Top 20 Best Jar Openers 2020 Reviews

Top 20 Best Jar Openers 2020 Reviews

It can be very irritating while you are in the middle of your cooking and the lids have decided not to come out. More or less almost every single person has experienced a single stuck or stubborn jar lid especially a pickle jars or a spaghetti sauce jar in their life.

Or for some people, it is their part of daily life; someone with arthritis or with weak hand strength.

But you won’t need to worry about such moments if you own a jar opener with you. Jar openers are a very simple but effective solution to this problem. You will be able to find varieties of best jar openers to open the lids easily without extracting much body power.

Top 20 Best Jar Opener Brand in the Market

Top 20 Best Jar Opener Brand in the Market

Oxo Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad

You will get a non-slip pad along with this jar opener. The non-slip pad is provided so that you can easily work with the jar opener and place the jar over it. It will prevent the jar from moving or sliding while you are working. It has a smooth comfortable round handle for an excellent grip. The contour of the handle takes off the pressure from palms. It can be used for almost all sizes of jars. The pad provided also reduces the pressure needed to open the jar; it keeps the jar stable on the countertop hence reduces the energy needed to open the jar. Just place the jar over the pad and place the opener and twist clockwise to loosen the lid.

The teeth grips on one side are very sharp and are made of durable stainless steel. The jar opener can be cleaned with a dishwasher but you have to wash the pad with your hand.

It can take several attempts to open the jar with this opener. The jar opener often slides along the lid of the jar. It can scratch up the lid. Due to its sloping tendency, you can get hurt very often with the teeth. It is a little hard thing to push and grip the lid with this V-shaped opener. But it does work great for large size jars, with the combination of non-slip pads provided.

EZ off jar opener for all jar sizes, White

It is applicable to almost all sizes of jars. It can be used to open lids as small as nail polish to as big as pickle jars. This V-shaped jar opener can tightly grip any size of the lid with its sharp teeth both sides. After the grip, you can effortlessly twist the opener to open the jar.

It can be used to open any stubborn lid very effortlessly. It is ideal for children, elderly, people with arthritis, and carpal tunnel. It is very lightweight and can be kept or carried anywhere.

The installation of this jar opener is very easy, you will just peel off the paper on the top side and stick it anywhere you want it to be and then screw it. Another thing to remember is that you must always place the direction of the V shape away from you, otherwise, it won’t work. This opener grips any size of the jar very tightly but it leaves scars on smooth surfaces of the jar.

The jar opening process for this opener is very easy too. You have to slide the top part of the jar into the opener until it fits tightly in between the jaws and then simply turn to open it. You can use two hands to maximize your strength as it stays hanged all by itself. It is very small and compact to install it anywhere.

Kuhn Rikon The Gripper Jar Opener

The Kuhn Rikon is one of the best clamp-and-lock jar openers you can ever find in the market. It conveniently locks into any lid measuring between 1 and 3.5 inches in diameter. While the head is an efficient gripper, the handle works to provide leverage to help you open lids with very little effort.It’s an awesome gripper jar opener that works perfectly on both grooved and smooth-sided caps. Kuhn Rikon is versatile; you can use it on a variety of containers ranging from soda cans to medicine bottles. The little machine is made from heavy-duty plastic for strength and resilience. A great design feature that helps with storage is a hole in the handle with which you hang the tool while not in use.

This awesome machine is incredibly easy to use. Just place the opener over the jar and rotate its turn knob clockwise. This works to tighten the jaws on to the jar lid-locking the opener into place.  Hold the bottle or jar securely, reach for the handle and push the opener counterclockwise to open. You can then loosen the knob to release the lid.

Hamilton Beach Automatic Jar Opener

The Hamilton Beach is perhaps one of the best automatic jar openers you will ever find in the market. It features a futuristic design and a performance that is well ahead of its time. It is capable of opening a wide variety of jar sizes. No lead is too wide for it and no jar is too tall for it. Specifically, it opens lids from 1 inch to 4 inches in diameter.Hamilton Beach operates so easily. A simple press of a button activates its powerful twisting mechanism, tightens around the lid, and loosens it. Pressing the releasing button ends the process. The automatic mechanism means you do not use any efforts to open a jar. This makes the opener a great one for individuals who are unable to use their hands to open a bottle, jar, or can lids.

It is made of high-quality materials and specially built for extended-term durability. The compact design also means easy storage in a cabinet or a drawer. The jar opener uses two AA type batteries. The package you get when you buy Hamilton Beach jar opener includes the 2pc batteries. The battery can power the opening of 250+ lids before requiring replacement.

