Top 21 Best French Fry Cutters 2020 Reviews

Top 21 Best French Fry Cutters 2020 Reviews

French Fries creates a yummy snack apart from being among the most loved and flavorful food. Prior to making French Fries, you discover that you will need to prepare yourself and make an attempt and have everything that you want prior to cooking. Thus, French Fry Cutters is among the essential gear which you have to have.

The machine makes your cooking easier, where you just have to correct and cut the sausage to the ideal size of your french fries. French Fry Cutters come in different dimensions, shapes, and designs so you may select your own favorite. You have to pick from many different dimensions, layout, and fashion in addition to considering your election.

To aid you here is your summary of the Top 21 Best French Fry Cutters in 2020

Top 21 Best French Fry Cutters Brands You Need

Top 21 Best French Fry Cutters Brands You Need

Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter

Preparing french fries doesn’t need to be dull and time-consuming.

With this french fry cutter, you can make certain to have perfect pieces of potatoes with very little work.

You may just have to set the potato onto the media, push the handle down, and then there, you’ve got your uniformly chopped pieces.

This item includes a heavy-duty cast iron construction. What does this mean? No more hassles of cash buying skillet cutters as a result of routine breakages.

Better still, it includes stainless steel blades. These help to boost durability as you’ll no longer take care of rusting and corrosion.

What is more, is you may forget about getting your french fry cutter sliding while in use. The motive for this is the fact that it includes suction cup feet targeted at providing your device added firmness.

Another bonus of the machine is that it provides you the choice to use it on your countertop or if mounted to decrease the mess in your working area.

With this gear, you won’t just slit your peeled potatoes, but it is also possible to attempt them unpeeled, seasoned or unseasoned in addition to baked or unbaked.

Better still, you may use it on carrots, sweet potatoes, and eggplants, along with other vegetables. This french fry cutter will slit your 6″ potato into 3/8″ french fries.

Culina French Fry Potato Cutter With Round Bottom For Easy Slicing

Reaching restaurant-grade French fries at the comfort of your house is something that lots of individuals dream of. Luckily, Culina is here to turn this fantasy into a reality.

The Culina French Fry Potato Cutter includes two interchangeable blades to ensure house chefs have significantly more control. Users may select normal chips or even the ultra-thin gourmet variant. Authentic cuts will be sent each moment, which is guaranteed to satisfy the perfectionist cook.

Easy does it…

Among the wonderful things about this version is a simple fact it is extremely simple to use. Simply set the potato to the curved role in the ground, pick the blade, and pull on the handle. It’s critical to cut big potatoes in half, but this isn’t actually a chore.

This cutter is also used on other forms of fruit and vegetables such as yams, apples, zucchinis, and radishes. Vegetables around three inches can be cut nearly immediately. After the job is finished, this compact version is also simple to wash.

Prepworks by Progressive Vegetable Cutter

Prepworks by Progressive Vegetable Cutter is thought of as one of the greatest devices in the marketplace as a result of its particular characteristics. It’s not hard to use with one lever function it is easy to squeeze potatoes to a tidy, uniform strip of fry. The bundle also includes 2 sets of interchangeable heavy duty blades.

The blade has 25 holes that are acceptable for making huge cuts while the next blade includes 49 holes that permit you to make small cuts that are regular. It’s a superbly versatile instrument. It is possible to cut a huge array of fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples, pears, and much more. It is possible to save yourself time on creating snack salad and components parts with the support of this vegetable cutter.

This gadget can also be lightweight and pressing on the lever doesn’t demand too much work. Simply cut your potatoes and other veggies to match the mattress and begin squeezing your way through. It is a great one however cleaning this can be a challenging task as it should only be hand cleaned.

New Star Foodservice 38408 Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter

This French fry cutter combo place may cut entire potatoes and turn them in the food which we love. It’s a durable cutter that includes a cast iron frame and stainless steel handle; which makes this rust-proof and simple to wash. The New Star Foodservice 34408 Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter also includes 3 accessible blades dimension 1/4, 1/2, and 3/8 for both meetings and push block.

