Top 18 Best Vegetable Choppers 2020 Reviews

Top 18 Best Vegetable Choppers 2020 Reviews

A vegetable chopper is a must-have tool that accelerates the process of cutting and chopping vegetables and even fruits.

At our top 10 finest vegetable choppers in 2020 testimonials, thefox8 has narrowed our listing of great products that will assist you to pick the best one you want. Take a look at those items and also make a sensible decision you won’t regret.

Cooking may take as much time, particularly the cutting edge and chopping process. However, with the assistance of a vegetable chopper, it is possible to make things much faster and more effective – so you’re able to do it.

When picking a vegetable chopper, it’s necessary that you inspect the quality of the blade since it is the most crucial part of the tool. It needs to be razor-sharp to reduce unique types of vegetables effortlessly.

Top 18 Best Vegetable Choppers Brands

Top 18 Best Vegetable Choppers Brands


For those desiring an easy vegetable chopper for house usage, the Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper is the perfect alternative for instantaneous chopping and dicing at an inexpensive price. This BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free, the push-operated chopper is outfitted with three distinct blade dimensions and can be dishwasher safe, and not to mention, provides an appealing layout that looks high-end in aesthetics in comparison to a number of other food choppers in its comparable budget.

The Brieftons manual food chopper provides sharp, German 420-grade stainless blades to cut into pretty much any vegetable. While most vegetable choppers just offer approximately a few cups worth of space in their own compartment, this one provides a whopping ounce cups. Nevertheless, this really is a handy food chopper for individuals wanting to prep massive amounts of food. Also included along with your own food chopper buy, you will be given a cleaning brush to get rid of stuck food out of the chopper’s blade, recipe books delivered via e-mail (should you purchase from, along with a keep-fresh lid for storage.

Many reviewers of the kitchen tool proved rather happy with this Brieftons QuickPush’s general quality as generally choppers on the lower end of their budget provide duller blades, needs to be pushed more difficult to function, and are fast to crack or chip. But maybe not that veggie chopper. Other compliments of the product include excellent durability, ease of cleaning, really sharp and dependable blades, and quiet and smooth performance. Every one these reasons and much more to make that the QuickPush by Brieftons a fantastic, cheap vegetable chopper.

Chef’n Veggichop Hand-Powered Food Chopper (Arugula)

Three super simple measures — Load, pull, and chop. That’s the handle the Chef’n VeggiChop food chopper.

This useful chopper is terrific since it chops not only veggies, but it additionally features large pieces of fruit, nuts, herbs, boneless meats, and even ice!

Requiring no power to operate, it may be obtained camping, used within an RV, or anywhere else. After putting your components, twist the lid to secure it closed, then yank on the cord to twist both chopping blades.

This ideal spill-proof lid also creates the VeggiChop perfect for whipping up foods such as pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole, as well as baby food.

Quite versatile, it’s dishwasher compatible and features a lifetime guarantee.

​Zalik Vegetable Chopper Slicer Dicer Cutter & Grater

We’ve got all heard of killing two birds with one rock but have we heard of one kitchen tool which could enable you to reach 11 unique tasks? Not before this vegetable chopper from Zalik came on the industry. This is an extremely versatile kitchen gadget that has 11 blades which you may use to lower your veggies, to process your eggs to juice your own veggies, and do a great deal more.

It’s tough to choose where to begin when it has to do with a kitchen gadget with numerous features and functions which are all equally striking. The first thing about this particular vegetable chopper which makes it stand out from others is its flexibility. It includes two dimensions of julienne slicers, a nice slicer, a normal slicer, a grater, a very long cut slicer, two blades for producing two distinct forms of dices, an egg separator, lemon batter, and an egg slicer.

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

If you’re interested in finding a vegetable chopper which has a durable construction and a couple of choices of blades nevertheless enabling you to dice and pieces your veggies, then this is a fantastic vegetable chopper from Fullstar which you should definitely consider.

It’s a top lid using a dental plate that may be closed onto some other bit of vegetable to offer you cups of diced veggies in a matter of minutes. The lid has a handle that is made from rubber that provides you a soft yet firm grip on your chopper. To further keep it from slipping, the base surface of the chopper was outfitted with an anti-skid foundation.

