Top 15 Best Popcorn Popper 2020 Reviews

Top 15 Best Popcorn Popper 2020 Reviews

If thefox8 discusses snacks and also to be exact snacks with fewer calories then there’s popcorn in our thoughts. The utilization of popcorn at a house has never been easy before since there are plenty of popcorn poppers outside there that can provide you the popcorns within moments and the excellent thing is they aren’t pricey also. Obviously, like everything else, there’s variation in the majority of the poppers as most of these comprise distributor by which you may distribute whatever you want to the popcorn whilst making.

You might even save money purchasing these popcorn poppers to your house as you are not going to need to get the popcorn at the cinema. You shouldn’t confuse yourself involving the poppers for industrial use and to the home user. The industrial usage popcorn poppers offer you many purposes and they’re exclusively made for the company purpose. Here you’re likely to see 9 of the ideal popcorn poppers using their own specifications.

Top-Rated 15 Best Popcorn Popper Brands

Top-Rated 15 Best Popcorn Popper Brands

#West Band Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil popcorn popper

The first popcorn popper in our listing is from a fresh called the West band. West ring for a provider is among the main producers of electric kitchen appliances. The business has been at the company of production from the year 1911. The west group has made a name one of the clients for producing products of superior quality, functionality, and value for money.

West Band stirs loony electric popcorn popper has preserved that the standards expected by the clients of the business. This popcorn popper is a simple and effective method of earning tasty popcorn. The popcorns coming from the popper are crunchy and equally seasoned. This is due to the fact that the popper comprises a built-in butter nicely and a moisturizing threaded pole.

The popper, as stated in the name, works on power. However, the handles and foundation of these poppers are created from a substance that’s heat-resistant. The resistant characteristic of the stir mad popper was comprised mainly to be sure the countertops are protected and also for the advantage of lifting the bowl where the Popcorn is produced from the popper.

The lid of this popcorn popper doubles as a serving bowl. This implies fewer dishes to wash and also many more hours to savor freshly made popcorn. The top layer of the popper can be coated with a non-stick substance, allowing for easy and fast cleaning.

The size of this popcorn popper is such it can fit easily in your cabinet. The popper is created for ease as all of the areas of the popper could be stacked easily for space-saving storage. Nevertheless, it’s spacious enough to create 20 cups of Popcorn at 1 go.

#Presto 04820 PopLite Popper

Next in our listing is just another hot air popper — the Presto 04820 PopLite Popper. It’s quite user friendly! The kernels move into the popping chamber, you don’t have to add oil; plug in the appliance into the socket and then observe the kernels become hauled into perfection! The popcorn comes from a chute into a bowl, you may set at the conclusion. It’s a whole lot cheaper and way fitter in comparison to purchasing microwavable popcorn products!

The Presto 04820 PopLite Popper has undoubtedly, the largest popping capability of 18 cups! In addition, it pops such cups of peppermint in a matter of 3 minutes! That popping rate is 30% faster than the other poppers on the marketplace!

The only disadvantage of this wonderful hot air popper is the fact that it’s missing an amazing function. This is sometimes quite inconvenient since you’ll need to directly pull out the plug from the electrical socket to generate the machine stop. You’ll need to be really cautious in letting children use this popper to you to stop untoward accidents.

It’s quite simple to wash – the removable components can be thrown on your dishwasher or you could just use warm soapy water then wipe it dry. And following popping, simply shake the un-popped kernels before plugging up your unit and it is prepared again to pop up the next batch of yummy goodies! At this time, you can serve healthy snacks to your whole family, especially the children with Presto 04820 PopLite Popcorn Popper!

#The first Popco silicone microwave popcorn popper

To get a cheap and popcorn popper cart best price, consider the first Popco silicon popper. Here is the easiest popper which you may utilize to create flavorful and crispy popcorn. This popcorn popper may be utilized in the microwave too. The popper bowl comprises handles and lid for convenience. The bowl of this popper was made in a manner that guarantees even distribution of warmth with no unpopped kernels. The cost of the popcorn popper hasn’t influenced its features or quality. The top quality of the popcorn popper is an ideal addition to your property.

