Top 12 Best Commercial Vacuum Sealers 2020 Reviews

Top 12 Best Commercial Vacuum Sealers 2020 Reviews

Buying the Best Commercial Vacuum Sealers is a challenging task because there are so many brands and products available in the market and they make selection tasks much difficult. First, ask yourself a few questions before continuing with the commercial vacuum sealer. The initial query you should ask yourself before reading reviews of commercial vacuum sealers is what size you require. Some of the best vacuum sealers on the market are compact, which is more suitable for singles and couples without children who only need to seal little portions of food.

On the other hand, if you have a large family (like purchasing food in bulk) or usually arrange the party, you should try reading reviews of the larger vacuum sealer below to see if it would be suitable for you.

Vacuum sealers are very essential equipment to keep the food fresh in 3-5 times longer as regular storage. Are you a food business owner? Are you seeking to preserve your foods or products in a better way? If you have a high amount of foods or products to be sealed or preserved, you should have the best commercial vacuum sealer. Although the market is full of various kinds of models and styles, a commercial vacuum sealer is always the best option when it comes to heavy-duty sealing and large volumes.

Types of Commercial Vacuum Sealers

The chamber vacuum sealer has an enclosed chamber and you only need to close the lid to have the vacuum bag automatically sealed. The vacuum is the one that removes all the air as it’s sealing.

The sealers are mostly heavy-duty type and it’s quickly being embraced for home use. It will seal both your dry and wet foods effectively. Mind you, they are large equipment which means they aren’t only expensive but their storage could prove tricky.

The external vacuum sealers, on the other hand, have an evacuation tube to get rid of all the air in the packet before sealing it. You will always have an airtight seal with this one. The sealer is ideal for home use as they are normally rectangular in shape and can fit on top of your counter.

They are best used for moderate and light sealing at home. Especially when you need to seal the large cuts of meat or fish.

The hand-held options may not be appropriate for commercial use but they are portable. Also, they are convenient and functional. It works by drawing out the air before the sealing begins.

This technology where the vacuum sealer removes all the air from the food packet is the essence of the vacuum sealer. Through this method, the food retains its flavor and freshness.

The advantage of making use of Commercial Vacuum Sealers

Whether you process your beef, meats, fish, fruits, veggies, nuts, and also cheeses, these pieces provide air-free product packaging. This method safeguards food things, as well as stops freezer, burn so your food tastes better for longer. Scroll to examine the internet’s ideal line of excellent quality vacuum sealants for your company or shop.

With the surge from the assortment of restaurants and food things, the demand for company vacuum sealers has additionally developed. Some manufacturers are utilizing many industrial vacua with several functions. Therefore it is sometimes a tricky task to select the best one. If you need it in order to receive one for your ceremony, don’t worry as we’ve got your back. We’ve got a record of 5 greatest commercial vacuum sealers along with their fundamental features. Let us take a peek at them.

Top 12 Best Commercial Vacuum Sealers Brands

Top 12 Best Commercial Vacuum Sealers Brands

SealerSales TC-280F 12″

It’s is a professional vacuum sealer with a large capacity. Therefore, you should only buy this commercial vacuum sealer if you’re planning on using it frequently. What makes this commercial vacuum sealer one of the best on the market is the design.

When you’re investing in a quality product, you want high-grade execution in the material. This is exactly what you get with this professional vacuum sealer.

This commercial vacuum sealer is made of stainless steel, which promises longevity and endurance. The fact that people use this model in the electronic and pharmaceutical industry speaks for itself. Its over-the-top performance will be more than enough for a household.

As for the chamber vacuum bags, this commercial vacuum sealer uses special plastic. This means that the vacuum sealing is absolutely safe. Therefore, the vacuum sealing will not interfere with the food quality. The use of the bags, as well as the commercial vacuum sealer, don’t require a lot of craft.

All you need to do is place the pouch into the commercial vacuum sealer, keeping the edge open. After doing so, close the lid and start the process. What is great about the process is that the commercial vacuum sealer will open automatically at the end. Also, this will only take 15-30 seconds.

The dimensions of this commercial vacuum sealer are 14.1” x 15.1”, while the maximum seal length is 11.8” / 6mm. The depth is 2” + 3.7”, which can support large quantities. Depending on the quantity of the food you’re storing in your household, you can use big or small pouches.

