Top 15 Best Tortilla Presses 2020 Reviews

Top 15 Best Tortilla Presses 2020 Reviews

Mexican foods have witnessed something of a boom in recent decades owing to the delicious blend of cherry, cheese, and tomatoes usually wrapped up in some kind of tortilla which adds to the exuberance of this dish. Can it be at a lightly wrapped chunky burrito smothered in guacamole, as a crispy foundation to get a cheese coated quesadilla, but to get an ideal coating, you’ll require a parmesan grater rotary apparatus for the quesadilla. Or used as a casing into some crunchy taco, the tortilla is readily as adaptable as it is tasty.

Whilst this boom in popularity has attracted a wide assortment of tortillas into the shop, just like the majority of foods, you won’t beat the taste of a home-cooked tortilla, freshly hand-made and instantly wrapped. However, where do you begin with creating a tortilla? In this informative article, we’ll take you through all you want to know to create the ideal tortilla in your home and present you to the best tortilla presses we’ve found in the marketplace.

Top 15 Best Tortilla Presses Brands

Top 15 Best Tortilla Presses Brands

Victoria 8-Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Have you got a fantastic habit of earning a tortilla in your home? Whether the solution is No, you may love making tortilla in your home once you obtain the Victoria cast iron tortilla press. You’ll be amazed by how simple it’s to produce a tortilla in your home with this instrument!

The product has a strengthened construction of cast iron with a strong grip and resistant foundation. You’ll have complete control of the way the tortilla is created and provide you with a healthful, secure, and flavorful tortilla.

The Victoria tortilla media is trusted and is commonly utilized in several restaurants all around the world. You may trust it may work nicely in your house. The producers utilize the most innovative and precise casting methods to make certain you produce a great flat tortilla.

Cast iron is experienced at high temperatures using natural flaxseed oil to supply you with the product with superior quality. In addition, you may create empanadas, flatbreads, arepas, stones, etc with this instrument.

Central Coast Woodworks 8″ Hardwood Tortilla Press Review

For people who prefer having a wooden tortilla media, you can not fail with this Central Coast Woodworks 8″ Hardwood Tortilla Press. A lot of men and women refer to the media as operational work of art’ owing to the eye-grabbing design that effects from colors to finishing touches.

Far in the visuals, this media is constructed with red oak and walnut wood substances. Because of this, you may be certain that the greatest wooden tortilla media can allow you to create even tortillas for a long time to come.

Adding food-grade mineral oils and beeswax coating, the media prevents your tortillas from sticking to the base and top plates. The well-polished top and bottom plates also make the cleanup process so simple that you merely have to wash it using a slightly moist towel.

The grade of the press is so great you will have a perfectly round, evenly pressed tortilla from it every single time you use it.

It’s created for providing you a life service in the kitchen. If you’re interested in finding a tortilla manufacturer that may serve you for life, you are able to bet on this!

Remember that this wooden tortilla manufacturer can be found in 3 3 sizes- small (8-in), moderate (10-in), and large (11.5-in)- so you can pick one which best fits your particular requirements.

Although the price of the press may seem somewhat higher compared to other versions, it is well worth the cost considering that the materials used to construct it.

StarBlue 10 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

StarBlue continues to be famous for their high-quality electrical tortilla manufacturers, but this time, it is the Cast Iron Tortilla Press in the StarBlue which works reviewing!

The ardently build tortilla press includes pre-seasoned with linseed oil for providing you a hassle-free tortilla-making moment.

It is made from high quality cast iron which guarantees the durability of the product.

If you’re trying to find a press that produces thin and even tortillas with minimal exertion, this system comes at the top 5 listings because of its excess weight.

Even though the weight can help you press a tortilla, roti, and chapatti with a nominal force, this can limit your ability to maneuver the media in the kitchen.

You are going to find a free recipe book comprising different tortilla recipes combined with 100 oil newspapers which helps to distinguish tortillas in the media immediately.

Hardwood Tortilla Press Produced with Red Oak and Walnut

If you wish a snack on the tortillas which possess the original taste and flavor? Then you have to try the tortilla created out of wooden tortilla presses. This media has a reddish oak and walnut construction that are extremely hard and costly wood. The texture and appearance are imperial and polished to perfection.

The hardwood tortilla media is quite robust and sturdy. This wood is very durable and will serve you for years to come. You may always get the ideal lean shape after years. The plan is no more than a pure work of art.

You’ll find it rather simple to wash. It’s possible to create tortillas of different sizes from 8″ to 12″.