For producing popcorn all you want to do is the easy addition of kernels into the bowl along with some salt, oil, and flavoring of your choice. The popper will make popcorn pops around 15 bowls at complete. The substance employed in the manufacturing of popper is BPA free, PVC silicone-free dishwasher safe. Even health-conscious men and women are able to use popcorn poppers because it uses little if any oil. The popcorn created from Popco ion popper contains fewer calories, allowing for guilt-free nibbling.

The popcorn popper bowl is collapsible and can be stored easily, even at a cabinet that has room constraints. The compactness of this popper and simple to keep substance are just two major features for investing in this product.

#Cuisinart Pop And Serve Popcorn Maker

This microwavable popcorn popper out of Cuisinart may not seem like something special, but it consistently produced the best popcorn in the least time of all of the products on this listing. The Pop and Drink’s merry, cherry red silicone bowl is collapsible for simple storage, however, unlike other collapsible bowls I analyzed, it is thick and sturdy enough to maintain its shape as a serving bowl. Its little handles are convenient for removing from the microwave, also, once the foundation is still hot to the touch.

I was also pleased with the Pop and Serve’s broad, flat-bottomed construction that prevents kernels from piling on top of one another, which may result in unevenly popped popcorn. And unlike the lids that sit in additional microwavable poppers and possess the capability to find vacuum-sealed closed, the Cuisinart’s scalloped venting lid attaches directly at the top, providing the popcorn lots of space to popup. The popper functioned well together and without petroleum, producing crunchier popcorn compared to air popcorn poppers I analyzed –making it good for both health-conscious snackers and people who wish to indulge.

Should you prefer to create popcorn on the routine and need a fast, no-mess, no-fuss alternate for your stovetop method, we are convinced the Pop and Pop will serve you nicely. It is dishwasher safe, too!

#Ecolution first microwave micro-pop popcorn popper

Ecolution first popcorn popper enables one to create healthful and non-toxic Popcorn. Purchasing packet popcorn to create it in the microwave could be detrimental to health as they include compounds. Whereas, Ecolution popcorn popper is made from temperature secure borosilicate glass jar which allows for appreciating toxic-free popcorn. For making Popcorn in this instrument, simply set the kernels from the bowl, then add oil (optional), put the bowl in the microwave, and revel in the Popcorn at a couple of minutes.

Together with Ecolution popcorn, you can save time spent running to the supermarket to purchase bundle popcorns. Rather, invest in bulk kernels and appreciate Popcorn whenever you desire. What’s more, the plan of this Ecolution first micro-pop popcorn popper is that it spreads the hot air evenly. When the hot atmosphere spreads equally, it averts injury burning.

Since the popcorn popper uses hot air method to pop up the popcorn, you don’t need to worry about carbs. The Ecolution popper is a much healthier alternative to packed popcorn located at the grocery shop. The lid of this popcorn popper may be accustomed to measuring cups and butter melt. Tough no petroleum is necessary for popping up the Popcorn, one may use the lid to melt the butter.

The popcorn material isn’t merely high-quality; it’s dishwasher safe too. An individual can set the popcorn popper right in the dishwasher, allowing for simple cleaning.

#Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper

Would not it be good if you could get a popper that may pop up your popcorn totally without leaving your kernels burned off?

The Salbree Collapsible Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper does precisely that! This popper is extremely straightforward and user friendly. What’s more, it’s capable of producing delicious popcorn in no time.

But that is not all…

If you’re fighting for space in your kitchen, then worry no longer. Apparently, the popper is made from collapsible silicone that’s space-saving and almost indestructible. This makes it effortless to wash and keep without worrying about damaging the bowl.

What is more, the popper bowl is dishwasher-friendly, which means you don’t need to worry about large cleanups following a night of viewing your favorite films.

Among the most exciting areas of this popcorn popper is the fact that it’s offered in over 18 distinct colors. This permits you to pick the most perfect color that matches the topic of your kitchen.