The Pampered Chef Jar opener

Putting together the different ways people have been using their jar openers, the Pampered chef has come up with this novelty. The product stands out in the respect that it provides its users with the option to use it in different types. You can either go all one hand is enough to type on it and fix it to a surface to fit in lids and twist them open to getting to use both hands on it. In this way, you can get to hold the jar with one hand while you apply the handle with the other hand. It makes it easy to use in daily life. Normally people are not in such pressure to get the lid off all of a sudden, on a regular breakfast you can easily grab it off the counter and put it into use.

In this jar lid opener reviews, you have the everyday equipment for your consideration. With just a little effort from the handle, you can twist open any lid off the jar. It works on the system of levers, using physics to greatly amplify the force that you are putting in at any one point. The lid is held firmly in the hold of the handle and all that you have to do is the twist.

Robo Twist Robo Twist Electric Jar Opener

Like the number one ranked product on this automatic jar opener reviews, this product too makes use of technology to get the job done. And this works to its advantage too. By making use of just two AA batteries, it is able to stay in operation for a very long time to come. You do not have to frequently replace the battery as the machine is power efficient. All that you have to do is fit in the front piece of the opener on the lid that is to be opened and turn it on. It automatically opens the lid of the jar and lets you have the joy of a complete meal. It works best for those people who do not want to strain themselves while working on a meal. In the general sense of things, old people and those with arthritis issues will find the product more up to their taste and liking.

If you have been going through the electric jar opener reviews looking for one that fits into your demand perfectly then look no further, you have found the right one. The pricing of the product makes it a sure shot winner. Visit any local electrical appliance shop and ask for this, you will not be disappointed by its performance. All it takes is getting a little used to and after that, it works just fine.

four Swing-A-Consolation Grip Jar Opener

Measuring 7.5 inches lengthy, this jar opener has simply the proper dimension to show you how to get the most effective out of it. It’s hand wash, however, this doesn’t imply it’s tough to clear in any approach. That stated, merely wash it with heat water and gentle detergent. As soon as you might be completed, rinse after which dry it instantly. Its grip is gentle and cushioned, so it may be comfy to contact. The jar opener additionally boasts ergonomic handles that match any dimension arms. It’s manufactured from the sturdy all-steel building, which permits it to get up to something you throw at it. It affords leveraged twisting and spring-loaded energy for straightforward and easy operation. Contemplating how this jar opener works, you may depend on it to effortlessly open these cussed jar lids.

Kichwit Arthritis Jar Opener

Clients who’ve tried the Kichwit Arthritis Jar Opener have all agreed that it is, without doubt, one of the greatest manufacturers. It’s because it’s constructed to final. And the producer has achieved that by making it with heavy stainless-steel. Nicely, the producer has not stopped there; it has gone an additional mile to make the deal with of this jar opener with strong arduous plastic. This implies the deal with will final as a result of it won’t rust. Another excuse why this jar opener receives quite a lot of praise is the truth that it comes with a free bottle opener keychain, which is made out of aluminum alloy. On the whole, the jar opener is manufactured from sturdy supplies, and this makes it actually sturdy. It’s excellent for individuals with arthritis, contemplating that it makes jars extraordinarily straightforward to open.

The Best #1 Jar Opener for Seniors, Arthritis

An ideal jar opener for arthritis and someone with weakness I’m their hands. It gives you a very good grip to open stuck jars or bottles. It has more leverage to easily remove the lids. It is very compact to store it anywhere. It is made of sturdy plastic and unbreakable. The handles are very comfortable to hold and easy to open when you need them. It can open tight jar lids very easily.

The cleaver ring pull design makes it comfortable for anyone to pull off the jar lids. It can be cleaned in a dishwasher very simply. The jar opener is very sturdy to last for a very long time. It has a lifetime guarantee. It works for almost every jar from small to large and sizes in between. It works very effectively. It is very lightweight, so the carrying of this product is also very comforting.

A very good opener for someone with sore hands or minimal injuries, even children can use this opener to open jars. The brilliant design of this product makes it perfect as long as you follow the instructions strictly.

The Professional Multi-Bottle Opener

This versatile and high-quality multi-bottle opener can open 5 different kinds of seals and lids. These kinds are bottle caps, bottle lids, safety seals, pull tabs, and jar lids. You will get the advantage of opening these 5 kinds of tough lids with ease. The ergonomic design and soft rubber grip of this opener will let you hold it tightly while you are operating with it.

Due to the rubber grip, it won’t slip away from your hands even if it is wet. The instructions printed on the jar opener can be read very clearly. This product is ideal for the elderly, arthritis, or someone with weak hand strength.

A lifetime warranty is available.You can screw a bottle can with 3cm in diameter. The construction of this jar opener is very durable. You can use this opener to open stubborn lids very effortlessly.