The blades that include this chopper are all of our various types, providing you with flexibility in the way you want the veggies to be trimmed. There are two sorts of dicing blades, which assist you to dice your veggies into cubes of two distinct sizes. The chopper contains two blades, one for cutting your veggies into spirals and yet another one for ribboning your veggies. The ribbon and coil blades are excellent for cutting vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers for cakes because they seem elegant and distinctive. These contours are also good if you would like to turn your vegetables into healthy home-made snacks like sun-dried crisps.

Vidalia Chop Wizard

As its name implies this chopper is likely to produce the cutting of your own veggies magically simple and easy. In comparison to other vegetable choppers, it’s fairly hassle-free as it’s just two interchangeable blades, one for producing massive cubes and yet another for smaller cubes.

The easy layout of this chopper makes it a decorative addition to your own kitchen décor. The chopper also includes a little cleaning tool with which you are able to eliminate any tiny pieces of food which may be stuck within the dicing blade along with the plate.

Another exceptional facet of this chopper is the container in which the diced vegetable becomes saved contains measurement markings, which show you just how many veggies you’ve diced. This may come very handy whilst after a recipe where precise measurements are significant. The container may hold as many as two cups of veggies and lets you work without creating your kitchen counter cluttered.

Hamilton Beach 72705 Deluxe Food Chopper, Black

To chop your beef, vegetables, or fruits with power, the Hamilton Beach 72705 Deluxe meals chopper is appropriate here for you personally. Don’t be deceived by its size! In 9 by 9 inches, it’s compact but powerful.

This vegetable chopper has stainless-steel blades to get a powerful efficiency. These can chop your meals fast and effortlessly.

Another strong point of the cutter is its own 1-touch heartbeat control which guarantees ease of use. Additionally, it features an oil dispenser launching as an extra feature.

And, the best part?

This electric chopper includes a 3-cup bowl dimension to accommodate more material that must be chopped. It’s a little batch reducer that retains food nearer to the blades to get an all-around cut. A customized spatula that shops on the soles of this unit can also be included.

Precise cuts and durability are key features of this vegetable chopper. Using its one-year guarantee, you can make certain you are becoming that and nothing less.


Checking out the Rosle 16272 Multi-Cutter, this can be an onion chopper using string-pull operation. This chopper, but includes a moderate price tag but thankfully manages to provide 5 from 5-star food and quality processor-like be the could attractively chop just about anything fruits, herbs, vegetables, you name it.

Each pull with this Rosle vegetable system makes it possible for the dual blade system to twist seven days, so, requiring hardly any effort on your own part and being silent fun for those kiddos. The machine does the guesswork for you using its own patented cutting mechanism whilst providing the ergonomics you deserve using its comfortable grip and a non-slip base. As an additional bonus, this vegetable cutter also comprises a basket for drying herbs.

Through utilizing the Rosle 16272 Multi-Cutter, many find that this efficient, quick-to-use apparatus with clean-up that is almost just as quickly. 1 reviewer even said that cleaning this instrument was simpler than cleaning an electrical vegetable chopper whilst still supplying electric-grade quality. Luckily, a chopping session should not require more than 4 or 3 series pulls with this product until you get the exact end product you’re searching for. To put the cherry on top, Rosle also contains a lifetime guarantee with the purchase price of the 16252 Multi-Cutter.


The Salsa Master Salsa Maker, Food Chopper, Mixer and Blender have a small different operation than the prior vegetable choppers we have looked it. Rather than being controlled by pushing a lid or pressing on a button to get electric steering, this one provides a crank that has to be cranked in 360-degrees to carry out many different tasks. This guide vegetable chopper now holds the Amazon’s Choice name for Salsa Maker to affirm it is a worthy purchase. In addition to this, Salsa Master asserts that this system cuts veggies 20 times faster than a normal kitchen knife.

There are lots of features of the model which need to be mentioned. For starters, this gadget provides BPA-free construction to deliver sufficient security to you and your loved ones. Furthermore, this product features surgical steel blades, a pouring spout, along with an egg fat separator to provide quality and flexibility. The anti-skid foundation of this Salsa Master Food Chopper guarantees while you are cranking, the chopper will not slide in your slippery countertops.

