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Our Favorite 3 Tofu Presses of 2020 – Make Great Tofu At Home

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You happen to love Asian food and you want to replicate them at home. The problem is your local grocery store does not carry the necessary ingredients especially tofu. It may be hard to find tofu around your area or you are not satisfied with the store-bought tofu you found. The good news is you can make your own tofu at home, then you can control its texture, consistency, and flavor.

If you made tofu that is runny or you bought a pack of tofu that is too watery, a tofu press can come in handy. You can extract the excess liquid to ensure that your dish will not be watery and your tofu can absorb all the rich flavors of your meal.

This is especially important if you are using your tofu for a vegetarian meal as a meat substitute. Your tofu must be thoroughly pressed to give your dish a good mouthfeel and undiluted flavor.

While it may be intimidating at first, it is easy to make tofu at home provided that you have the necessary tools. Check out these convenient tofu presses and make your own tofu at home.

What's a Tofu Press.

Fast and Efficient Tofu Press

EZ Tofu Press - Removes Water from Tofu for Better Flavor and Texture.

If you are in a hurry, you can press your tofu in just 5-15 minutes with the EZ Tofu Press. This press drying method is faster than most spring and elastic band presses that usually take up hours to dry. It has a simple and easy-to-use design that will yield even presses every time. It can be used to press dry small and large tofu bricks. It is also to clean with hot water and soap or pop in the dishwasher.

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DIY Tofu Kit

Mangocore 3Pcs Plastic Tofu Press Mould DIY Homemade Tofu Maker Pressing Mold Kit + Cheese Cloth Kitchen Tool tofu mold

The Mangocore Mold Kit and Press is an all-in package for making your own tofu at home. It is made of food-grade plastic that is durable and eco-friendly. It includes a tofu mold, presser, and a cheesecloth. You can use this with any tofu or even cheese recipes.

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Press and Leave

YARKOR Tofu Press, Easily Remove Water from Tofu for More Delicious

The Yarkor Tofu press brings all the convenience in pressing your own tofu at home. Once you have set up and started to press the tofu it will continue to press and you can leave it for a while and do other chores in the kitchen. Unlike the plate-style presses, this convenient tofu press does not need constant tightening of the screws to press your tofu. It is also easy to clean and will not leave a mess in your kitchen.

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