its layout, it gives off that organic aesthetic with its own bamboo lid. This container may also be used for storing different sorts of dry products like tea and sugar.

The container is made of lightweight and sturdy carbon steel and features an embossed graphic that adds to its general flair. The airtight seal is also rather impressive and guarantees that your java bean is going to be guarded against external variables such as oxygen and CO2 to avoid any decrease in its own flavor.

The java container comes in at approximately 4 1/4 inches (diameter) and 5 1/4 inches in height. It’s a storage capacity of 1 liter and can be a handwash just container.

BlinkOne 18 ounce Airtight Coffee Bean Container

The BlinkOne 18 ounce Airtight Coffee Bean Container has been voted the best storage container, also there are a whole lot of explanations for why this occurred.

To begin with, the device is produced from a distinctive airtight silicone seal which keeps freshness. Secondly, it boasts supreme versatility, considering it may be utilized for roasted beans, ground coffee, sugar, tea, spice, salt, and much more. It’s also made from an SS202 stainless steel structure that can help you store java with confidence, knowing that the container won’t allow in moisture, air, or carbon dioxide.

What is more, the BlinkOne 18 ounce Airtight Coffee Bean Container includes a scoop to make your task simpler. Additionally, it has an exclusive bonus PDF guidebook that takes you on how to pick and prepare much better coffee.

Before we proceed with the testimonials, it might be worth noting that this java storage container ought to be hand-washed only. This creates a whole lot of sense, given that the exceptional layout of this java storage container. The simple fact it may be washed is so great since we’ve seen some brands the manufacturer recommends that they be cleaned by wiping them down.

What is more, this java storage container is constructed with flexibility in mind. It may be utilized as a storage container or even as a food saver. Given how flexible it is, we’re sure the container will play a massive part in making your life easier than ever. Its measurements will be 6.77 inches by 5 inches high by 5 inches wide. Along with that the weight is 15.90 ounce.

Coffmax Coffee Storage Container using Free Scoop and eBook

Coffmax has outfitted this storage container having an elegant design to be certain it matches the present décor on your kitchen. They also have concentrated on the capability of the container because this is what decides the quantity of coffee you’re ready to store.

Additionally, the storage container boasts unrivaled flexibility to store milk, tea, coffee, and other perishable components. Its ergonomic lid is easy to open and shut to spare you the trouble of fumbling with locks and bags. In any case, the Coffmax Coffee Storage Container is backed with a 100-percent satisfaction warranty, which lets you send it back for a complete refund if you don’t enjoy it. It’s a high performing java keeper that will give you with the best way to keep your coffee fresh for more.

It’s reasonably priced, which is perfect, considering it may be the difference between happy weekends and darkened days. With it, something as being stung by a sip of rancid coffee is going to be a matter of the past. Nothing must get in the way of your rich, perfectly balanced coffee. And this java storage container is here to help you attain that.

It’s created by a producer, which understands your mornings are valuable and must be kept that way. The java storage container includes the essentials to make certain making java is so simple you can do it with your eyes shut. The container also doesn’t appear bulky or cheap. Having said this, expect to have a simple time saving it.

Friis Stainless Steel Coffee Vault

If you would like to shield your coffee, there is barely a much better choice than obtaining a vault.

A Friis Coffee Vault is among the best java storage containers which the marketplace has to offer you.

It is made from stainless steel, and it will be a fantastic eco-friendly alternative. Additionally, it appears lavish so that you’ll happily leave it out in your countertop.

Among the best things about this vault is a simple fact that it prevents odor move. As a consequence, you may switch between various beans and forms of coffee and the tastes will not get mixed up.

It comes with a streamlined design that produces the vault effortless to use. It’s simple to open and shut at any moment. The vault is all about 16oz. So that you are able to save a pound of whole bean coffee in the marketplace.

Bear in mind the one-time valve we discussed before? The Friis was the one to present it to the marketplace in the first location. There is no additional comparison to its own quality, and that is why it’s been contributing since the afternoon one.

Irrespective of whether you shop whole bean or ground coffee, the valve can help java stay fresh for quite a while. But, all valves require replacement from time to time, which means you will want to purchase a new one at any stage.

The java vault is suggested for men and women that are regular coffee drinkers. The most important reason behind this is that the valve itself. Even though it keeps out the CO2, for this, the vault is not wholly air-tight.

Oggi Acrylic Coffee Container

Are you trying to find an airtight coffee container with silicone gaskets plus a steel cone? Oggi Acrylic is an ideal option. It enables you to organize your pantry and kitchen since you’re able to conserve a few food items in its own silicone gaskets. Clean it with a moist cloth if it gets stained. If you’re wanting to buy one of the very best containers available on the current market, you will surely love this one.

