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This Year’s Top Jar Openers – Our Favorite Kitchen Essentials

For struggle-free jar opening, every time

Not being able to open a jar of ingredients while you’re cooking can be annoying. For older adults who have already weak knuckles and wrists, tight grips can even be a nightmare, even more so if you suffer from hand arthritis!

Worry no more! Jar openers are made to help you open lids without the hassle. They reduce your cooking time, spare your joints and knuckles, and are one of the most useful and essential kitchen gadgets for various cooking needs.

We’ve made a list of the five best jar openers for your cooking needs.

1. Kuhn Rikon Gripper Opener

Can openers are the most used tool in the kitchen and always needed to be replaced. Why? Because most can openers in the market tend to be dull after just a few cans. Fortunately, we found a can opener that has great leverage and will easily open cans for us. The Kuhn Rikon Gripper Opener can manage to open larger lids with its versatile and easy to operate knob. With a great leverage effect, this tool can open almost all types of jars and bottles without getting your hands strained. It is easy to clean and perfect for everyone who stores ingredients in different types of jar containers.

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2. Pampered Chef Jar

The Pampered Chef Jar opener’s name is true to itself; it is highly recommended for people who have weak hands or those who suffer from arthritis because it can open lids in a breeze! Say goodbye to aching hands and unopened jars that have been sitting in your cupboard for so long. This is a popular choice among handheld jar openers and is also perfect for small lids. It is a great tool if you have teens and older people in your home who just want to have a can of sausage and beans, or corn and soup. There is now an easy way to get your can fix.

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as of December 15, 2020 1:09 pm

3. Kichwit Adjustable Jar Opener

Don’t you just hate it when you cannot open a jar and you just give up and end up with an injured hand instead? Now, we have a solution for hard to open jars. With just a simple squeeze and rotation, the Kichwit Adjustable Jar Opener can open jars without difficulty, which makes it great for arthritic people who can experience various difficulties when opening jars. With a wider range of sizes, this jar opener can open lids from small bottles to 4 inch-wide lids. It doesn’t also take so much space in the kitchen because of its compact design.

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4. Electric Jar Opener for Seniors

Got weak hands and strong jar lids? Maybe you need to switch to an electric jar opener that will surely make your life a breeze. The Electric Jar Opener for Seniors is an ideal tool for every senior who has weak hands. This allows them to open jars without having to squeeze or rotate any knob, which is perfect for those who have difficulty in applying hand pressure. It also works great even on jars that are oversized plus it is lightweight and easy to store. There is no reason why you should not get this awesome tool. It works for all jar sizes so you can now open them all.

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5. Jar Gripper Pad Rounds

Cheap jar openers are easily broken or ineffective when opening jars, they end up being unused and hidden in the drawers somewhere. If you are looking for a more affordable tool but still does the job well, Jar Gripper Pad Rounds are for you! This rubber-made jar opener works on different jars, big or small. This amazing tool also serves as a non-slip coaster for plates, mugs and other kitchen utensils. It comes in three different colors. It is lightweight and is easy to store so you can always find it in your kitchen and use it all the time.

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as of December 15, 2020 1:09 pm

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Who are jar openers good for?

From people with weak hands and wrists due to arthritis, through to anyone that just can't shift those stubborn lids, everyoine will benefit from adding a jar opener to their kitchen gadgets.

How do jar openers work?

Different jar openers work in different ways. Some increase friction, allowing the lid to be gripped securely. Others release the vacuum, enabling easier opening. There are many varieties so you will be able to find something that suits your needs.

Do jar openers work for both left and right handed people?

Yes, most jar openers have been designed to be used no matter which hand is dominant.

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