It’s quite simple to use too. Simply set the potato (or whatever which you wish to reduce ) on the protection between the pusher block along with the blade framework. Pull the handle toward the blade with a single swift motion and you’ve now sliced it.

It’s fairly stable also. It’s four screw holes supplied so that you may mount it into a cutting board, a countertop, or a wall socket for ease of usage. Additionally, it includes four suction cup feet to grow the item’s stability on slippery surfaces. You can be prepared to use it everywhere and anyplace whenever you require it.

ROVSUN Upgraded Commercial

A French fry cutter comes in various shapes and layouts. The ROVSUN Commercial French Fry Cutter is built in a remarkably easy to use design which produces potato cutting a cinch. Nowadays you don’t need to be concerned about keeping up the form and dimensions of your cutting edge because the cutter has different sized blades. It permits you to cut pieces and cubes at the assortment of 1/4-inches, 3/8-inches, and 1/2-inches using its blades that are different.

The entire installation is disassembled making it rather simple to wash. The blades take advantage of a rust-proof 304-grade stainless steel substance that is approved for a safe substance. It doesn’t have any unruly chemical component which could lead to illness.

CO-Z Commercial Grade Heavy Duty French Fry Cutter

As its name implies this skillet cutter is built to let you execute heavy-duty tasks minus the fear of it breaking up.

The system includes a strong aluminum alloy structure with cast iron pole, making it exceptionally durable. More importantly, it features three dimensions wedge blades along with pusher blocks.

The blades with dimensions of 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ allow you to select how big those french fries you wish to provide.

What is more, is these blades feature a stainless steel structure to protect your health as they don’t rust or corrode.

This french fry cutter is excellent for home or industrial use because it’s comfortable to use. Its handle is ergonomic and tasteful featuring non-skid and simple to grasp attributes.

Therefore, it is possible to stay comfortable through extended cutting edge hours. Better yet, the variety of blade dimensions make it ideal for industrial uses because you may cut thin to thick fries.

As soon as you get these cutters, installing it’s simple, and you’ll be able to base it upon your preference. You are able to use the four heavy-duty rubber feet to install it on your smooth countertops so it doesn’t skip.

On the flip side, it is possible to mount it into a wall permanently for improved efficacy. What is more, is that all accessories are all included to create mending much simple.

Progressive International PL8 Mandoline Slicer

If you’re a huge fan of French fries and your health awareness does not let you purchase fries out of the marketplace because of additional chemicals and additives then you ought to have a cutting apparatus but at precisely the exact same time you do not need a super complicated device then wait you’re in an ideal place, it is possible to discover this apparatus on amazon it’s a fantastic match for you. The Progressive International Pl8 Mandoline slicers are mobile and convenient fries and vegetable cutters to offer you maximum simplicity. You’d have the ability to finish you are tasked immediately and it means you’ll be accomplished with slicing in moments precisely.

For getting desirable cuts and using a customized knob that this device includes interchangeable blades, nothing could prevent you from love delicious French fries. Your food won’t slide or it wouldn’t get from the sides since this cutter includes additional sliding decks which a remarkable feature contained inside. Always secure your meals and care for your hands while trimming and cutting, and you’re all set for appreciating a couple of fries and absolutely sliced salad.

It’s stabilized base so that you don’t need to be concerned that your routine is becoming away while cutting fruits, vegetables, and other vegetables. It is established it also mobile and you may store them effortlessly. Its dishwasher is secure and cleaning is extremely simple. You may find it on amazon.

Vremi Apple Slicer and Corer 3 in 1 Apple Slicer Potato Slicer Cutter

With this cutely made convenient cutter by Vremi, you’ll feel just like a true fruit ninja. This cutter includes 3 interchangeable blades that are called the mango cutter, potato cutter, and citrus cutter. The reddish colored apple cutter can split the orange into 8 bits. The green-colored potato cutter may provide you 36 fresh sticks cut into your hands in a moment. The blue-colored cherry cutter will cut your fruit into 3 components.

