Top 19 Best Pizza Cutters 2020 Reviews

Top 19 Best Pizza Cutters 2020 Reviews

All pizza fans know the significance of a pizza cutter so that it could be chopped perfectly by maintaining the toppings in the perfect location. It is a tool that includes a sharp knife wheel or wheel coated by a handle-grip or even direct-grip onto that. Another kind is referred to as the pizza rocker generally utilized from the professional kitchen. It’s a long curved blade attached to a contoured handle on top for quick and comfortable slicing.

These days, we’re here in order to represent you with all the very best pizza cutter choices in the marketplace of 2020 to reduce your exploring time and spare your investment. It has to possess a stainless steel blade and a non-slip grip to slit up to your yummy pizza thoroughly. Additionally, consider the cleanup option of these cutters. Ensure that you are able to wash it by hand just.

Top 19 Best Pizza Cutters Brands

Top 19 Best Pizza Cutters Brands

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter

Let thefox8 start the list on this Checkered half-moon pizza cutter.

You may use this super sharp boy to cut through all of the toppings, cheese, and crust when retaining them in their place. This shinning cutter’s blade is on a mission to maintain your pizza toppings at which they ought to be. Say goodbyes to pizza pieces with little to no toppings.

The blade and the grip are just one bit, stainless steel. This guarantees no busted handle while trimming – the pizza rocker continues for many years to conquer tens of thousands of championships with you. And not only pizza, but it also runs veggies, or alternative crusts equally as eloquent.

As soon as you complete cutting, mincing, the blade just needs easy storage and care. It’s dishwasher harmonious, and it’s a fitting cover to protect your fingers from the sharp cutting edge.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

This Star Trek unique cutter is a complete bliss for its genuinely loyal lovers of the Enterprise and comes in the form of NCC-1701 in the first series. Don’t believe? Take a look at the blade in which the title of this starship is eternally engraved!

It has been commended by the clients to get their attention to details and is guaranteed to fulfill your nerdgasmic senses. Being formally accredited as a ST:TNG collectible, unique heed was paid for the packaging design. The cutter is cushioned with foams and comes at a fancy box, which makes it a very great gift alternative.

The blade is a big and extremely polished one with sharpness on stage! It’s also quite hefty but promises to become durable being manufactured from stainless steel. But be careful when using it because there’s absolutely no blade protector provided and thus you’ll be prone to becoming hurt. The massive circumference increases its performance because it can help to cut the pieces more easily. It’s closely coupled to the handle for simpler movements. So call up your buddies and purchase a large hot pizza to flaunt this exquisite variant of a cookie-cutter now!

BruArcher Premier Pizza Cutter

BruArcher brings you this high-quality pizza cutter, that showcases a number of this caliber A features you would search for in a top-notch product similar to this.

The business claims to have created it after consulting chefs and owners of high-quality restaurants concerning the plan. The blade is 14 inches in length and is consequently able to cut through a 12 inches pizza quite easily. It’s constructed from stainless steel, that was produced from the labs approved by the FDA.

There are two grips on extreme ends of both opposite to blade. They’re made of hardened plastic as well as their arrangement allows you to maintain a simple grip on the instrument. Due to these, you can be safer from inadvertent cuts and slips.

Because it’s multipurpose, the cutter can also be used to mince the herbs and spices or slice throughout the desserts and veggies. It is possible to wash it with soap, water and sponge or merely by placing it in the dishwasher!

KitchenAid KG113ER – Greatest Designed Pizza Cutter

Here’s the very best wheel made pizza cutter that takes you straight back to traditionally made pizza cutters. This wheel layout gives the product a streamlined design that is easy to store or hold in restricted spaces. Furthermore, this layout is also user friendly.

KitchenAid KG113ER features a stainless steel blade that’s quite durable. The substance is rust-resistant and sharp enough to provide you quite clean pieces. Plus, the cuts in a manner it interferes with your own pizza toppings.

Among those things that you may enjoy about this particular pizza cutter is the fact that it comes in a lot of colors and this also offers you choices to select from. For this reason, you can make certain you will always spot a color that will suit your preference and fit your own kitchen décor.

You may also treasure the 5-inch manage of the pizza cutter to facilitate ease of use. The grip is ergonomic and features a shield to keep your hands safe. Still, there’s absolutely no protective sheath within the blade.

OXO 1270980 – Greatest All-Round Pizza Cutter

Here is the very best all-round pizza cutter you will see on the current market, suggesting it ticks all the boxes beginning from appears to performance. If you’re interested in finding a pizza cutter that can give your kitchen a trendy vibe and extreme performance, this is exactly what you ought to put money into.

