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Our Best Kitchen Timers of 2021 – Essential Kitchen Gadgets

We put the top 5 kitchen timers to the test

Chefs and cooking experts can efficiently multitask because they are equipped with the right tools. One of the must-have tools you should get in order to increase kitchen productivity is a kitchen timer. Kitchen timers can help prevent your food from burning or overcooking. Unlike mobile phone alarms, this device is specially made for the kitchen and is fit for the cooking environment.

To help you select the best kitchen timers in the market, we have collated the brands that have the features that will suit your lifestyle.

1. Wrenwane Magnetic Backing Kitchen Timer

It is important to have a kitchen timer that will help you keep track of your cooking and baking times. The Wrenwane Magnetic Backing Kitchen Timer is great for kitchens with small spaces. It is a convenient timer that easily fits your kitchen no matter what size it is. You can stick it to the refrigerator door through its magnetic back, hang it on the wall through a reliable hook, or even just put in on a table with its retractable stand. It also has a large digital display and a bold readout! There is no excuse for forgetting that turkey in the oven!

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2. Uigos 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer II


Uigos 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer II, is arguably one of the best digital timers there is! What is great about this kitchen timer is it features a large display that you can see from afar even if you are across the kitchen counter. It also has a loud sounding alarm that is audible enough even when you are outside the kitchen, so you can go to the living room to sit and talk with your guests while waiting for your dish to cook. Another great thing about this is it only has three buttons, which makes it very easy to control.

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3. Habor Digital Dual Kitchen Timer With Calendar Clock

If you do not like one-use tools, then you are not alone. Having multi-purpose tools in the kitchen ensures a clutter-free space and a more budget-friendly collection of kitchen tools and appliances. A kitchen timer, clock and calendar rolled into one? Yes, the Habor Digital Dual Kitchen Timer with Calendar Clock can definitely do that! This kitchen timer is a wise buy for your household as it allows you to monitor two different cooking tasks at once with its dual timer! It also has four different levels of alarm and comes with anti-slip pads for a more stable hold when attached to surfaces.

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4. YOOYIST 6 Channels Commerical Timer Cooking

One of the most convenient digital timers in the market, The YOOYIST 6 Channels Commercial Timer Cooking Timers is great for chefs, restaurant owners, or any individuals who cook various dishes at the same time. You do not need to worry about forgetting your fruit pie in the oven, your boiling stew at the stove pot, your preheated cast iron pan and more! This alarm features six timers that run smoothly without interference, so you can set timers for different dishes. It has loud sounding alarms that can be easily adjusted to the desired volume. You just need this one timer for all your dishes.

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as of December 16, 2020 4:28 pm

5. OXO 1071501 Good Gribs Triple Timer

While it is hard to focus your attention on different timers set at the same time, the OXO 1071501 Good Grips Triple Timer will allow you to do that conveniently. It is a great alternative to having different timers for different dishes. Now you will never forget your preheated oven or boiling stew while you are prepping your next dish. This device helps you differentiate the timers effectively. It also has an angled display that makes the numbers easy to read! You can just glance at this timer while you are busy doing something else.  What’s nice about this alarm is that it allows you to track your timer history!

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What is the best kitchen timer?

Kitchen timers come in both digital and analogue forms. For more precise timings, digital timers are far superior.

What is a kitchen timer used for?

Kitchen timers make cooking perfectly cooked meals so much easier as they will ensure that you'll never forget what time you put your dinner in the oven again!

How do you set a kitchen timer?

Analogue timers work by turning the dial to the required time, digital timers are set using buttons that are pressed till the time needed is shown on the display.


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