Since the media is beautiful both in look and functionality, it’s just natural to have a top cost quote. It may assist to be the only drawback of the product.

Cuisinart CPP-200 Made from Stainless Steel

Cuisinart CPP-200 is among the greatest tortilla presses on the planet. It has all of the features you’re looking for from a tortilla press. It’s stainless steel construction. So, there’s absolutely no question concerning the quality. The quality is as good as it gets.

The smooth and clean finish of stainless steel makes the tortillas to be ideal. In addition, the tortilla is an electrical one. This product won’t just press on your tortilla but in addition, will inhale it. Thus, you do not need to think about matters to be totally free.

The very best part is even though being an electrical press, it totally dishwasher safe. Thus, will not need to go through the bother of cleaning tacky tortilla following a fantastic meal. The surfaces will also be nonsticky and won’t need to be concerned about becoming rust like using a cast iron. Undoubtedly, it’s among the greatest product available in the industry at the moment.

HIC 6-Inch Tortilla Press

The HIC tortilla media is the ideal instrument for you to earn a tortilla in the home. You may have a fun experience with this tortilla press. You’ll have the opportunity to produce tortillas, pita bread, Caribbean roti, focaccia, moo shoo pancakes, miniature pie or tart shells, etc.

This tortilla media is constructed from heavyweight aluminum to make sure additional sturdiness. It is possible to easily create the tortilla that’s thin and flat enough to cook evenly. Purchasing this instrument and you no more have to devote much effort together with the rolling pin.

There’s the education within the box. Don’t forget to wash this product with warm water and dry completely before storing it. It’s worth value for money, and also you are able to enjoy a safe and enjoyable cooking experience with your loved ones.

Imusa 8-Inch Aluminum Tortilla Press

Are you aware the Imusa tortilla media is the best vendor in the U.S? A lot of men and women fall in love with this product since it helps them make tortillas or roti in only a brief while. And this tortilla media is also an essential kitchen instrument in Mexico.

The Imusa tortilla media is constructed from aluminum, which is a lot lighter compared to the traditional cast iron version. Having a durable cloth and superb leverage, this can be a beneficial tool in creating tortillas, roti, tostones, flatbread,…

The main reason why this product receives lots of positive reviews is the fact that it permits you to make homemade tortilla with perfect curved form and proper depth. This product is user friendly, and it works great for both wheat and corn tortillas.

Smart Cook Heavy-Gauge Manual Restaurant Cast Iron Flour Corn Tortilla Press

We discovered the Smart Cook Heavy-Gauge Cast Iron Tortilla Press as the Ideal choice for all individuals on a tight budget. We loved the fact that despite the product’s low price, it provides you with a few high-end features as well as outstanding functionality.

To begin with, the media boasts of a heavy-gauge cast iron construction to ensure it is a long-lasting press which all restaurants which produce tortillas in massive amounts can depend on. What’s more, it includes a hefty balanced weight and a bolted handle that fosters its equilibrium -providing you a simple time when utilizing it.

You will also notice that it features a rounded broad diameter surface to supply you with the ideal platform for consistently producing round and flat shaped tortillas.

Like our very first press over, this version can be created for many programs for many floorings – like a pancake, corn, as well as some other breaded food prep you would want to prepare.

To get a long-lasting tortilla manufacturer with a fantastic performance at a manageable cost, consider investing in this Smart Cook Heavy-Gauge Cast Iron Tortilla Press.

We’ve discovered a drawback of the press recently this isn’t making absolutely thin tortillas. If you’re seeking thin tortillas, this can not satisfy your requirements. But should you enjoy thick and difficult tortillas, then it may be a go-to for you personally, for certain.

Norpro 6-Inch Tortilla Press

The homemade tortilla definitely tastes far better than the one that you buy in the grocery stores. Along with the Norpro tortilla, media is your must-have thing if you would like to enjoy tasty tortilla in your home.

Designed with high-quality cast aluminum, this presser is hardy, powerful, and durable. Norpro has a conventional design so you can use it readily. The light aluminum substance can allow you to earn tortilla trouble-free and quick.

You should notice that this product isn’t suggested for wheat tortillas. To make sure your tortilla will not adhere to the media, you can place two pieces of wax paper or parchment paper onto both surfaces of this tool.