Oggi Acrylic coffee containers may substitute conventional flip-top containers which were widely utilized in closets. The majority of them weren’t airtight and they frequently spilled cereals. In any case, they enabled damn blossom creatures to grow in many kitchens. This best java storage includes an ideal balance of look, cost, and weight reduction.

Don’t get amazed when your three months old Oggi Coffee Container Set grows miniature cracks particularly when there are considerable temperature changes. Instead, buy a technical steel container.

Culinary Prestige Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

With a one way valve, this coffee grinder is among the best to keep your coffee fresh for quite a while. It will help remove all of the CO2 from destroying the tastes of coffee or anything you are storing inside.

The canister includes a freshness calendar. It is a handy feature that lets you keep track of your coffee’s freshness correctly. This usually means you will always have the best coffee available.

You are able to save about 22 ounces. Of whole beans, also 19 ounces. Of coffee. The stainless steel design keeps out all of the light that may do harm. Its steel finish seems polished and glossy so that you may leave it out in your countertop.

Someone from your loved ones or friends loves java? This would make among the best coffee presents as it is handy and practical. It is a distinctive gift that is excellent for house-warming or birthdays.

The canister includes a stainless steel spoon. Its handle is long enough so that you can get to the base of the container. But as it is so long, it may not match whether the container is complete.

It comes in 2 sizes and two colors. This is not a huge option, but it is apparently just enough. Both colors are silver and black, while the dimensions are medium and large. Whatever you decide to shop; there is the ideal container for this.

Star Coffee 22oz Container Airtight Coffee Storage

All java fans will agree with us who freshly-roasted java flavors are among the things which make them begin every morning with a cup of java. However, there’s an issue. Maintaining your coffee tastes fresh and in excellent condition is rather tricky unless you’ve got an airtight coffee storage container.

But we all recognize that airtight java storage containers don’t deliver the very same results a few are better than many others. The Star Coffee 22oz Airtight Coffee Storage Container, for example, is big, and, thus, can continue to keep a large number of coffee grounds or legumes. In addition, this container is full of other attributes that contribute considerably to enhancing its functionality.

A number of the attributes are built-in calendar, lightproof stainless steel structure, and CO2 port valves. The container also includes bonus presents, and this also produces a stunning gift for anybody who can’t go a day with a cup of 2 of java. These presents are an eBook guide on how you need to prepare the delectable cup of java and also the smoothest microfiber fabric for quick, easy cleanup.

Zurich Big Stainless Steel Coffee Container

This big stainless steel coffee container out of Zurich will keep your coffee fresh. It’s intended to carry on the flavor of your coffee for a fairly long time and be certain that you can drink a yummy cup of coffee each time. It’s a one-way valve which locks out the light, moisture, and carbon dioxide to make sure your coffee doesn’t lose its taste. The one-time valve operates by supplying sealed container security whilst channeling carbon dioxide from the vault. This java container also includes a spoon that will assist you to get the precise coffee dimension. Plus it’s big enough to store around 16 oz of brewed coffee beans or 21 oz of freshly ground coffee.

With this particular brewed java storage container, you’ll have the ability to produce your own coffee shop in the comfort of your home. It was designed with java aficionados in your mind, and this also means it’s exactly what it takes to assist you like powerful and smooth flavor daily. Zurich, its maker, understands that coffee was intended to be kept clean. Consequently, if you’ve got it, then expect to attain that without breaking a sweat.

Aside from this canister keeping coffee and storing it within a pristine state, it will help add sophistication to the kitchen. Accordingly, in our view, it’s a great product worth investing in. In any case, the canister is produced by a producer that needs nothing but the best for its own users. How can we know that? The maker encourages buyers of the container to achieve them in the event of any difficulties.

Mixpresso Coffee Airtight Coffee Vault

In case none of the aforementioned java vaults have been to your liking, then here is another one. It is created from stainless steel, appearing polished and slick enough to be left on a countertop.

It provides additional storage that means your java is secure and protected by all external elements that could damage. It is opaque so no light can damage it. Additionally, the fact that it is an airtight ground coffee storage container signifies that your coffee will stay strong, flavorful, and refreshing for quite a while.

The vault can hold up to 16 oz. Of java. It is a fantastic option if you’re trying to put money into a longterm coffee vault. This one is long-lasting and durable. Additionally, it is created from stainless steel, so it is readily recyclable and much more eco friendly than vinyl.

The vault comes with a date wheel which lets you keep track of your coffee’s freshness. Simply log into the expiry date of your java, so you are confident it’s always refreshing and in its best.