This commercial vacuum sealer supports different sizes of pouches, which gives you a range of possibilities. Also, the cleaning will not give you a lot of trouble. You can remove the sealing bar and clean the chamber with ease.

As for the placement of this commercial vacuum sealer in your household, there’s no need to worry. It is compact, and will not take more space than most of the kitchen appliances. Another premium feature is that it has sensor control for perfect vacuum sealing.​

Minipack MVS 45X

It’s a commercial vacuum sealer that justifies its price. It is a high-grade commercial vacuum sealer that you can use for various purposes. While most of the other commercial vacuum sealers have only the option of food vacuum sealing, it’s not the case here.

Minipack MVS can pack food, as well as other, non-food items equally as good. With this commercial vacuum sealer, you can pack fruits, vegetables, meat, but also powders and liquid.

When using a kitchen appliance, you don’t want to waste your time trying to figure out the settings and features. With this commercial vacuum sealer, everything is clear and easy to configure. The device has a digital panel with 10 storable programs.

While most of the sealing devices have confusing settings, that will not be an issue with this one. The vacuum sealing process is simple and easy to complete. You can adjust the amount of the air you want to remove, which gives you control. The vacuum sealing time is the next setting you can adjust. Once you determine those, you can position the items and start the process once you close the lid.

Your investment is safe with this vacuum sealer. The device is made of high-grade stainless steel, which can last you very long. Vacuum sealing auto-calibration gives you one less reason to worry. Also, cleaning will not cause a problem. Another convenient feature is the water-resistant digital display. The 18.5” x 16” x 4.5” chamber offers great capacity.

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

This sturdy commercial vacuum sealer is a must-have for any serious home cook, for hunters, fishers, or for anyone who needs to preserve and store large quantities of food.

The VacMaster VP210 Chamber vacuum sealer helps keep the food fresh for more than five times longer than with other storage options.

It makes a strong double seal on each bag, which will ensure that the bag stays uncompromised, and keeps the food fresh and safe to eat for as long as needed.

This versatile commercial vacuum sealer can be customized for different vacuuming and sealing options for different types of bags, portion sizes, and others.

Unlike most of the vacuum sealers on the market, this pro range commercial vacuum sealer can even vacuum and package liquid foods and liquid-rich products such as soups, stews, marinades, and others.

This is possible thanks to its vacuum chamber design which removes all of the air from the chamber, then seals the bag, and then reintroduces the air back into it.

The vacuum obtained in the chamber of this superb commercial vacuum sealer is 27 to 29 hg, which is much higher than that of traditional suction machines.

It is easy to set and adjust and can be programmed so that you can use your favorite program over and over again. It remembers the last setting, so if you are bagging large batches of the same food, you will save a lot of time and effort for having to adjust the settings every time.

The size of this premium quality chamber vacuum sealer is 24 x 19 x 19 inches, and it weighs 83 lbs.

This is no doubt the best and most efficient commercial vacuum sealer you can find on the market in 2020.

Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Machine

Built with a heavy-duty stainless-steel design, this edge sealer with a 12-inch bar is perfect for your small business or personal kitchen. Using a double piston pump and built-in cooling fan, this machine not only vacuum seals all bags, but can easily seal multiple times without overheating.

It’s built with a see-through lid for easy loading and sealing and comes with an additional accessory port and vacuum tubing for sealing larger bags and canisters (not included). This model comes with a starter and maintenance kit which includes 30 pre-cut BPA-free bags, accessory hose, replacement gaskets, and seal tape.

The entire vacuum chamber is easy to use with manual settings both to prevent food from being crushed and to entirely remove all air. This is truly a competitor for all other commercial sealers.

Vacuum Sealer By NutriChefVacuum Sealer By NutriChef

With this item, you can seal your food pouch then arrange them in your freezer for future use. This reduces the tendency to waste food. The item is easy to operate as it has digital buttons that are easy to reach.

This item has two sealing modes for an assured sealing of your food. It has two choices of sealing for you to choose from. It’s easy to use since it has a dry indication for you to seal the solid food and the moist indication to seal your simmered moist, boiled, or steamed food.

It has the LED light for you to check the sealing process. You can use it to seal your meat and marinate them as well. It works when you plug it into electricity which makes it easy to operate. The bags you have here are reusable.