Eleganceinlife Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Would you wish to have a product that has various purposes? The Eleganceinlife tortilla media is a product in this way. With this tortilla media, you can’t just create a tortilla, but you may also create tostones, empanadas, arepas,…

The Eleganceinlife tortilla media is constructed from heavy-gauge cast iron, so it’s powerful enough to help you produce horizontal and lean tortilla and cook it evenly. Having a dimension of 7.3 inches, this product may be an ideal option for you.

Together with the balanced weight of the media and bolted manage, pressing is simply trying. You merely require minimal attempt to produce a yummy homemade tortilla.

KooK 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press Review

KooK 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press conveys our 8th place because of its entire devotion to helping you be authentic tortillas in your property. Additionally, it has a fairly big pressing surface (8-inch diameter), making it perfect for people who wish to create larger tortillas but less than 10 inches.

It features the construction of heavy-duty steel so you may enjoy utilizing it for many, many years of tortilla production. The significant nature of the material ensures you make your tortillas with less effort.

If you’d like a tortilla media which you may utilize to prepare additional flatbread food as molds, then you will also find this product an excellent alternative. This is as it’s intended to handle not simply tortilla but in addition the patron pisao, dumplings, patacones, empanadas, stones, miniature pie shells, and lots of more.

The tortilla manufacturer works nicely when it’s assembled perfectly. It ships with all the unassembled components. Therefore, you have to construct the media prior to beginning to create the tortillas using it.

Our favorite part about this media is the fact that it comes pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil. This means it will not call for a good deal of care when you purchase. The added instructions will even demonstrate how you can re-season it following a period of usage.

Mexican Cast Iron Electric Tortilla Press

Mexico is the area where Tortilla comes from. Therefore, having a tortilla media from Mexico is surely the correct option. Let us see whether the Mexican tortilla media is actually a perfect option.

Since the producers are Mexican so that they understand what’s vital to get a tortilla press. The top layer of the product is quite glossy and brassy. The appealing design will cause you to fall in love instantly.

The fabric of the product is high-quality cast iron. There’s a long handle that you hold it. Adding in the package is a free recipe book that makes it possible to carry various dishes.

The Mexican tortilla press functions quickly and heats evenly. You’ll have a nice experience on this device.

Best Pine Tortilla Press: Ematik’s 11-Inch

Here we’ve got a gorgeous tortilla media made from solid walnut timber from Ematik. It measures 11 inches x 11 inches, so it’s possible to make tortillas on the bigger side so this is a superb option when you have a number of mouths to feed. Since it’s made from quality pine wood that this tortilla press will probably be incredibly hard-wearing too, due to the character of the timber, it’s extremely simple to clean and does not absorb stains in precisely the exact same manner other forests do.

This well-designed tortilla media won’t just mean making tortillas is a ton simpler it also suggests you have a gorgeous display piece for the kitchen. Concerning ease of use that you can not get much better than this, just make your dough then roll each portion on your hands until you have a ball. After that, all you want to do is put the dough from the press and then push the wooden handle that can turn the dough to a perfectly shaped tortilla. Buy this wooden tortilla press and you are guaranteed to be appreciating tortillas for a long time to come.

Fox Run Tortilla Press

Nearly all tortilla presses appear to be made from cast iron but it isn’t the only reliable choice. The Fox Run is created entirely of cast aluminum, that has an attractive metal finish.

The advantage of aluminum is that it’s both durable and lightweight. To get a house cook, it’s a fantastic choice since it is easy to save and retrieve your tortilla press.

It is light, compact, and extremely portable. So it is a fantastic selection for not just making tortillas in the home but for carrying to household fiestas or pot lucks which you are cooking at.

This media steps 7 x 2 x 7.2 inches and weighs only 1.35 lbs. So it is a smaller media with only a 6″ diameter.

But another good thing about this cast aluminum media is the fact that it’s corrosion-resistant so it doesn’t rust. This makes it a lot easier to look after overtime. If utilized properly, it should last as long as a cast-iron press.

The Fox Run is also oven safe up to temperatures of 350 degrees. You’re able to hand wash it in warm soapy water for simple cleaning after. Last, there’s absolutely no guarantee on this media. In case you have any queries, you should contact the manufacturer directly.

Bruntmor 7″ Cast Iron Tortilla Press

The Bruntmor tortilla media is 7 inches in diameter and includes pre-seasoned. It is possible to use it instantly so there is no delay in cooking your favorite Mexican foods.

Wrought iron is one of the sturdiest metals which cookware is constructed of. Once it gives high durability and heat resistance, cast iron is clearly hefty. Thus Bruntmor reduced the quantity of cast iron used in its own layout.

