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Our Recommended Poultry Shears – Perfect for Poultry Preparation

Quality New Shears - Because The Old Ones Just Aren't Cutting It

There are times that knives will not just cut it. No matter how sharp your knives are, there are moments when you reach out for scissors for easy food cutting. It may be pizza, raw meat, veggies, or some other food that just needs to be cut by a scissor. If you happen to not have a dedicated pair of scissors for your kitchen, and you reach out for your craft scissors now and then, it is time for you to buy a real pair of kitchen scissors that will serve its true function. It is best to buy several pairs so that you do not use the same pair with raw food and contaminate cooked food.

Poultry shears are designed to cut with ease through both raw and cooked poultry, effortlessly dividing the bird up.


1. Mairico Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

Professional Multitasking Kitchen Scissors

Having a kitchen scissor is very important in every kitchen. It is essential for seamless food preparation and cooking. For an all-around kitchen scissor, Mairico Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears is great for everyday kitchen use. While it cuts through meat, poultry bones, and butterflying poultry it has other functions such as bottle opener and nutcracker. It is a really handy tool around the kitchen. Now you do not have to worry about cutting or butchering meat. You can also use it on tough craft items such as cutting rose stems, hard plastic packaging, and cardboard boxes. It is durable and rust-resistant.

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as of October 8, 2020 4:56 pm

2. Tojiro-Pro Separatable Kitchen Shears

All-metal Shears

Kitchen scissors that have plastic handles often break easily. Enjoy a scissor that is easy and simple to use, and strong enough to withstand the constant use in your kitchen. Tojiro-Pro Separatable Kitchen Shears is an all-metal Kitchen Scissor that features an easy-clean separatable body. This is great for easy clean up afterward. It cuts food precisely and reviews say that it can cut through ribs and whole turkey. This scissor will help you during tough and stressful holidays when you need to cut up the turkey so everyone could have a piece. It is durable and reliable for tough cutting jobs in the kitchen.

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as of October 8, 2020 4:56 pm

3. Miyabi Kitchen Shears

For Right and Left-Handed People

Kitchen scissors can be hard to use and painful in the hand when you need to cut through meat and bones. The shears that we found will change the way you cut with scissors. The Miyabi Kitchen Shears features a micro-serrated blade that cuts through tough food like butter. No more stressing and straining your hand because this scissor will do the cutting for you. It has a distinct D-shaped handle that is designed for comfort for both right-hand and left-hand use. And it is made from a quality Japanese micro-serrated blade that guarantees sharp and clean cut each time.

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4. Kershaw Taskmaster Shears

Smooth Clean Cuts

If you are looking for a reliable and multipurpose tool in your kitchen then you should definitely get a multipurpose kitchen scissor. The Kershaw Taskmaster Shears is a beautiful handy tool for all of your kitchen needs. Use if for cutting vegetables, meat, bones, and packagings. It has a bottle opener and nutcracker aside from its cutting function. It is a useful tool so that you do not have to get a separate bottle opener and nut crucker. It has ultra-sharp blades that perform well on all major cutting tasks. It feels light to handle but it is made from durable, top quality steel.

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5. Kitchenaid Soft Grip Handle Shears

Great for Arthritic Hands

If you suffer from arthritis, this could be your best kitchen partner! Do not let your arthritis hinder you from enjoying your cooking time in the kitchen. Its soft grip makes it easy on arthritic hands. Compared to the hard handles of usual kitchen scissors, this is gentle and soft to touch. It has large, comfortable handles, with high-quality blades! This will make cutting easier so you can use less force when cutting through something hard. It’s definitely going to be your next favorite kitchen shears as it’s very useful from cutting meats to opening boxes – an all purpose tool!

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