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Top 15 Best Phillips Air Fryer 2020 Reviews

Phillips Air Fryer – We Reveal Our Favorites

Air frying is the newest healthy trend for frying. Air frying is considered healthier than traditional frying because it uses little to no oil at all. It is considered a fancier and more efficient version of convection ovens since it functions by blasting hot air to fry foods. But air fryers are more convenient since they have removable parts for easy washing that can be loaded in the dishwasher.

Fortunately, the trusty brand, Philips, is offering several types of air fryers for different types of use. If you cannot make up your mind on which model to buy, here are our top 5 picks from the Philips brand.

Top Rated 15 Best Phillips Air Fryer Brands

1. Philips Digital Air Fryer HD9230/26

If you are just new in the air-frying business, the Philips Digital Air fryer HD9230/26 is your easiest pick. It has all the basic features for an easy transition from traditional frying to air frying. It has a frying basket that has 1.8lbs capacity. You can adjust the temperature up to 390°F. It has also a double layer rack so you can cook 2 types of food at the same time.

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2. Philips Starfish Technology XL Airfryer

The Philips Starfish Technology XL Airfryer HD9240/94 has a larger capacity of 2.65lbs. It also has a digital interface but has an upgrade to Starfish Technology. This technology enables hot air to circulate evenly to cook food more efficiently and evenly. What we love about this model is it has smart preset buttons allowing you to save presets on cooking your favorite dishes that you cook often. You can now cook with just a push of a button.

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3. Philips Twin TurboStar XXL

We cannot count the great features of this double XL air fryer by Philips. The Philips HD9630/28 model has a 3lb capacity that can cook more food in one batch. What’s more, it has the Twin TurboStar Technology that creates a tornado-like hot airflow which enables you to cook food quickly and evenly even if the foods are stacked with each other. It also includes a quick-clean basket that captures the excess fat from air frying your food.

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as of September 1, 2020 4:07 pm

4. Philips Air Fryer XL

The Philips HD9741/99 Air Fryer has the multi-cooking technology allowing you to use this machine not just for air frying but also for baking, grilling, reheating, roasting, toasting, and dehydrating. It has a capacity of 2lbs, enough to serve 4 people each batch.

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as of September 1, 2020 4:07 pm

5. Philips Viva Analog Style Air Fryer

The Philips Viva HD9621/66 Air Fryer features analog-style controls. It has TurboStar Technology that allows you to cook food instantly without having to preheat the machine first. It has an easy-click handle, locking your frying basket in place before you start the machine.

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as of September 1, 2020 4:07 pm

How do air fryers work?

Air fryers circulate very hot air around the food, cooking it perfectly and leaving it deliciously crisp without adding a lot of fat.

Can you put raw meat in an air fryer?

Yes, you can cook raw meat perfectly in an air fryers. As well as burgers and sausages, you can cook whole chickens, steaks, chops and fish.

How do you make food crispy in an air fryer?

Dry the surface of the food well and add only a small amount of oil. The addition of too much oil will stop the food from getting too crispy, also increasing the fat and calorie content.


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