At this time, you don’t need a knife every now and for cutting on the veggies in this perfect form and size. Within a moment you’ll be able to cut the entire fruits into little snack-sized snacks, ready to munch. These cutters aren’t confined to the fruits they’re named after but may be used on other fruits and veggies too. You are able to experiment with other vegetables and fruits all on your own. On Amazon, you can read about this item greatly.

But while using it, you’ll need to be quite careful since the blades of the cutter are extremely sharp and may reduce your fingers very readily. Make certain you have gone through all of the directions carefully and find out the security warnings emphasized in the item box and guide supplied. If you would like to learn more regarding this particular cutter, you may see Amazon.

Meshist French Fry Cutter

Leverage is vital. This french fry cutter includes a long handle you ought to find the ideal quantity of leverage to generate homemade chips. Simply set the potato in the holder and then push. A second or 2 water, you’ve got chips which are prepared to be cooked.

As soon as you’ve finished creating your chips, the stainless steel blades are easy to clean. These things must be clean in roughly precisely the exact same period of time that it requires you to create the chips.

Additionally, the blades simply slip in the cutter from the top down. Be cautious because there’s a wrong and right way to set the blades. Rubberized feet ensure that your counters don’t get ruined during the fry manufacturing procedure.

Tms Vd-33860kc Potato French Fry Cutter

If you’re planning to reduce a good deal of French fries, then you’ll require something which is extremely durable. Obviously, it also needs to be simple to use. The TMS VD-33860KC Potato French Fry Cutter is made from stainless steel and boasts a very good design.

This model includes four interchangeable blades which may be utilized to make chips of distinct sizes. Altering the blade requires only a few seconds and enables users to create thick, slim, shoestring, and even potato wedges. A broad assortment of fruits and other vegetables may also be cut with ease, such as turnips and yams.

However, there’s a catch…

It must be mentioned that replacement components such as your TMS VD-33860KC Potato French Fry Cutter are nearly impossible to discover. This implies that when a part breaks, it could be required to throw the entire French fry cutter off. But with a little attention and care that this shouldn’t be problematic for a very long time to come.

Update International (Ffc-38) 3/8″ Cut French Fry Cutter

Home cooks that are searching for an extremely easy French fry cutter are most likely to love this strong model. The Update International (FFC-38) 3/8″ Cut French Fry Cutter doesn’t have to be installed or assembled. This usually means that cooks can begin using it immediately.

Back to basics…

It must be mentioned that the Update International (FFC-38) 3/8″ Cut French Fry Cutter isn’t as flexible as other alternatives. There are no interchangeable blades to select from or other kinds of cutting edge choices. Additionally, this version is quite bulky as a result of a big and strong body.

But this can help to make this model particularly secure and simple to use. The long handle means that hardly any pressure has to be implemented. Simply put the potato in the slot, then pull on the handle, and revel in perfect French fries.

Goplus French Fry Cutter

Cutting French fries might be a lengthy and hard undertaking, particularly for people who suffer from joint pains. The Goplus French Fry Cutter is here to make this procedure quite simple. The French fry cutter includes quite sharp and durable blades so not much strain has to be implemented.

There are four distinct blades to select from so that French fries of different sizes could be made. The blades are designed to be very simple to change as and when wanted. This version is quite simple to wash and can fit into very tiny kitchens.

Rock and roll…

It must be said that the Goplus French Fry Cutter will stone and even slide through use. Though there are spaces attached to wall or counter mounting, some may be reluctant to do so. On the other hand, the issue could be solved easily enough by adding suction cups to the bottom of this French fry cutter.

Savant Kitchen Easy Grip Potato Slicer

As any parent knows, preparing foods together with the small ones can be a real deal. Not only is that a fantastic way to bond, but in addition, it educates kids new abilities. When selecting a French fry cutter, parents might want to decide on a design that’s secure and user friendly.