In the event you aren’t happy with this chopper, then there’s a 100% money-back guarantee. However, being below $20, an individual can not have list-long expectations for this particular vegetable chopper; nonetheless, it provides beneficial quality and lots of functions. In the long run, this system works great, but remember it is mostly for milder vegetables and herbs, ones which would potentially be utilized in salsas since it can be, after all, chiefly a chopper for supper. Do not expect to place thick pieces of dense or meat potatoes within this manufacturer nonetheless, you can expect quicker food preparation along with an easy to wash apparatus with positive 5-cup capacity.


Initial looking at an electrical vegetable chopper, the Ninja NJ100 Express Chop features a simple, clean layout with BPA-free construction. It is a cheap electric chopper that is a fraction of the expense of the ordinary food processor, nevertheless, it closely imitates the role of you to an extent.

The Ninja NJ100 delivers the capacity to chop, mince, as well as puree ingredients. This is a good purchase if you’re searching for an excellent product not only for chopping or mincing vegetables but also to create salsas, dressings, pasta or skillet, soups, or perhaps for mincing herbs. This electrical vegetable chopper just has one rate and a two-cup capability nonetheless, it features simple push-down ignition and toaster blade technologies to provide significant power.

Based on reviewers, this Ninja product is excellent since it does not demand a good deal of pressure to function, is extremely fast in getting objects chopped/minced/pureed in only 3 to 5 minutes, and is simple to wash. Nevertheless, if you would like to have an adequate chop, mince, or sip a fantastic motor, fast performance, and razor-sharp blades for top-notch functionality, all inside a lower price range, the Ninja NJ100 Express Chop proves itself to be a fantastic product for lots of your kitchen prep jobs.

Caannasweis Pro Mandoline Vegetable Chopper

This can be really a fantastic and flexible vegetable chopper that plays 7 distinct purposes in only 1 product. You may use this instrument as a nice slicer, julienne slicer, dicer, mincer, and chopper.

Organizing your foods is really fast and simple, and you’ll no more need to address tearing up every time you reduce your onions. Most of all, this instrument is dishwasher-safe for ease of cleaning.

There’s absolutely no doubt that this product chops veggies very quickly. But occasionally there are concerns if chopping onions because the top area usually stays uncut.

Nonetheless, it does the job, that’s the main thing about this product.

Yibaision Vegetable Chopper

If what you want is 1 tool to perform multiple chopping needs, then you can’t ever go wrong with this product. It’s easy to use and actually gets things done in a snap.

Cleaning and placing all the bits back together can also be quick and simple. Simply put it on your dishwasher, and it ought to be useful to go and wash very quickly.

For people using a lot of veggies in their meals, this product actually gets the work done. But you might need to be cautious when putting it in the dishwasher because some folks noticed the substance warping over time.

Swongar Onion and Vegetable Chopper

Save your valuable time and energy by employing this multi-purpose vegetable chopper to your food prep needs.

This is an extremely handy chopper that features conventional blades using an ultra-sharp and durable design. Assembling and disassembling the bits are also fast, which means you should have no concern with the cleanup and setup of the product.

We advise that you use a handguard when using this product. The blades are extremely sharp and the problem generally arises when individuals inadvertently cut their epidermis.

Otherwise, we’re well delighted with how this product works and its exceptional quality for the price.

MOICO Vegetable Chopper

Great as a chopper, slicer, and sometimes even dicer, this product actually is a genius in the kitchen. It includes a broad choice of accessories which makes food prep fast and easy.

The lemon squeezer can be added in, which means it’s possible to gather lemon juice and other citrus juice easily. With the non-slip layout, this instrument should stay put in your kitchen counter with no problem.

That is hands down one of the best vegetable choppers you will find in shops. But we would want to observe that an improvement in the plan, especially the top part.

It’d be better when it had been coated to protect your skin from getting cut unintentionally.

BLACK+DECKER One-Touch Electric Chopper

The food chopper from BLACK + DECKER is the best alternative for people on tight budgets searching for a useful vegetable chopper, or people who need a serviceable product to maintain from the RV or travel apparel. In only a 1.5-cup capability, it is also a perfect alternative for singles, or for processing small quantities of food.

The chopper features curved stay-sharp stainless steel blades and a sizable one-touch button with a pulse controller, and that means it is possible to control how rough or fine you need your vegetables. When you are done shopping, just set the bowl, lid, and blade in the dishwasher to make cleaning up as straightforward as chopping.

With this product, you get exactly what you pay for – there are not many bells and whistles, so there’s a single chopping choice, along with the bowl is about the smaller side. But it is a low-risk, low-commitment addition to your house or a handy tool in your travel kit.