Concerning security, the device includes simple grip handles that enable you to remove the bowl out of your microwave without burning your hands. But, you always need to take additional caution when handling hot products in a microwave.

#Whirley -Pop Popcorn popper kit

Whirley-Pop popcorn popper is a whole kit for appreciating crispy Popcorn in the comfort of the house. The popcorn apparel from Whirley — Pop comprises popping corn kernels, buttery seasoning and popping oil. Together with Whirley popcorn, you’re all set to create delicious popcorn in 3 minutes. The key buttery popping and seasoning oil contained from the popcorn apparel is an extra benefit to the clients purchasing this kit.

The popcorn popper gets the potential of popping flawless and flavorful popcorn 6 quartz. The Whirley popcorn popper is a stovetop version. The stirring system of this popper utilizes a patented technology which helps to ensure that the kernels aren’t burnt. The stirring system of this popper works nicely by shifting every kernel until it pops.

The Whirley popper kit has a detachable lid and quick-release lip. The quick-release clip of this popper is a significant quality of the kit because it releases the atmosphere from the popper leaves Popcorn soggy. The removable lid and quick-release lip also help in cleaning the popper readily. The popper kit upkeep is easy; all you will need is a towel and soap alternative. After moving the Popcorn to the bowl, simply wash out the popper with a cone and keep it away for later use.

The Whirley popcorn popper is an industrial-grade appliance that produces delicious Popcorn each moment.

#Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper

If you’re hunting for a popcorn popper which has really passed the test of time, then the Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper is unquestionably your go-to alternative.

This very simple popcorn popper is handmade with BPA and melamine-free cookware gemstone materials, which are famous for their excellent resilience and endurance. The popper is also dishwasher safe, provided it can resist up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The bowl comes at a flared form and it has a raised foundation, which makes it simpler for the popper to pop popcorn fast and more evenly.

The best part is you don’t need to add oil into the bowl when preparing your own popcorn. This goes a long way to cut back on your caloric intake, particularly in the event that you would like to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

Cooking time is just 2-4 minutes depending on the sort of corn kernels you’re attempting to pop. Interestingly, it may pop up the whole batch of kernels without burning them.

Even though the bowl is dishwasher safe, we strongly advise that you hand wash the popper with warm soapy water to prevent discoloring this product.

#Hamilton shore electrical hot oil popcorn popper

Hamilton is your well-acquitted brand for kitchen appliances in the entire world. The brand is famous for its durability and quality and high-end performance. Hamilton hot oil popper operates on power which makes delicious and perfect Popcorn to enjoy a film night.

Popcorn is your world-famous snack that the majority of us prefer to earthen fitting a film. To create the Popcorn include the kernels into the popper with the selection of greases like butter or oil and butter. With Hamilton shore popcorn popper everybody is the place to delight in their very own bowl of Popcorn.

The Hamilton popcorn popper has a fantastic capacity; it may make up to 24 cups of Popcorn each batch. Additionally, the lid of this popcorn popper when inverted doubles as a serving dish. Additionally, the popper consists of built-in butter nicely, which may be used to melt butter when popping.

The popper includes a non-sticking popping plate which permits simple cleaning.

#Colonel Popper Microwave Popcorn Popper

Love Popcorn? Cook it at the amazing green Colonel Popper Popcorn Maker. This glowing green popcorn popper manufacturer is an excellent method of earning java in accordance with your taste preference. You may add your favorite seasoning, from 1 to 2 tbsp of butter, oil, or coconut oil or have your popcorn a-la-natural. In only 4 minutes you’ll have a container stuffed over with absolutely popped popcorn.

The Colonel Popper popcorn maker is created from updated 100% silicone that’s BPA-free and eco-friendly, therefore it doesn’t contain harmful compounds, which I mean at it’s safe to use in the microwave, as well since the material is more durable and won’t break it also child-friendly. The exextra-large4-cup capacity implies that there will be a lot of popcorn for a household of four or a brood of hungry children.

Among the highlights of the immaculate popcorn popper is its own handy storage layout as it adheres to 2-inches tall and the lid can also be made from food-grade silicone and fits loosely within the bowl, so it’s an excellent space saver.