The Savant Kitchen Potato Slicer is a fundamental model that children are certain to love. It includes numerous interchangeable blades for various cutting jobs. After the blades are securely in place, the plastic casing keeps them safe from fingers.

Obtaining a handle on things…

The Easy-Grip Potato Slicer boasts a large handle on each side to make it easy to hold. These handles boast broad non-slip grips. This usually means that the cutter won’t slide from their hands when they’re slightly moist or greasy.

Although this version isn’t quite as big or lasting as other choices, it’s excellent for entertaining home cooking jobs. The Savant Kitchen Potato Slicer is quite a user friendly and promises to be quite versatile. The streamlined design also suggests it takes up hardly any space.

ICO stainless steel Two Blade French Fry Potato Cutter

The ICO called the Impeccable Culinary Objects is famously known for its continuous updates and inventions for every item. That can be so because they would like to want their customers to experience the finest via their goods. They have a promise of cash return if it doesn’t work well so today you get hands with this one without believing. So you can now get your hands on the ICO stainless steel two blade French fry potato cutter to determine this is what you had.

This item can’t only be utilized in houses but also for professional work too. This is just like the rest of the cutters recorded here but somewhat different concerning cutting the entire curry at a go. The exact same may be applied to other fruits and veggies too. As there’s an alternative of two blades of various sizes you’ll be able to change quickly between the thick and thin alternative. The blades may cut the potatoes in 36 bits and 64 bits based on whatever dimensions you desire. On Amazon, you can read about this item greatly.

This merchandise of ICO was created with top quality and 100% stainless steel so it doesn’t rust and functions for longer amounts of time. It’s been designed and constructed in a sturdy manner that has elastic suction cups for encouraging the product’s stability particularly when you’re using it. Do not fret about the merchandise if it’s likely to slip away from you anyway. If you would like to learn more regarding this particular cutter, you may see Amazon.

TMS® Potato French Fry Cutter

Do you need a potato slicer which won’t simply reduce your potatoes but other veggies too? You need to give this skillet cutter ago.

It’s a versatile potato cutter that can allow you to slit your yams, carrots, eggplant, zucchini, apples, and turnips, along with other veggies.

Therefore, no longer cutting off hands seeking to chop your veggies and veggies. Aside from allowing you to cut several vegetables, this curry cutter will enable you to cut them with the way you prefer.

This is only because it comprises four interchangeable blades that reduce various dimensions. Thus, if you would rather thick or thin pieces, you can make certain to get exactly what you need while using this cutter.

What is more, is you will have your favorite slices with very little work. This is because of the additional long lever that provides maximum power.

With this system, you can make certain to produce pieces that aren’t a risk to your health.

The motive for this is that the blades are made of stainless steel to make certain they don’t rust or rust to prevent leaving metals into your foods.

Better still, these blades make it effortless for you to wash them thereby helping you to remain healthier.

The TMS® Potato French Fry Cutter will provide you a very long service time because it comes with an aluminum metal steel handle that won’t break regardless of the pressure you apply.

Better still, the stainless steel blades are durable to keep them from breaking up. The simple fact that the general frame construction is rust evidence also increases its durability.

Westmark Multipurpose French Fry Cutter

If you’re searching for a superb cutter with a reliable brand, Westmark of Germany can be only that. It’s regarded as among the most dependable and durable apparatus because of over 50 years’ experience of its own programmers. They provide a broad selection of functional and easy kitchen products made to make things simpler.

Easy Stix is among those products. Made from high-quality stainless steel knives and ABS plastic base and manage, the Westmark of Germany’Easy Stix’ Vegetable Slicer is much more than the French fry cutter. It cuts through all kinds of fruits including but not restricted to cucumbers, apples, carrots, and berries.

This also includes 3 distinct inserts for 3 distinct sizes to cutback. The smaller the dimension of an add, the bigger the cuts will be. Westmark’s goods are comfortable and efficient to use. Additionally, it is easy to wash with water and soap.