The weight of the press is lower compared to bigger presses. But, it’s still sturdy and secure for simple and even tortilla pressing.

It steps 9.2 x 9.1 x 1.9 inches and weighs 5.44 lbs. It is excellent for not just tortilla pressing but also for creating dumplings, empanadas, stones, miniature pie shells, and much more.

Combined with its smaller size, it’s far easier to move and keep this media in a house kitchen. This makes it a fantastic pick for anybody who has difficulty lifting appliances that have a limited storage area. Additionally, it is possible to easily wash this media using a damp or dry cloth.

The Bruntmor doesn’t include any guarantee. In case you’ve got additional questions, you are able to reach from the producer.

Buying Guide

When you are on the market for high-quality tortilla media, each detail can really make a difference. By the tool’s dimensions to how fast it could be washed, there are a whole lot of factors that you want to consider. To create your decision (and life) easier, we have assembled around the most crucial questions to ask yourself when buying tortilla press.

Best Tortilla Presses Buying Guide


The very first thing you want to consider is if you want a very simple tortilla press or something more than that. What does this mean? The industry is full of electrical tortilla makers, that not just flatten the tortilla dough to perfection but can also nourish it. If you would like to adhere to the fundamentals, you may either decide on a wooden or even a non-electric cast iron media.

But if you would like to conserve as much time as you can when creating tortillas and bypass the cooking area, then the traditional kinds aren’t for you. Rather, select an electrical tortilla press that can do all of the cooking for you.


The matter is that almost all tortilla presses are often very bulky. That is why you first must consider just how much counter or cabinet space you can actually manage. Should you have sufficient space, then do not be scared to provide cast or wooden iron presses a twist. As a result of their hardy arrangement, these two may flatten the tortillas nearly flawlessly. But if your kitchen is quite small, you may always opt for plastic or aluminum presses.

Cleaning simplicity

Contemplating that their simple design, these tortilla-making tools are extremely easy to wash. All you have to do is rinse the two plates (top and bottom), and it is like new. But some are easier to wash than others. That mostly depends upon the program’s materials. Nevertheless, cast-iron presses are normally the easiest to clean. Additionally, note that tortilla presses aren’t dishwasher safe.

Inner coating (for cast iron presses just )

Word of advice: The interior coating of cast iron media will scratch off with time, leaving some of its remnants in the tortillas. Nevertheless, you have to select a tool using a high-quality end to stop the cast iron from rust. So, as a remedy, manufacturers urge you to buy presses enriched using wax or silver coating or tortilla manufacturers which do not have any coating (paint) whatsoever.

extra features

Many electrical tortilla presses include a built-in index light, which automatically turns on if the flatbreads are all cooked. But this feature isn’t so common, so you might have to do a small amount of additional digging to unearth such media versions.


Do not feel this component isn’t helpful. It is possible to get some valuable advice through my answers to the frequently asked questions. Please read the entire part to come up with the best tortilla press for flour tortillas.

Is It Dangerous to Use the Electric Tortilla Press?

No. The majority of the electrical tortilla has indicator lights, temperature control knob, and stainless steel outside. You can have complete control of the warmth, and the outside isn’t hot. Because of this, it’s safe to use.

What Can a Tortilla Press Make Other than Tortilla?

It is dependent upon every version. Except for tortilla, you may usually make miniature pie shells, stones, dumplings, rotis, chapatis, empanadas, arepas,…

The Way to Create Super-Thin Tortilla?

It is possible to alter the size of this dough to produce a slimmer tortilla.

The Way to Cook Tortillas Properly After Flattening?

You have to warm a large flat skillet. Wait till it’s warm, then cook the tortillas for 30 to 40 minutes until they get brown.

Can a Tortilla Press Manage the Flour Tortilla?

The tortilla media is designed to work best for corn tortillas. And there are just a few tortilla presses that can manage flour tortilla. You need to consider this aspect carefully before purchasing it.


How to Use a Tortilla Press?


Tortilla presses aren’t often the very first part of kit somebody believes about if they move to a new property. But when you’ve experienced the taste of homemade tortillas and have noticed how simple it’s to create your own, you’ll bear in mind that a tortilla press is truly a bit of gear that may enrich your life. Thefox8 hopes this article has given you a nudge in the ideal way at least!

The key point to bear in mind when making the choice to obtain a tortilla press is that knowing the substance is essential. Wood occasionally provides more reliability but not necessarily, cast-iron creates an even press simple, although aluminum is always mobile and inexpensive. Within this list, you’ll also discover a press for every demand and price range.

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