The popper is easily washed by hand or place in the dishwasher. The vibrant blue or green color will brighten up your kitchen or entertaining room and your children are going to enjoy it and additionally, it will make a fantastic gift for other fans of popcorn also. Colonel Popper has a simple return policy.

#Wabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

If you would like to get a more hands-on approach to creating popcorn, then pop your popcorn off the Whirley Pop manner! The Wabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper allows you to create actual theater-style popcorn. Whatever sort of popcorn you adore, sweet or salty, you may just need 1 or 2 tbsp of oil to create deliciously refreshing, popcorn you are going to want to share with your entire loved ones members and friends. If you want an even healthier popcorn bite, simply wipe down the popcorn with a paper towel.

A flexible machine, it makes routine kernels or gourmet popcorn into elaborate types such as caramel popcorn or kettle corn, and you may also use it to roast coffee beans or nuts along with the stirring rod is going to continue to keep the corn, coffee beans or nuts from sticking to the base of the pot.

The stovetop kettle is created of high-quality aluminum that provides a superior amount of heat conductibility, which empowers all of the kernels to pop together with the seasoning and oil is evenly dispersed, and that means that you may enjoy much better tasting popcorn. The plan of this popper permits the kettle to get warmer than many poppers which lead to bigger kernels.

As the kettle has an exextra-large-quart capability, it’s a superb selection for parties and family movie nights as it leaves about 24 cups of popped popcorn, which can be twice as far as a typical bag of microwave popcorn at precisely the exact same amount of time (3 minutes). The popper has a clip-on stainless steel lid using a stay-collard wood grip and a stainless steel toaster mechanism that prevents any burning and sticking by stirring each kernel till it pops around 42 times its original size!

For absolutely popped crispy and tender, crunchy popcorn, you will find 4 strategically positioned steam vents that allow steam to escape.

In addition to this stay-cool wooden handle, the lid includes wooden knobs for simple lifting. Clean up will probably be quite so simple as the Lid features quick-release clips for fast elimination and hand-wash using warm soapy water utilizing grease-cutting liquid dish soap.

The Wabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper is coated with a whopping 25-year guarantee.

The kettle cannot be employed on an induction cooker, so you can’t use it on high heat and it isn’t dishwasher safe. The Whirley Popper comes from stainless steel with alloy gears along with a bright festive red shade.

#Great Northern Popcorn Black Bar Style Lincoln 8-Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine

For the complete nostalgic popcorn and movie-going expertise, spend at the fantastic Northern Popcorn 8 ounces Lincoln Antique Popcorn Machine. A stunning appearing popcorn device, the Lincoln Popcorn Bar combines a classic traditional and contemporary design, which means your visitors will feel as though they’ve been transported back in time into the very first magical classic Hollywood film experience or a fun-filled carnival.

The hardy and durable popper machine features a powder-coated steel and stainless steel construction with a fashionable black finish and the tempered glass panels maintain the popcorn firmly contained inside plus they also increase the machine’s overall aesthetic appeal.

The 860-watt popcorn machine includes a removable stainless steel kettle which has a potential of 8 ounces which makes approximately 3-gallons of popcorn per batch, and you’ll be able to keep your popcorn warm using the built-in heating deck which retains the popcorn warm for quite a very long moment. The old-maid drawers are for un-popped kernels, along with the kernel tray readily separates unpopped kernels in the cooked popcorn, which makes sure your guests make refreshing, tasty and crispy popcorn.

This impressive machine may have your guests returning for yummy tasting popcorn each time and you may even involve them at the popcorn manufacturing process as they twist the crank handle and observe the corn kernels pop! This deluxe version has 3 buttons, a spot light warmer, stirrer, and a pot heater, and a kernel/oil spade and popcorn scoop are also included.

The Great Northern Popcorn Machine may also be used on a desk and Great Northern additionally earns a popcorn machine complete with a cart.