Reliatronic Stainless Steel French Fry Cutter

A long deal is a point where the electricity is at. Once you get your curry placed properly, just push on the extended handle and allow it to do the job for you. In 1 swoop you’ve turned into a fantastic whole potato to a tasty snack.

Apart from potatoes, it is possible to slice larger carrots, pickles, cucumbers, and other vegetables. Create a completely simple meal using only 1 kitchen tool to perform it. 2 blades allow you to pick the size of the fries that you need to function.

Take the work out of creating french fries as you don’t have to cut the potatoes in half. This unit is strong enough to deal with entire potatoes and cut them down to size.

Sopito Professional Potato Cutter

We all are fond of chips but making them is a feverish ordeal. This is only due to the very process. If you had a good cutting tool like this expert curry cutter, it will be much simpler. This cutter features a long handle that can be used to push the celery, carrots, zucchini, and similar items via a net blade.

With this particular cutter, you receive 1/2-inches thick bits of those veggies. It is possible to put any veggie that is suitable for the measurement 5.83-inches x 3.51-inches to the cutter region and push it through the blades. Featuring an ergonomic handle, one lever activity can perform wonders.

Tiger Chef French Fry Cutter and Easy Vegetable Dicer

Our second choice from the elastic product is Tiger Chef French Fry Cutter and Easy Vegetable Dicer that is designed to cut vegetables, onions, and fries mainly. It’s two distinct versions for a remarkable gap in cost. It’s possible to choose both and get a variety of advantages easily.

The built quality is very good, and it’s not difficult to use. Blades are sharp but you need to be cautious with all the upkeep as you need to wash them every time when you use. Another variable is, the human body or frame is constructed from hard plastic that will persist for a little time frame in comparison with steel.

Super purchase Potato French Fry Fruit Vegetable Cutter

If it comes to cutting edge potatoes, the majority of the time folks bring into a question in the event the system cuts the difficult sweet potatoes. With this tool, you can leave all those worries behind. Over just potatoes, you could always bring in almost any vegetable you can think about, and also this heavy-duty cutter is going to do the job. The blades are so powerful while the framework is quite durable. Have you ever thought to mount this one vertically? Otherwise, you might choose to try to see how it functions.

Meshist French Fry Cutter Potato Chipper

Meshist comes in a distinctive design besides having sharp and durable blades. The blades come in 2 dimensions at which it is easy to interchange to satisfy your cutting requirements. In the same way, the cutter includes an extendable handle which empowers one to use less effort cutting-edge.

You see that the cutter includes a sturdy and strong suction base that offers maximum stability. In addition, the cutter cuts quickly, thus saving you money and time by giving high efficiency.

Buying Guide

What do you Want to Learn about French Fries and the Cutting Designs?

History of French Fries

While the title suggests that French fries were cooked and served with the French, there are rumors that they weren’t the first to achieve that. Apparently, Belgium had been doing it before the 17th century. It’s said they began cooking potatoes as a method of combating the winter’s harsher conditions which made it difficult for Belgians to fish, which had been one of the key sources of food.

But while Belgians might have begun cooking them, they only began getting traction with the French, who will also be behind their basic form that TheFoxe8 are all familiar with now; it is Possibly the Most frequent cutting style

The 7 Kinds of French Fries

As the name implies, there’s a huge array of French fries types. It is largely determined by what you plan to serve it together or just plain older self-preference. Some folks like their fries shaped like shoe strings others like them chopped into thick wedges. Some individuals prefer to bake them twice so as to make the most of their crispiness. As you can see, it largely depends on what you enjoy, and that is the reason why there are so various kinds of French fries.

Standard Cut French Fries

This is the basic form and what you are most likely utilized to seeing. It’s possible to receive this contour by simply cutting out your potatoes into thin or medium sticks. Following that, you just have to brush them after.

Belgian Fries

French fries are similar in form to the typical cut French fries nonetheless, they have a better-defined thickness. Chefs generally make it so the cubes are 1cm thick. But that is as far as it goes in regards to similarities with the preceding type since they proceed to fry them two for the maximum sharp element.