It’s stain-resistant and compact design allows you to place it on any kitchen counter. It’s also lightweight which makes it easy to move around with.

MARIGOLD Food Vacuum Sealer Machine

Coming in green color the food vacuum sealer will fit on any kitchen counter. Its compact design and lightweight make it ideal to use for hunting and camping too. It comes with two air suction modes that will provide your food with the best preservation method.

The standard model is meant for solid foods while the gentle mode works for poached, simmered, and steamed food. While It works best with its food pouches and rolls, it can also work with other models.

Its extra-wide sealing bar makes it easy to seal various food items. If need be, use it to marinate your food which includes seafood and veggies. Use it to not only seal your food but also other items like antiques and clothes that get oxidized quickly.

Weston Pro-2300

It’s a complete mixture of incredible simpleness and also outstanding performance. Weston 2300 stainless-steel is a Taiwan imported commercial quality layout.

The vacuum sealer can sell nearly anything as long as it fits into a Weston bag. So seal whatever you desire, fruits, sous vide cooking, your meats, veggies, fish, nuts, as well as cutlery, create all will taste preserved as long as you are applying Weston pro-2300.

Constructed with a fan-cooled electric motor, this HG commercial vacuum sealer with a 5mm Teflon-bar order even seal with wetness. The seal bar is extra-long 15 inches to guarantee that you can seal a range of little to big bags, especially important thought regarding those thick meats you require to secure and also preserve in the freezer.

Adjusting is rapid as well as equipped with the automatic one-touch order and plus a powerful double piston air pump. You will find an additional handbook setting for sealing softer foods or fragile things. When you’re finished, clean-up, it is straightforward to do.

If you plan to purchase bigger vacuum bags after that, it can be your most beautiful right. It is strong and meaningful in the frame. You would merely need to provide adequate area for it in your cooking area countertop, as well as its first heating unit will enable you to seal 5 to 11 inches bags.

Crenova VS100S Upgraded Vacuum Sealing System

Do you need assistance with your sous to vide? Maybe you should consider getting this unit. It helps to retain vitamins and nutrients so that vegetables can remain crisp and color intensive. What’s more, is that it forms a strong air-tight seal. As such, it keeps your food tightly sealed so that it can remain fresh up to 8 times longer.

You can use the sealing system with delicate and soft foods such as biscuits, thanks to the manual pulse function that protects them from damage. The sealer is perfect when you want a commercial vacuum sealer that will last for long due to the stainless-steel construction that makes it a heavy-duty machine. You can begin to use it once it gets to your doorstep since its kit includes ten vacuum seal bags that allow you to get started right away.

Kill Shot KSVS12

This edge type sealer is very easy to use with a simple heavy-duty stainless-steel design. Its double piston pump is run on a powerful DC motor with unusually quiet operation, and it guarantees a firm airtight seal every time.

In fact, this vacuum sealer will create twin seals under high vacuum conditions? And you can manually set it for different needs. The system is as simple as closing the lid and pushing a button but then requires extensive cool-down following each bag.

Although this product requires more cool-down time than most, many restaurants use it for commercial use. It’s a great product to use for a small household or a small breakfast/lunch restaurant. It’s also one of the smallest models on the market, making it easy to transport – great for mobile food trucks or family gatherings away from your house – and also very easy to put away.

PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The poly science is your ideal tool to vacuum seal both the dry and liquid foods. The item is meant for large-scale vacuum sealing and can, therefore, work in your restaurants and other commercial food businesses.

It has a marinade cycle that helps when you want to quickly marinate your food. Its stainless steel housing helps in ensuring the durability of your machine. This design will work under whichever harsh conditions.

With this item, you have 3 preset levels that include the vacuum times, vacuum hold levels, and the seal times. You may further use it for your meats, fish, and chicken, and sometimes veggies. It comes with a dry piston pump that requires less to no maintenance.

Nesco Deluxe Commercial Vacuum Sealer

If you are still looking for a highly maneuverable commercial grade vacuum sealer, consider buying this Necso’s unit with various sealing choices at your hand. There’s no doubt that the machine is even suitable to go for double sealing each vacuum bag. Moreover, you can choose between gentle or regular sealing settings.