The machine includes an ETL certificate that ensures that this popcorn machine matches the essential business standards, along with the stainless steel kettle is easy to wash and the popcorn machine may be cleaned using a moist towel but keep it dry since it can corrode. The popcorn machine is coated with a 5-year warranty plus a 30-day warranty for kettles and bulbs and decorative damages.


The Lékué – Microwave Popcorn Popper stood us out due to its easy and advanced design, higher build-quality, and flexibility in the kinds of popcorn it could produce – all of that comes at a reasonable price point.

Produced of high-quality silicone and totally BPA-free, the Lékué will constitute approximately a quart of popped corn at one time (roughly 1/3 of a cup unpopped),)and could be cooked with or without petroleum.

The Lékué Popper is dishwasher safe, which makes it much less difficult to wash, as well as the high-quality silicone, must endure for a long time and thousands of meals of popcorn.

1 factor of this the Lékué Popcorn Popper that actually stood out to us through testing has been that the attention to detail that the producers utilized. The collapsible design of this Lékué is excellent for anyone who has limited space, like students or people residing in a flat.

But even in case you’ve got a home with a huge kitchen, both inches decreased height of the popcorn popper makes it effortless to stay in a drawer if it is not being used.

The Lékué additionally has dimensions assembled into the popper itself, and therefore you don’t also require a measuring cup when placing oil or unpopped kernels to the popper.

While the plan of this Lékué is unquestionably important, what really matters is that the quality of the popcorn it produces. Here again, the Lékué outshines the competition. Along with fully popping the kernels in only over two and a half an hour, the Lékué consistently averaged just 10 unpopped kernels, while leaving little to no burnt kernels from the bowl.

Installation and cleanup are notably easy also. Installation is as simple as placing the popcorn kernels (and discretionary oil) to the bowl, adding spices or salt if desired, and putting it in the microwave.

Cleanup can be achieved using hot soap and water, or so the Lékué can just be put into the dishwasher. If you’re simply creating one batch of popcorn, then the Lékué also acts as a bowl — rescue you from one additional dish to wash!

Last, the producers certainly stand with their product, and that’s why Lékué provides an industry-leading 1010-year warranty in their own popcorn popper.

The sole downside to this Lékué is that the limited quantity of popcorn which may be reached at a single time. The popcorn popper is one of the more compact products we tested and is restricted to about one-third of a cup of unpopped kernels – that translates into approximately a quart of popped corn. Luckily, the rapid popping period means that you may create a number of batches in only a couple of minutes.

#Nostalgia 6- Quartz stirring popcorn popper

Nostalgia popcorn popper enables for making a massive quantity of Popcorn at one batch. The popcorn poppers permit for producing 24 cups at a time in under 3 minutes. The popcorn popper operates on halogen technology which permits the quicker popping of kernels. This technology is quite different from the standard stirring popcorn popper.

The motorized stirring rod included from the popper combines the kernels nicely and assists in popping. Along with this, the vents at the bowl alto allow moisture to escape and create crispy, flavorful, and sexy Popcorn. The non-stick plate of this popper could be removed easily for cleaning, functioning, and fast maintenance.

The cable of the popper could be wrapped for simple storage. The popper handles and base are made from cool-touch substance that’s safe for handling. The popper may also be used for producing kennel corns, and roasted nuts.

#Paragon Theater Pop 8-Ounce Popcorn Machine

Measure up! Get your Popcorn Here! Piping Hot, flavorful tasting popcorn! That is what you will be yelling when you obtain this Popcorn Theater Popcorn device from Paragon. With top-quality theater design refreshing, crispy and hot popcorn offer, your whole home theater experience will delight your loved ones and friends.

Since the Paragon Popcorn machine provides commercial-grade functionality, the American-made popcorn machine is an excellent selection for retail outlets in addition to the homefront. Among the quickest popcorn poppers in its course, the Paragon can churn out freshly-popped popcorn in only 3-5 minutes along with the perforated flooring can help to divide un-popped kernels readily.