The weight, sturdiness, and sharpness of this opener make the opening of the lids very effortless. The quality of the materials it is made of is very good. The size and shape of the handle are very comfortable to hold. Always dry the opener after you wet it to prevent rust for long-lasting using experience.  It is compact enough to store it anywhere you like.

The wheels are very sharp to penetrate easily into a can.

12 Pack Multi-Purpose Jar Gripper Pad Round

These rubber pad jar openers are perfect for the elderly, teens, or children. The colors of the pads are very attractive and can be used for birthday parties, baby shower, or any other parties.

These round pads can be used to open jars, bottles, and any kind of glass containers. The pads are very durable and non-slippy to prevent any accident. It is very lightweight and can be stored anywhere you want. These non-slip pads are fashionable and colorful enough to be used as a costar to place it under any plate or mug prevent it from slipping. This jar opener pad is 5.5 Inch in diameters, so it is ideal for almost any size of jars and bottles.

To open the jars you will need to place the jar on the top of the non-slip rubber pad and then place cotton and grip the lid of the jar and twist it, and that’s a very simple way to open the lid. These rubber pads grip jars very tightly the jars and the bottles. A very effective product for people with arthritis.

It has some chemical toxic smell with them the first time you open the package, which will fade away after a few hours or even days.

Black & Decker JW200BM Lids off Jar Opener

The JW200BM jar opener from Black & Decker is potentially the best electric jar opener currently in the market. Although it might be a little expensive, it is suitable for releasing even the toughest and most difficult sealed caps and lids. It works fast and efficiently to reveal the contents of the container.Its design is unique. It features a sturdy upper housing and a lower turntable capable of accommodating a wide variety of containers measuring up to 8 inches tall and 4.5 inches in diameter. Most food, beverage, and medicine bottles/cans pry opens with this lid off jar opener. This means it is suitable for use in opening all vacuum sealed lids even the hardest.

How does this lid off jar opener work? It simply cradles a jar in its bottom turntable and then grips the lid when you lower its up housing. Once the can, jar or bottle has been gripped tightly, push the power button and the lid will be twisted free.

This engineering marvel is specially designed to help you open both metallic and plastic lids. Although used for everyone, the opener is ideal for those with arthritis or weak hands. Keep in mind that the jar opener is not intended for use with very narrow neck beer bottles or tall juice jars.

Leifheit Stainless Steel Lid and Jar Opener

Featuring a unique design with extra-long handles, the Leifheit Stainless steel jar and lid opener is a great choice for stubborn lids. The wide-set oval handles are uniquely designed to offer more comfortable and ergonomic handling especially by seniors or those with arthritis and fibromyalgia. It is also ideal for those with carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist injuries.Leifheit jar opener is made of high-quality stainless steel which is rust-resistance and durable. It has gripping teeth that attach firmly to a variety of lids and effortlessly release them from the jar. Its hinged design means it can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of lid sizes.

The long handles offer users greater leverage thereby increasing their strength and popping jars open. While the gadget can be intimidating to look at, it is very easy to use. In fact, it is so easy to use that even children can easily pry open tough lids from bottles, tubes, and jars. Its black and silver finish fits well with other kitchen appliances. But its sturdy design also means you can neatly hide it out of view.

Rtreek Jar Opener

Green in color, the Rtreek Jar Opener features a unique design and performance that makes it ideal for weak hands. It is designed to work effortlessly. It uses a lever principle which means you apply only a little effort which produced a huge force of output that twists the lid to open the jar. This makes it suitable for arthritic hands, the elderly with weak hands, those working in professional kitchens, and for children.Its anti-skid feature makes it an efficient jar opener. The antiskid capability is a function of its sharp teeth that are made of heavy-duty metal. The teeth firmly grip lid tightly and twist it for effortless release. The grip is tight regardless of the material of the lid. Thus it will tightly grab lids made of stainless steel, plastic, or even tinplate.

Rtreek Jar opener has an ergonomically designed handle that is comfortable and provides a good grip. Its sturdy and compact design means you can carry it anywhere. That means it is suitable for outdoor activities such as barbecues and camping. There is a hole in the handle to ease the storage of the jar opener.  Simply hang it safely somewhere in your kitchen. It is also lightweight weighing only about 2.4 ounces.

Jar Opener Buying Guide

If you have also planned to purchase a jar opener then you are at the right place as we have listed a short buying guide for Jar Opener. In addition to the buying guide, we have also listed some of the instructions to help you in cleaning the jar opener.

Let us now have a look at the buying guide and then we will talk about the clean and caring instructions for the jar opener.

Jar Opener Buying Guide

Type of Jar Opener

The first thing that you need to decide while making the purchase decision is choosing between the manual jar opener and electric jar opener. The manual ones are less expensive but they require more effort from your side whereas the electric ones are much easier to use but they come at a higher cost. Some of the electric jar openers come with additional features like knife sharpener. Also, consider the subcategories under the type of jar opener. There are the wall mount ones and they are also the handheld ones.