The machine is overall ergonomic, maneuverable and thus won’t place any difficulty sitting even on your kitchen’s countertop. The simple to use control panel is also provided on top for quick access to its various features. However, the non-availability of roller and cutter won’t affect much with the budget-friendly feature.

SO-VIDA Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Here’s another review on the best commercial vacuum sealer by SO-VIDA. Whether you are a home user or own a restaurant, this machine is compatible to use in both the conditions. It has an inbuilt ¼ HP oil pump for smooth and quick operation.

Along with the ergonomic structure, the machine is also easy to use as all controls are provided in the front panel. The device further allows the sealing and packaging of various dry as well as moist food items. The pump is reliable enough for continuous use and handling all heavy loads.

Buying Guide

First off, ask yourself if you’re primarily getting a sealer for food storage, cooking purposes, or for storing dry goods. Depending on the use of your vacuum sealer, you might want to consider where it’s going to be stored away (the size of the machine), how often you’ll use it (the life/repairs eventually needed), and how quickly you’ll need each vacuum seal to be done (the power, pump, cool-down time, etcetera).

A chef who needs to marinate several stakes quickly should consider a vacuum sealer with a larger chamber and no cool-down time such as VacMaster VP215. Additionally, edge sealers have an excellent sealing bar for pulling a marinade into your meat; consider the Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Machine.

Someone with simple needs and a lower amount of storing should get an affordable, easy-to-store, easy-to-use option, like Kill Shot KSVS12.

The features which you need are what you should focus on as you’re buying a vacuum sealer because there are many different features for each machine on the market. Many of the following features are listed and explained below to help your decision along.

Type and pump

There are different types of commercial sealers, and depending on your needs you should know about each type and how it’s going to work.

Full-chamber vacuum sealers are the type in which you take your seal bag (with freshly picked vegetables in it) and place them inside an entire chamber with a closing lid. Most of these have very straightforward buttons and settings, allowing you to custom-choose the time or amount of suction applied to each bag.

For your vegetables (in this example) you might want to lower the amount of time that the chamber vacuums out oxygen – or some machines even have a ‘pulse’ option which slowly takes out most of the oxygen but adds a little back in – thereby not crushing your moist veggies into a fine paste. A great example of a deep chamber sealer above is VacMaster VP215 which will not only fit larger bags but runs on an oil-pump rather than a piston-pump (more on this below).

Edge sealers have a sidebar on them with a handle that almost looks like the beginning of a chamber. However, all the edging bar is clamping down on the edge of your bag – which you feed into the bar, and then a pump inside your machine (often a dual-piston pump) will remove the oxygen with the remainder of the bag there on your table. Usually, this process takes 20 seconds or less with a high-quality vacuum sealer; one such example is Weston Pro-2300 which seals a bag very tight and does one of the best jobs pulling a marinade through the muscle fiber of steak or chicken or whatever meat you’re fixing.

Acceptable bags (Seal bar width/chamber size)

The size of your machine will directly correspond with the size of bags you can use because although some vacuum sealers can hook to a hose, not all of them can. If you’re trying to marinate an entire chicken, you’re going to need both a bag that will fit the chicken – around a 2-gallon bag of 15 by 18 inches. Next, you’ll need a commercial vacuum sealer, which either has a big enough chamber for your bag and bird or a long enough sealing bar. For instance, the only above sealer which is big enough for a whole chicken is Weston Pro-2300.

However, for steaks, any 12- to 10-inch bag should provide more than enough space for both meat and marinade. Additionally, this would be plenty of room for vegetables, fruits, bread, etc. One of the best vacuum sealers which also has a long enough seal bar is Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Machine. For bags filled primarily with liquids (soups or stews) you’ll either have to freeze your foods and then vacuum pack them or need a commercial vacuum chamber.

Vacuum strength

Put most simply, the stronger your vacuum, the quicker your bag will seal and the stronger your foods will be suctioned together. This can actually be a good or a bad thing depending on what you need, although most machines offer settings to control or limit vacuum strength. If you’re trying to preserve mostly moisture-based fruits (like strawberries) a powerful vacuum risks pulverizing your produce.

One of the best options on this list with a comprehensive digital panel control is VacMaster PRO350 which will allow you to limit or increase your vacuum strength. Keep in mind that most vacuums run off a dual-piston engine, and so require some cool down after each bag, that is unless the model is equipped with a built-in cooling fan like Weston Pro-2300.