Gourmia Power Dicer

Unlike the majority of the electrical vegetable choppers on the marketplace which generally work more like food processors, the Gourmia Power Dicer permits you to create absolutely diced vegetables however soft – tomatoes and salmon! You are able to pick from five-star alternatives to acquire every feeling out of dice to grate.

The Power Dicer also lets you process up to little food at once as you’d like. As you just put a bowl of your choice under the chute, then you may use a large mixing bowl for a massive salad, or a small prep bowl for only a couple of chopped zucchini or carrot.

In addition, you have the liberty to utilize pre-sliced ingredients, or whole potatoes for French fries. While the Gourmia includes a bigger price tag, you really do get a great deal of freedom and freedom whilst obtaining a speedy and efficient dice.

The Gourmia looks super sharp outside in your countertops, using a white body and black and chrome accents. Furthermore, it’s easy – many areas of the Gourmia dicer can move directly into the dishwasher after use, and you’ll be able to wipe down the foundation with a moist paper towel when it will get any vegetable bits or residue on it.


Such as the Godmorn Mandoline All in 1 Professional Vegetable Chopper, the TTLife Good Grips chopper provides a number of blade attachments to provide lots of roles from the kitchen. The Great Grips Pro-11 proclaims quality, BPA-free construction, and 430 stainless steel blades offering the precision and sharpness one requires sufficient prep.

This is only one of the greatest vegetable choppers if you would like flexibility whether you want to chop, slice, dice, or grate your veggies. Luckily, the bottom of the gadget is non-slip, permitting one to utilize this particular vegetable chopper, dicer, and grater, together with lasting stability. For instance, there’s a hand protector as well as your chopper order to guarantee security while being used. Being dishwasher safe, the TTLife Good Grips is simple to wash and hassle-free to operate with. Normally, the TTLife Good Grips turn a boring task to an easy, enjoyable obligation.

Reviewers especially note that the great Grips Pro-11 chopper provides straight-forward assembly, is reliable, cleans well, and complete aids consolidate multiple kitchen prep functions in a single device. Users also said that the blades with this chopper are sharp and provide effective, high-quality cuts. With the above-satisfactory purpose and a lot of blades to select out of a price within several people’s price range, it is hard to not consider the excellent Grips Pro-11 from TTLife.

Mueller Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper

The Mueller Vegetable Chopper isn’t just known as the ideal chopper available on the marketplace for no reason. It’s simple to use and will provide you with just what you want. It provides quality and long-lasting durability to be certain you’re totally happy with that. It reduces onion vapors; therefore, minimizing tears to be certain you’re entirely comfortable when cutting onions. In any case, this vegetable chopper is big enough to hold around 4 cups or 1.2 liters. The huge capacity makes this unit very convenient to use. Ideally, this vegetable chopper is constructed from BPA-free professional-grade material that’s heavy-duty and provides unmatched break immunity. The vegetable chopper also features two super-sharp tempered stainless steel disks for dicing and chopping.

A vegetable chopper isn’t optional but an important tool that everybody, who would like to choose the shortest period possible to prep meals, should consume. It’s versatile, with a few capable of doubling as juicers or spiralizers. The best part is a veggie chopper isn’t pricey. That said, select one instantly you’re finished reading this report.

ZYLISS Zick-Zick Classic Food Chopper

Here I want to introduce another sort of new chopper. By pressing it upon the very top, the stainless steel blade rotates and chops the meals easily.

ZYLISS Zick-Zick Classic Food Chopper functions OK, not as good as I expected, however. It is marginally more affordable compared to other products.

What do I enjoy most? I am able to continue to keep the chopped bits in the storage cup with its own lid to keep the food clean.

The one problem is, it is not functioning well with meals which have an outer coating like berries to it can smash some crisp veggies entirely like garlic. It appears that it is required to peel off and cut the meals to little pieces until you apply the cutter.

Do not decide on this unless you produce a meal just on your own.

Buying Guide

A vegetable chopper is something that is going to be used regularly in your kitchen and therefore it needs to be in a position to resist the test of time and utilize. 1 big component that contributes mainly to the sturdiness of this vegetable chopper is that the raw materials it is created from. The blades need to be made from stainless steel so it may resist corrosion and rust. There may be many variations in regards to stainless steel so that you need to bear in mind that the stainless steel consists of top quality like grades 420, 430, etc.. The body of this chopper needs to be produced from durable plastic, that ought to likewise be free of any noxious chemicals like BPA.