It’s one drawback is how it has no grasping feel that’s the reason why some people today find it tough to hold. It is not a very grippy substance, and that means you need to act quickly and prevent grabbing it with wet hands.

Generally, the vault does its job nicely. It keeps your coffee clean, while it also permits you to store anything else you would like.

LOVFFEE Black Ceramic Premium Coffee Canister

With its vivid and daring design, the LOVFFEE Black Ceramic Premium Coffee Canister actually stands out from the audience. This ceramic container features a large handle built into the lid and can be offered in many distinct colors. It’s provided with an orange spade which perfectly matches with the accents around the lid and also about the business logo.

Let us have a closer look…

In addition to looking good, this Premium Coffee Canister is also quite sensible. This storage container features a one-piece port that releases the CO2 made by the java without allowing oxygen. This absolutely preserves the complete flavor of this coffee while maintaining it extremely refreshing.

The heat resistant design also helps keep coffee particularly refreshing. There’s also a distinct silicone base that prevents the countertop from getting scratched. If you’re heading into a friend’s house for a coffee date, then you are going to want to choose this attractive storage container with you.

Place it on the screen…

The LOVFFEE Black Ceramic Premium Coffee Canister creates the ideal present for anybody who actually loves coffee. This is 1 java storage container that owners might want to show with pride. The simple fact it is made of ceramic has to be treated with caution, while this isn’t very likely to be an issue.

Purchasing Guide

You might be forgiven for believing that all java containers seem quite similar. Nevertheless, the top of the range models have some added characteristics which make them stick out in the audience. Below are a few essential characteristics which you need to look for in the very best java storage container.


To be able to keep coffee fresh for as long as you can, the storage container will have to be totally airtight. This will be guaranteed from the version’s lid and latch system. Top of the range versions also needs to force the present air from the container when it’s closed.

Size Matters

Top of this variety of java storage containers come in a broad array of various sizes. Before deciding on the ideal design, it’s a fantastic idea to consider your coffee intake requirements. Should you drink about two cups of java every day, a version that could keep up to 400g of java ought to be adequate.

But if you’re a real coffee enthusiast and reside in a big household, you may need something much bigger. To be able to add aesthetic appeal, you might also need to take into account the color of your coffee container. This is very likely to be particularly important when you’re planning to show it.

The Material

Do you need your java container to be translucent, or do you want a bright and daring model? While transparent containers let you observe the contents, they’re very likely to permit light to permeate into the java. The best compromise is a version using a strong stainless steel frame together with a translucent lid.

Obviously, you’ll also need your coffee container to be as strong and durable as you can. Concerning pure durability, stainless steel, or aluminum are the very best choices. Ensure the liner of this container is constructed from BPA free plastic to protect the taste of this coffee and your wellness. If you would like to find out more, please check our reviews of the best BPA free java manufacturers.

The Date Wheel

This helpful addition will let you keep tabs on your java’s expiration date. The date wheel ought to be built into the lid and also be sturdy so it doesn’t move too readily. This will let you see whether your java is safe for ingestion in one glance.

The Style

The overall of this java storage container will influence how easy it’s to use. The container ought to be slim and streamlined so it can be started with one hand. It is going to also be a bonus when there’s a handle to make it effortless to carry.

Optional Extras

Models that have fitting coffee scoops are particularly convenient and include value for cash. If your container utilizes a unique valve, then this is very likely to weaken over time. For that reason, it is going to be a real incentive when spare valves are included in the offer.


Can I maintain my java beans in the refrigerator?

Sure, how do you please? However, don’t forget to shut the container otherwise, your java can smell like anything there is in the refrigerator. You definitely do not want this to happen, right?

Another thing to keep in mind is to set the container back into the refrigerator immediately to stop condensation. Moisture is not great for your java.

What’s the best method to maintain my coffee clean?

The best method is to maintain your ground coffee or whole beans within an air-tight container and keep it in a cabinet shelf that’s away from heat, light, and moisture.

Otherwise, the flavor and odor may get flat. And, the coffee may get rancid or moldy, which may cause your ill drinking it.

Is it safe to consume old coffee?

So long as the java is not rancid or moldy, it’s safe to consume. The Flavor of old coffee, however, is not as pleasant as refreshing coffee anymore.


Apart from being costly, quality coffee beans will also be fragile. It’s crucial to commit some money by buying the ideal coffee canisters or containers to store them correctly. Each container has different attributes and attributes.

Mostly, it is based upon the container’s substance. For example, containers made to keep coffee fresh and dry differ from those intended to keep it hot. It’s crucial to choose the aim of the jar if purchasing the best java storage containers. Don’t forget

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