You may adore the 4-inch stainless steel blade it comes equipped with. This can help you cut both thick and thin crust pizza with lots of ease. Moreover, the stainless-steel substance featured by this product is rust-resistant therefore, great enough at which food is included.

The deal is one of the very ergonomically constructed elements of the product. It comes rubberized in the top part to offer you soft and firm grip during use.

To safely keep the product without risking your fingers, this pizza cutter includes a blade protector. But for folks employed to long-handled cutters, there’s a small learning curve when using this kitchen tool.

Mozzbi Premium Pizza Cutter Wheel by, Pizza Slicer cutter

This 5.6-ounce round-shaped cutter wheel includes a sharp and curved stainless blade to make sure an edgy and dependable cutting performance. Consequently, the cutter wheel is used to cut thin to thick crust pizzas with greatly sharpened edges that don’t rust out readily. The same as 3 inches in diameter, the stainless steel blade keeps a fantastic grip and doesn’t wobble out readily.

The cutter is included using a mostly reddish thermoplastic elastomer handle which is designed to absorb pressure and protects the hands from harmful use. Disassembling the unit is rather straightforward. Taking away the blades requires seconds with only clicking on the”œOPEN” in the middle stage of the cutter. It is simple to clean and dishwasher safe as required. It comes also with a plastic shield that used to keep the blades.

Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Having packaging measurements of 24.2cm x 9.5cm x 2.4cm, this 187.2-gram pizza cutter is stainless steel finished with a durable 18/0 stainless steel roller wheel which may cut multiple crust dimensions. It features a wheel diameter of 3.5 inches in length. Nonetheless, the system contains a security barrier located atop the roller wheel to stop causing injuries and injury throughout the surgery.

The snowy polished 9-inch TPR created manage includes a built-in thumb shield that induces a comfy and tightened grip. The unit is intended to resist any tarnishing, scratching, bending, damage, or discoloration. It’s not hard to wash, shop, and washable.

The Vesta Home Store Pizza Cutter

Vesta Home Store has produced among the top excellent pizza cutters. This cutter is more powerful and cuts deep slit. The battle of removing a little bit of food is actual and rather annoying. With this particular pizza cutter, you’ll have more comfort and effortless cleaning.

The dimensions of this blade are 3.5 inches using a long grip. The curved blade is constructed from high quality 305 stainless steel, that has high immunity to rust and rust. The pizza cutter was created using an in-built finger and thumb protection shield. This can always help avoid specific injures to the consumer. For simple and convenient cutting-edge, it’s a TPR handle using a constant grip.

Certainly, this Vesta home shop pizza cutter provides a great deal of comfort to your kitchen.

Winco Pizza Cutter

Back in 1992 Winco was created on the idea to build little gear for home applications. Ever since that time, Winco is famous for its premium excellent kitchen product. The Winco pizza cutter isn’t just utilized in homes but also they’re used mainly in pubs.

This cutter is compact in size and weighs just 1.6 ounces with 9 x 4 x 0.5 inches of dimensions. The blade of the cutter is constructed from stainless steel using a no-slip black grip. The width of the blade is 4 inches and remains sharp for a longer time period.

If you possess a commercial pizza company, then you may have a high number of eateries in a while. For the event, this pizza cutter is ideal to flaunt.

Epicurean Pizza Cutter Series

For those buyers searching for something different compared to the plastic and stainless steel that’s every bit as successful since these materials and is an excellent alternative for those buyers searching to get an environment-friendly substance, the Epicurean the world’s best pizza cutter would be a perfect purchase. With the safe and efficient to use

These would be the ten greatest pizza cutter which you could opt to purchase this year. Though all of them target various buyers, it is easy to choose one that’s best for you. The specially made material is totally natural and is the ideal choice for the plastic and other synthetic substance used by other manufacturers. Besides being composed of excellent stuff, this is among the simplest to clean and maintain pizza cutters from the scope.

Consequently, if you were seeking the very best and effective pizza cutter for your house, then you need to once take a peek at Epicurean the world’s best pizza cutter on your own.

14″ Pizza Cutter by Kitchenstar

The buyers that are eager to purchase an effective pizza cutter with fantastic looks, sharp blade, and a unique layout, the Kitchenstar the world’s best pizza cutter are a fantastic purchase. Having a 14″high-quality stainless steel blade, and also an ideal grip makes it a perfect purchase for all those buyers that are trying to find a perfect and effective pizza cutter to get their houses.