The 860-watt, 80-pound, 8-ounce machine sports a robust stainless steel construction and tempered glass panels plus a wraparound doorway and heavy-duty engine and all-metal equipment. To complete the authentic theater-style appearance, there’s a demonstration lamp along with the bright red cupboard with yellow images that will look magnificent on your lounge-room. You may also use a matching stand (sold separately) which is produced to match the device.

To prepare your yummy popcorn, there’s a high-output, hard-coat anodized side-hinged aluminum pot which could pop around 147 portions of popcorn daily (1 oz of popcorn a serving), and also keep your popcorn fresh and warm, there’s a built-in heating deck using a heating element so the popcorn remains warm and ready to be served in any given moment, an old maid drawer conveniently grabs unpopped kernels for later disposal. The machine is user friendly with two buttons, 1 switch works the light plus one works the kettle and you are able to invite your visitors to play with pop the popcorn simply by rotating the handle.

The Paragon Theater Popcorn Machine is coated by a 3-year guarantee.

Popcorn Popper Buying Guide

There are lots of occasions when getting the capacity to pop some yummy popcorn would be convenient. Sure you can go with all the normal bags of popcorn which you throw in the microwave and soda within minutes. However, there are different choices out there for cooking popcorn, especially with popcorn poppers which are made to supply you with the freshest popcorn you have ever needed.

If you would like to turn to make popcorn to more of an occasion for your family members or film night, then decide to pop your popcorn with one of several different popcorn poppers. Surely there is a version for every taste and also size to suit every popping demand.

Do not just settle with regular and dull popcorn which you pop into a bag in the microwave. You can have new kernels and pop them together with your own popcorn poppers, even including spices and other ingredients to produce the dish even more delicious.

Brands For Popcorn Poppers

You will find a number of distinct popcorn poppers that you may pick from and it’s simple to get online and find some fantastic deals. If you can not track down any popcorn poppers on the regional grocery store, then you ought to have the ability to locate some internet and have them shipped to you readily within days.

Some a variety of popcorn poppers are manufacturers such as Presto, VonShef, West Bend, Nordic Ware, FunTime, along with many others. The FunTime popcorn poppers are extremely fun to generate popcorn with since they supply classic popcorn popping fashion, it is as in the event that you’ve got a movie theater right at your house.

This is a superb alternative if you intend on having plenty of film nights and need to discuss popcorn with pals, buying an excellent FunTime popcorn popper is an enjoyable way to earn the film nights more enjoyable. FunTime supplies a whole lot of carnival-style popcorn poppers to allow you to select from in the event that you’re searching for a more whimsical option with popcorn popping.

Simple To Use

The ideal popcorn poppers will be the ones that are simple to use, do not bother going with a few challenging contraptions you won’t have the ability to work out how to utilize. There are loads of popcorn poppers that are easy and productive. You should not have any trouble in deciding upon an easy popcorn popper and beginning to create your own delicious bite from the comfort of your property.

There’s a reason that all these people decide to elect for a handy popcorn popper and it is because it makes film night more enjoyable and unique. Cook popcorn and find out how much you’re really cooking once you employ a professional popcorn popper.

Usually, if we cook popcorn bags in the microwave, the majority of the popcorn may stay unpopped and this only causes us to take much more time to attempt to find the bite cooked properly. Having a professional popcorn popper, such as you from FunTime or even West Bend, you do not need to be worried about the popcorn never being popped since you can readily see the progress that’s been made as you’re popping. For much more of your popcorn popped, proceed with a professional popcorn popper.

Popular Popcorn Poppers

Everybody loves popcorn. One simply can’t do with a bowl of popcorn when watching their favorite celebrities on display. Theatres never run out of popcorn, but imagine if the children abruptly schedule a film marathon sleepover or your household makes the decision to see your favorite films in the comfort of your property? You might have attempted that microwaveable popcorn, but one out of four, you are going to need to put up with adverse consequences – burnt popcorn with a lot of unpopped kernels and irregular distribution of salt and butter. Additionally, there have been problems concerning the components of that microwaveable popcorn that may not be favorable to your wellbeing.

