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What’s the Best Way to Slice Meat? Making the Perfect Chopped Meat Sandwich

Slicing's never been easier with these top 5 meat slicers of 2021

One of the most indispensable foods at home is sliced meat! We may normally buy the pre-cut ones at the store, but food slicers have been thriving as part of the essential kitchen equipment for every household. These tools not only help in saving your time and money, but also make your perfect slices in terms of the size, shape, and appearance you prefer.

You may want to consider getting one for a new experience with your favorite sliced foods. The food slicers listed below are all safe and certified by several international quality solutions partners.

1. KWS MS-10NT Meat Slicer

The Slicer that Prioritizes Safety

If you love hot pot dishes, Korean barbeque, or Japanese Sukiyaki then you must make lots of trips to the grocery to have your meat fix. The specially cut meat may be hard to find in some neighborhoods, and if you want to commit to it, maybe you should get your own meat slicer at home. This 320-watt motor powered cutting machine can slice from 0-0.4 inches using its premium Teflon blade. The KWS MS-10NT comes with an aluminum alloy base which assures strength that can stand tough meat cutting activities. This tool has been granted safety certification by Intertek, NSF, and CE.

$384.00  in stock
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as of December 15, 2020 4:23 pm

2. BESWOOD Electric Food Slicer

The Premium Slicer

This meat slicer may be commonly used by commercial establishments, but this beauty is also great for home use. Great for big families who want to take meat slicing in their own hands. There might be no nearby meat butcher to get those special cuts you are looking for, so you might as well do your own cutting. Taking pride in the innovative design of its blade, you can be sure that the BESWOOD Electric Food Slicer cuts your favorite meat, veggies and fruits in the most precise method. It is approved by US standards on safety so it is perfect for home use.

$298.00  in stock
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as of December 15, 2020 4:23 pm

3. Kitchener Food Slicer

The Efficient Slicer

This tool’s advantage is its formidable slicer that is designed to be powerful. The Kitchener Food Slicer boasts of its ability to make your slicing quick and easy. Perfect for preparing holiday meals and experimenting in the kitchen. It also comes with an adjustable control knob that can slice a wide variety of foods; all you need to do is choose. It is perfect for cutting different types of meat for different types of dishes. You can take your frozen pork belly and thaw it out for a while before slicing, to make thinly sliced bacon that you can cure with your own recipe.

$89.99  in stock
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as of December 15, 2020 4:23 pm

4. Befen Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

The Best Slicer for Frozen Goods

This equipment saves you from long waiting hours of defrosting your meat. The Befen Manual Frozen Meat Slicer is made of a high-quality blade that can cut through frozen goods no matter how hard they may be. With this tool, your home-made stew only gets better than ever and your prep time shorter. Not only that, you can skip defrosting when you finally decided what to do with your stock of meat in the freezer. Prepare your marinade for barbeque or your stock for hotpot, and take out your frozen meat to be sliced accurately and thinly on your new convenient meat slicer. 


$64.99  in stock
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as of December 15, 2020 4:23 pm

5. Happybuy Commercial Tomatoes Slicer

The Slicer for Your Fruits and Veggies

Tired of smushed tomatoes and veggies when you hand cut them? It is especially difficult veggies when they are in their ripe state. If you want your tomatoes and other vegetables to be dramatically precise in its cut, this tool is the best choice for you. The Happybuy Commercial Tomatoes Slicer 1/4 inch assures that the quality of your sliced fruits and vegetables can be compared to how professionals prepare theirs. It is perfect for making restaurant-quality salads and sides that will look perfectly cut in your serving plate. This meat slicer is also NSF certified for quality and safety, so you can’t go wrong with it.

$75.99  in stock
2 new from $75.99
as of December 15, 2020 4:23 pm

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Can you slice raw meat on a meat slicer?

Yes, meat slicers are perfect for slicing raw meat, however to avoid cross contamination, always ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned after use.

What can you slice on a meat slicer?

As well as the obvious, meat slicers can also be used to slice vegetables and cheese super thin.

Can a meat slicer cut through bone?

No, meat slicers are not designed to cut through bone, and doing so could badly damage your machine.

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