Aside from the efficient layout and sharp blade, yet another fantastic thing about the Pizza cutter from Kitchenstaris this exceptionally simple to wash. Aside from cleaning it by regular dishwashing machine gelas normal, you might even set it in the dishwasher to make it totally clean. Aside from using it as a pizza cutter, you might even utilize it like a chopper and dicer.

Consequently, if you were trying to find an ideal pizza cutter that looks amazing and effective enough to address all toppings and cheese within the pizza then this incredibly designed pizza cutter out of kitchen star could be a perfect purchase for your property.

BambooWorx Pizza Making Place

Weighing 2.91 lbs, this roller wheel blade has been made from top tier stainless steel attached with a stainless steel safety barrier along with also a wooden 6-inch comfy grip handle which fits snugly into your hands. Adding a 4-inch diameter blade, this razor-sharp cutter pieces out thick pizza crusts as required. It easily stores and hangs around with a little hole near the top of this deal.

Apart from the blade, the bundle comprises a bamboo wood pizza peel shaped just like a fan. Measuring a 19.6 inch by 12 inches by 0.6 inches, this material is more resistant to swelling or decreasing as needed.

Besst Deluxe Professional Pizza Cutter Wheel

Strongly layout from 304 stainless steel razor-sharp blade with a diameter of 3.5 inches, this 4.5-ounce pizza mill wheel cuts various crust sizes economically. Its soft, secure, and non-toxic TPR thick black completed handle is connected to the rollerblades for both tight and comfortable grip. This Gadget designed apparatus was designed to guarantee safe and simple to utilize the function.

Regardless, it features a protective plastic covering which could be inserted for simple storing of those blades. The pizza cutter wheel is easy to wash, water-resistant, and dishwasher. Besides that, the packaging causes a fashionable design with romantic quotations and a cream color EVA.

ThinkGeek JUN111969 – Greatest Rust-Free Pizza Cutter

ThinkGeek JUN111969 is rust lose directly in the grip to the blade. The product is rust free regardless of being constantly exposed to water and atmosphere. This can be credited to the stainless steel blade as well as the zinc metal chromium-plated body it includes.

You’ll also love the handle of the product that’s user-friendly to increase ease of use. The handle provides you with a comfy grip.

Moreover, the all-metal construction of the pizza cutter boosts its durability since it can’t break after being inadvertently dropped. Yet, for such outstanding durability, you may need to devote a bit more about this product.

DreamFarm Scizza Pizza Cutter & Scissors

Oh, it has been about rocker and wheel up to now. Let us add more variety into the listing with a few pairs of scissors.

Yes, you read it correctly, scissors to cut hamburgers too. Dreamfarm’s pizza scissors cut off pizza easily on any surface. You might even use the scissors for transferring the bits to serve.

The sharp blade allows you to cut through thick pizza crust. Even though the heat-resistant base prevents the blade from scratching the kitchenware. The nylon base is non-invasive; it means you are able to easily transfer the ribbons without it becoming stuck.

The dishwasher is safe to get worry-free cleanup expertise.

Rösle Ergonomic Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Wheel

This Rösle wheel has a special form of a doughnut, unlike the majority of the additional pizza wheels.

It’s possible to easily hold the wheel and discover a suitable angle to conduct it and several different foods. You can be certain that there is not any way the blade may access to your palms, due to its clever design.

You are able to disassemble every portion of the pizza application, which ensures effortless and easy cleanup. It’s also dishwasher safe, however, I suggest you wash it so the home can last more.

Fiskars Non-scratch Kitchen Shears & Pizza Cutter

Another set of scissors to cut pizzas, doughs, and pastries easily.

Rather than typical handle located in routine scissors, this pizza cutter has it handles over the blades, which keeps your hands away from pizza and provides you with a much better angle to decrease the pizza perfectly.

The foundation of the pizza cutter is a nylon piece that’s heat resistant and known, which prevents the blade from scratching your toaster pan, sheet, or other surfaces.

It is possible to disassemble both blades to get a more comfortable and faster hand wash. You might even set it in the dishwasher.

Kitchy PC-01-B – Greatest Traditional-Looking Pizza Cutter

This really is a pizza cutter that features a traditional look and is outfitted with all the features of classic pizza cutting wheels but packed in a more straightforward layout. Thus, this is the perfect product you need to invest in if your kitchen features a conventional layout and strictures.

Kitchy PC-01-B is considered the best pizza product in the marketplace since it includes a protective blade protector that keeps your hands protected from cuts. The product comes equipped with a retractable blade guard to stop cuts when working, lifting, or washing it out of the drawer.