Manually popping kernels with the usage of a cooker and a pan is dull work, and of course somewhat hazardous. You risk burning yourself or get spilled by massaging oil. To spare you from all of those inconveniences, you are likely to want a trusted popcorn popper to create you a tasty bowl of popcorn in under 5 minutes.


Why Do You Want A Popcorn Maker?

You will find a couple of reasons why I’d rather use a popcorn popper as opposed to a microwave or worse, a cooker.

First, the odor can become a hassle, particularly if we are speaking about popping them in a microwave because you need to wait around for at least a day to get the odor to quit lingering. Awful!

Second, if you really care for your self, your health and your kids’ health you’d absolutely need to use a popcorn popper. The majority of them require very little to no oil in any respect. In the event that you should attempt the same using any conventional way of popping, you’d have your corn sticking right and left.

Last, the total amount of time that it takes to create new and high-quality popcorn is simply too much of a deal to pass on.

I mean, the majority of these machines may nourish literal hordes in under five minutes and we aren’t talking about poppers intended for industrial use! The popcorn maker recipes really are amazing also!

Stop making a fool out of your self and select convenience since it is exactly what the future is about. Never will you’ve got to think about cleaning up or feeling ill after eating popcorn out of a system that has been professionally designed to perform the job!

Price savings of popcorn manufacturers

While the possible health issues are reason enough to prevent microwave bags of popcorn, there is another reason to select popcorn poppers rather than microwave bags: conserving money.

We did the math, and it turns out that having a popcorn manufacturer conserves between 22.25 percent and 48.48 percent more than microwave bags of popcorn – based on the way you prepare your popcorn (without oil).

Popcorn mathematics

For all those who do not love mathematics, you may wish to just take our word for this making your own popcorn is a lot less costly than purchasing microwavable bags and jump to another section. For people who desire us to demonstrate our work, keep reading!

A 28-pack of Pop-Secret popcorn is generally $24.99 on Amazon. There are still an estimated 79 portions of 2 tablespoons in the box, which comes out to 158 tbsp for $24.99, approximately $0.158 per tbsp.

A five-pound, 12-ounce jug of popcorn kernels out of Orville Redenbacher prices $15.89 on Amazon and comprises 195 tbsp of unpopped popcorn kernels. It comes out to $0.0815 each tbsp.

It comes out to a savings of 7.67 cents per tablespoon, or 48.48 percent.

What about oil?

For people who wish to add oil for their popcorn, do not worry! You will save money over a microwave bag of popcorn.

It is possible to buy approximately 252 tablespoons (approximately four quarts) of Wesson oil for $18.47 on Amazon. According to many recipes on the internet, we decided the proportion of unpopped popcorn kernels to petroleum ought to be 5.33 tbsp to 3 tablespoons, or 0.56253 tbsp of oil each tablespoon of kernels.

This adds a price of $0.04151 to every tablespoon of popcorn kernels, bringing the total to $0.123 per tbsp of popcorn with acrylic included. This also means there are a savings of 3.52 pennies or 22.25% over the expense of an equivalent quantity of microwave bag popcorn.

1 other way of looking at this is by comparing the price of a bag of Pop Secret popcorn using the equal Quantity of popcorn out of a popcorn maker:

A Pop Secret tote, with a mean of 5.643 tbsp of unpopped kernels, prices $0.90. The identical quantity of popcorn out of a popcorn maker would price $0.46 with no oil and $0.69 with petroleum.

How to use a Popcorn Maker?


Our best pick for the best popcorn popper for roasting coffee beans is that the Great Northern Popcorn Black Bar Style Lincoln Antique Popcorn Machine. Combine your love of popcorn using a particular touch of standard film magic with the only amazing Lincoln Bar Style popcorn popper device from Great Northern.

Make delicious and hot popcorn while brilliant your visitors with this deluxe system’s stunning classic design as you reminiscence on your own memories and tall stories of relaxing times spent in the ball game, carnival, or film theater. Fantastic Northern has excelled in their attention to detail together with the perfect mix of the classic and the contemporary, and it’s the best alternative for children’s parties, Vintage Hollywood themed film nights, or simply for everyone who likes to eat popcorn.


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