Ease of use and safety

The easiest-to-use commercial vacuum sealer on our list is Kill Shot KSVS12, which is a very self-explanatory device that can be immediately put to use upon delivery. It’s simple and safe – sealer will not burn you and turn off after each use, though does require some cooling. Other devices are a little more complicated but offer enough options to make sure you get the right vacuum and seal every time.

With edge sealers, be aware that heat is applied to the bag within the pressed-down sealer bar. Therefore, don’t touch the inside flat surface immediately after sealing or during sealing. Other precautions to consider are when buying machines that also come with bag cutters – make sure these sealers have the capability to store the bag cutters. Additionally, the safest options for edge bar sealers are bars that lockdown over the bag, totally preventing burn.


Finally, consider the warranty which comes along with your commercial sealer. You’re probably going to want time to test your sealer and make sure it works consistently. Also, make sure your vacuum sealer is suitable for the task at hand. For large purchases, you definitely want this security, especially with VacMaster VP215 which is a highly expensive full-chamber vacuum sealer. A year’s warranty or longer should be your buying limit and nothing under a year.

If you’re purchasing your unit for a restaurant and think you’ll need multiple devices, first purchase one vacuum sealer and test it. Finally, when you do buy multiple machines for your kitchen, make sure you opt-in for the warranty.

See also How Does a Vacuum Cleaner Work? check out the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are some common frequently asked questions by its users. Before investing in the best commercial vacuum sealers, you are required to know some answers to the following questions.

What is the difference between a home vacuum sealer and a commercial-grade vacuum sealer?

I made a specific post on the best commercial vacuum sealers, which may be somehow pointing to the fact that you can’t use them for home purposes. But, that’s not the case with regards to my picks. They all are highly versatile and can also be used for residential purposes.

Well, there is a slight difference in power consumption between both models. The home consumer model comes with slightly less power consumption, whereas commercial vacuum sealers are somewhat high in quantity and power consumption. All in all, commercial-grade vacuum sealers are ideal for multi-tasking when you have many other quick tasks to complete.

How to determine the best vacuum bag size?

To be used with commercial vacuum sealers, you need to ascertain the best type of vacuum bags and their sizes. Sometimes, it is mentioned to use what kind of bag with the sealer. Even most of the high-end models also allow the use of Ziploc and other Mylar bags for the purpose.

So, the best practice to follow is to look for specific descriptions regarding the product. Else, you can go with using simple vacuum bags in the mentioned width size. Also, look at the specifications of the vacuum bag you are using to check its suitability.

Can fragile food be vacuum sealed?

Yes, chamber vacuum sealers are known for sealing the fragile food such as potato chips. The air within its bag is removed and then replaced with the inert gas to preserve the inner food items.

However, these kinds of softer foods require more attention to be vacuum sealed. You can follow various effective methods to vacuum seal such food items.

The first method is to par-freeze the food items in unzipped snap bags for about 15-20 minutes. After that, you need to make sure it is semi-solid. Another approach is to place them in a container like Tupperware and then seal the whole container with an accessory port in a sealer.

Why is the chamber vacuum sealer considered an essential investment for every café?

You will find a chamber vacuum sealer almost in every restaurant. This is because the restaurant very well knows the importance of implementing best industry practices and deliver the highest quality food at significant health margins. They know that vacuum sealing in commercial kitchens can lead to substantial benefits such as bulk buying and preparation, hygienic storage, spoilage minimizing, etc.

Is it necessary to invest in commercial vacuum sealers than home consumer models?

No, it may not be compulsory to invest in commercial-grade models unless you are carrying such onerous tasks. But, I must say that if you get the feature of portability and home use in commercial-grade sealers, then it’s the best bet. Choose between chamber and external vacuum sealers based upon personal preferences.


Hopefully, we have helped you pinpoint that perfect commercial vacuum sealer for your needs, space, and budget.

With an appliance like this, you will be throwing out much less food and will be preserving all of the products you make or buy for longer safely.

Vacuum sealed foods preserve their taste, freshness, and all the nutrients you need to prepare delicious and healthy meals all year round, every time.

Plus, you can make delicious sous vide recipes everything you feel like it, effortlessly and quickly.

Good luck with your purchase, and enjoy one of this money, time, storage space, and food saving machines in the privacy of your own kitchen!

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