You may adore the simple fact it is dishwasher safe to make sure that it’s easy to wash. Furthermore, it is accompanied by a simple to disassemble design to make certain that all of its components are completely washed.

With this particular pizza cutter, you are able to slice pizza just like a pro since it includes a non-slip ergonomic handle that comfortably fits in the palm of the hands. Consequently, you receive more hands, which makes it super simple for you to procure clean slices.

However, additional care is needed when applying this product to protect against breaking up the shield or cutting yourself.

Best Rocker: 1 X Premier Pizza Cutter

The extended 14-inch two and blade leading handle supply you with the strength and length to cut massive pizzas in a single neat rocking movement. Shaped like the more compact mezzalunas which are utilized for mincing herbs, this also provides excellent control and enables rapid rocking, in the event you’re ever confronted with a massive pile of vegetables or herbs which have to be minced.

The length makes this excellent for cutting edge bar cookies, brownies, and even sheet cakes in addition to smaller things such as tortillas and lean bread such as focaccia. When it is time to wash up, this really is dishwasher safe, but maybe a lot easier to clean by hand due to the size and shape which may not match well in most dishwashers.

Buying Guide

There are a number of essential things you want to find out prior to making your deal to your best-rated pizza cutter. Most of us understand it’s beneficial for cutting pizza. However, it does not mean all of them will satisfy your requirement!

Best pizza cutter buying guide

Whether you’re a chef or a housewife a cookie cutter is a vital tool for the kitchen. What exactly can a pizza routine do? It cuts pizza completely in form without bothering the toppings! Thus, for the best pizza, a razor-sharp pizza cutter is indispensable.

Should you want a perfect one for yourself, that you want to consider a few difficulties. I am here in order to open up all of the fundamentals you want to understand while creating your bargain. Let us have a peek at what things to consider, will we?


While going to purchase the very best pizza cutter wheel or rocker, the first and foremost obligation of yours would be to consider the substances. Fundamentally, they are produced from stainless steel, plastic, or wood! So which one is going to be ideal for you? Well, there’s some best pizza cutter which has the wooden grip, or any best model that contain non-slip stainless steel handle traction, or direct-grip.

In fact, the matter is wood or stainless steel or plastic you need to find out whether it’s first or not! There are a few low quality and inexpensive clone pizza cutters out there on the marketplace. Do not invest your cash for the copy! It won’t continue and provide the functionality you needed!


Comfort is dependent upon the handle. While buying give it a flavor and look if it grips smoothly or not. If it does not fit on your hands forget it and try another one.


The blade of this pizza cutter is indeed sharp. Therefore, while planning to buy, assess whether you can find proper security features involved or not. The majority of the most recent pizza cutters provide the very best thumb protection you want.


Next, you need to consider the durability of this product that you want to buy. Examine the material and the end of the product. Request the manufacturer whether it’s a guarantee accessible or not. A number of those well-known brands provide a complete satisfaction guarantee.


You might be thinking why want to consider the layout? The plan for this product will provide you the best thought about how to operate the product! A few pizza slicers will provide you a handle to function and a few will provide you construction and security guard. But a number of those pizza cutters have a distinctive dual-wheel layout also. Decide on the plan you may function easily.

Last Words

So, guys, I believe you find all of the vital details regarding the pizza cutters. Now select the top one and use it as a professional chef! Now it is time to say, bye! Do not forget to share your view with us! Kitchen Folk staff will continually here to provide the very best ideas and suggestions for your kitchen.


What’s the Finest Pizza Cutter for Deep Dish Pizza?

To get a deep-dish pizza we recommend checking out the Scizza pizza cutter or some of those rocking blade cutters. These appear to slit more efficiently for thicker crust pizzas.

Could I Recommend My Pizza Cutter?

Most pizza cutters could be sharpened with almost any sharpening instrument. Make certain to confirm the maintenance and handling instructions for your own pizza cutter just to be certain.

How Can I Greatest Shop my Pizza Cutter?

Store your own pizza cutter in a style that is suitable for you. Be sure it’s in a dry storage area to prevent rusting. In addition, be conscious of the blade and whether your cutter has a blade cap to make certain your cutter is saved as securely as possible.



A pizza cutter is a superb addition to any kitchen for home use or in commercial settings. That is the reason you need to guarantee that what you purchase is precious and will take you before substituting the product.

In the pizza cutter testimonials previously, it is possible to discover a trusted product to meet your requirements, function, lifestyle, budget, and flavor. They all are exceptionally economical and feature ease of cleaning and use. Decide on the best and put your order now.

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