Space and Dimensions

Look at the space available on your counter and compare it with the size of the jar opener. This should not be a misfit and it is quite an important factor that you would need to consider while buying a jar opener.


The next thing to consider is portability. If you travel a lot and if you wish to take your jar opener with you then do not opt for the models which are mounted to the counter. In such a case, the obvious choice would be the handheld jar openers.


Price is another factor to be considered. You can get the electric jar openers at the lower price as well but look for the reviews and the quality of the jar openers. Make a budget and stick to it.

Type of Grip

Look at the grip strength of the jar opener. If you are not able to apply a lot of strength using your hand then it would be a good decision to opt for a better jar opener which has a better grip. Also, look at the build material and you will get an idea about which model to choose.

Clean and Caring Instructions

Cleaning a jar opener is not a herculean task. You just need to follow certain steps while you plan to clean the jar opener and it’s done. Here are some the cleaning instructions for your jar opener

Step 1: If it is an electric jar opener then the first thing that you need to do is that you need to unplug the power supply. If it is a manual opener then you can totally ignore the step. Also, do not immerse your electric jar opener in water.

Step 2: Now, use a damp cloth or a sponge and dip it in soapy water. Use this cloth to clean the clamps of the jar opener and the surrounding area if you notice any kind of spillage.

Step 3: Once in a while, it is okay to remove the cutting wheel along with the lid holder and clean it by dipping it in warm water. Ensure that the parts are dried out before assembling it.

Step 4: Lastly, you can also use a toothbrush to clean the jar opener as it becomes easy to remove the food deposits from the jar with the help of the toothbrush.

This was all about the jar openers. While you are selecting the jar opener, keep in mind that you can get great offers via online retailers so do not forget to check the price at online stores as well. You can even browse different models at one of these sites.

You can then compare and consider which jar opener do you really need.

How to Open a Stuck Jar Lid?

Sometimes it can make you irritated if you are not able to open the lid of the jar that is badly stuck. There are some steps that can be followed in this case. It can open the lid very conveniently.

It is better to utilize brut force on the jar so that the lid gets opened. The user may also give his full strength to open the lid of the jar.

The second and the most important trick that can work in this case are to wrap the lid with a towel and then try to remove it.

Sometimes the vacuum seal can be broken and this will help in easy opening of the lid of the jar. It is only possible if the jar is a new one and the still vacuumed is totally sealed.

Another step that might work in a better way is to put the lid under the hot water for some seconds. It will be seen that within a few seconds the lid will open automatically. The main reason behind this is that the metal of the lid will melt and it will allow in easy opening of the lid.

Many times a spoon can also help in removing the lid of the jar. Take a spoon and hold it tightly on the mouth of the lid. You have to give good pressure. It will be seen that the lid will open instantly. It may happen that the food ay stuck inside the lid and that blocks the mouth of the lid to a good extent. If this is the case then this step will work properly.

Thus, opening the lid of the jar is indeed a very easy job and it can be done with some and easy quick tricks.

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Qn 1: What Is A Jar Opener?

Ans: A jar opener is a kitchen appliance that helps in opening tough and stubborn jars, cans, tubes, and bottles. It is especially helpful to individuals suffering conditions that limit the use of hands such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and amputees. Most are designed to be used by the elderly who cannot mount enough effort to open tough lids such as the vacuum-sealed food cans and child-locked medicine bottles.

Qn 2: What Is The Best Jar Opener?

Ans: The best jar opener must be able to eliminate the pain and frustration associated with attempting to pry open stubborn lids. It should work with a variety of lid sizes to give you the flexibility of opening different lids. Besides, it should not be complicated to use so that the elderly and children can also use it comfortably.

Qn 3: What Are The Common Uses Of The Jar Opener?

Ans: A good quality jar opener must be versatile when it comes to uses. It should be able to open stubborn lids of peanut butter jars, jam and jelly jars, pickle jars, nail-polish, medicine bottles fitted with child-locks, car product bottles, new bottles protected with plastic wrappers and gardening chemical bottles among others.


With jar openers, you do not have to call for help or use hot water to un-lid your sealed jars. These simple tools are designed to not only help you open your jars but also minimize the stress you put on your palm or the risk of relying on unsafe methods.

The tools have proven to be reliable and still remain the safe, convenient, and effective way to open your sealed jars.

But before you spend on any model, it is highly recommended to ensure it is of the right design, quality, size, easy to use and maintain, and is recommended for use on the type of jars you intend to open. Our list of best jar openers features top-quality brands for use on different jar and bottles and if chosen correctly, you will enjoy all the benefits.

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