A fun fact for you: were you aware there is an entire museum devoted to cooked potatoes in Belgium? Yup, you can say they’re passionate about sausage.

Shoestring or Matchstick French Fries

As its name suggests, these are created by cutting on the French fries into very thin pieces, not as matchsticks then frying them. These are known as French-style or French cut chips by cooks.

Steak Fries

Continuing on to the polar opposite of the last kind, beef chips are typically quite thick, they are also double-fried to crispy perfection. Sweet potatoes are what is most frequently used for this kind of French fries.

Potato Wedges

These, such as the prior, are generally thick. They are cut into triangular wedges. If you would like to go to get a much healthier recipe, then you can move to include herbs and bake them in the oven; then it is rather an amazing dish!

Waffle Fries

Waffle chips are often around, they change in-depth, however, when cutting lean, they resemble curry chips. And no, you can’t utilize your Waffle Maker to create this particular variety.

Tater Tots

The dish equal of chicken nuggets, these yummy little things are created from grated parboiled potatoes. Whether you would like to bake them or fry them is entirely your choice, however, in the long run, you will have yourself a crispy, golden brown delicacy.

The Most Important 5 Kinds of French Fries Cutters

French fries cutters are a godsend for all! They create cutting potatoes a whole lot less dull than they must be. There are loads of kinds of French fries filler (namely five courses, but that is still a lot) we will be moving over all them here.

The Fundamental French Fry Cutter

These are ideal if you are not going to be cutting off a great deal of potatoes. The way that they’re used is by pushing them through a potato. This is the perfect type for people who don’t cut potatoes that frequently. They are also rather economical and convenient.

Crinkle-Cut Potato Chipper

Somewhat like the previously-mentioned kind of cutter, they mainly need you to perform a lot of the work, however, they hasten the procedure. Also, but they are also quite capable of creating these basic wrinkly advantages.

Potato Slicer

If you are not really into these wrinkly advantages, the fantastic ol’ potato slicer is ideal for you. It generates perfectly and accurately chopped lettuce. It is ideal for producing potato chips.

Vinyl Cutter

This is most likely the quicker one of the above kinds of cutters, but don’t be hasty and toss into your sausage without peeling them. It is fast, although not that quickly. That said, you need to, first of all, peel the potatoes that you want onto clipping, then slice them in half and place them to the cutter, and voilà, at this point, you have some finely chopped onions!

Deluxe Cutter

This is what is used by cooks and chefs today. They’re heavy-duty machines specially made to be as quickly as you can. If you are considering getting one of them, you are either working for a huge restaurant or else you’re only a French french enthusiast. In both situations, more power to you!


Can I purchase additional blade dimensions for my French fry cutter?

When you obtain a lone French fry cutter, some manufacturers have added blades that come with this cutter. However, other cutters don’t arrive with extra blades, you need to buy it or they’ve just 1 blade for this particular model.

Can I wash French fry cutters using a dishwasher?

Each one of the French fry cutters onto my subject does not have some electric parts, which means that you can wash them using a dishwasher. However, some versions cannot be clean, a few dust bits will probably be stuck for quite a while in the corner of these holes. Reading the guide carefully before usage is quite needed.

Could I cut other veggies with a French brush?

You’re unlimited to reduce veggies with French Fry Cutter such as carrots, cucumbers, yams, zucchinis, apples, etc.. However, some brands and tiny versions can’t operate nicely with sweet potatoes. Please read the guide carefully prior to use.

See also Quick Tip For Cleaning Your Weston Fry Cutter:


French fries are tasty snack meals. That’s as they’re simple to deal with and you’ll be able to place a number of tastes and sauces on them. Applying one of the cheap good french fry cutters in 2020 is the best way best feed chips to your loved ones.

These devices are simple to use and they keep you in charge of the entire procedure. Besides, you may make other healthful snacks with those cutters. Those choices allow you to get the preferred cook around your property. Goo together with all the best in case you want the best outcomes.

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