Best Vegetable Chopper Buying Guide

Electric or manual

Vegetable choppers may be electrical or manual. Although which kind you may choose is dependent upon personal tastes and requirements, we’ll highlight the pros and cons of utilizing manual vegetable choppers because not one of the choppers we’ve discussed in this report is electrical. Manual ones are much better in the sense that you need an electrical supply to conduct them so they may be easily transported around and be utilized in outdoor settings like within an RV, in a camp, even a barbecue celebration, or in a picnic. They’re also easier to clean because they may be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, unlike the electrical ones which could contain electrical components and therefore ought to be kept away from water.

Manual ones will also be less noisy, are more fun to use and will let your kids get involved in cooking alongside you. The only part in which the guide ones shed into the electrical ones is the rate where the veggies are cut. But, manual choppers continue to be much quicker compared to clipping vegetables by a knife, which can help you save a great deal of time, particularly when preparing a high number of veggies.


The plan of this chopper is a vital aspect that can help you narrow down your choices as it determines what sort of cutting edge mechanism it is going to have. If it comes to the way the vegetables are cut, there are 3 sorts of manual vegetable choppers. To begin with there are choppers using a knife holder on its own lid along with a container beneath that are probably the most usual ones. They’re quite helpful when you would like the largest possible amount of flexibility from the blade types because they often come with over five kinds of blades for slicing, grating, dicing, julienning, etc..

The second sort is where your veggies are stored inside the container along with also a pull cord is used to twist the blades, which cuts through the veggies. This type is safe because your hand won’t come close to the blades and can be cleaner because the vegetables are comprised inside the container the entire time. The third kind is that the push plunger kind, in which the blades are transferred up and down to the veggies when you push the plunger handle. This may be an enjoyable and secure way to lower vegetables even for kids and requires less power compared to the pull cord or even the slicer design.


Because vegetable choppers are outfitted with blades that can cut through hard vegetables such as carrots and potatoes, they ought to be managed with caution and shouldn’t be left with children without proper oversight. The choppers should include security elements like a foundation that prevents slipping, handles which allow a protected, anti-slip grip, and finger guards to protect your hands in the blades.


With so many kinds and versions of vegetable choppers available using an array of distinct features, it is almost impossible to swiftly select one with no strategic about your choice. If you never possessed an onion chopper prior to or are searching for a fantastic chopper to substitute one in your home, be certain that you go the following frequently asked questions.


Each chopper for veggies could have a different kind of operation. For vegetable choppers using a pull cord, twist, or electrical kind of performance, the chopping blade can immediately twist to cut the vegetables into pieces once the series has been pulled, the crank is turned, or the ideal button has been pressed.

In terms of vegetable choppers that have to be pushed, vegetables have been chopped by the strain between you pushing back on the lid of this chopper, forcing the veggies to be cut from the blade beneath them and falling to a storage container.


Not every chopper will get exactly the exact same use. Some might need you to press a button, use pressure on a lid, then pull on the series or turn a twist. They’ll also differ from the kinds of the blade(s) it provides, a few of which might be interchangeable or perhaps offer you another type of cleaning (e.g., handwash, dishwasher). Nevertheless, be certain that you check over your chopper’s guide for applicable instructions on utilizing your apparatus.


You can purchase electrical or manual apparatus from general merchandise shops, home fantastic stores, kitchen supply shops, general discount shops, from several manufacturers’ sites, or from big online retailers such as


Since vegetable choppers are produced from unique substances and some are electrical while some are manual, so it would be very important to consult with a own vegetable chopper’s user manual for cleaning instructions. Regrettably, not all of the choppers are dishwasher safe; many others might just have the ability to hold out against the top plate of a dishwasher.

But when in doubt, always hand wash your vegetable chopper. Be especially mindful of the substances your chopper is constructed of so you don’t wash it using a chemical (e.g., lemon juice, vinegar) which may potentially harm your device.

Furthermore, always be certain that you thoroughly dry your own vegetable chopper after washing (particularly before storage), particularly metal components (stainless or not) to prevent rust and stains.


Vegetable choppers may be frequently be mended via the manufacturer. Even if your warranty (if appropriate ) is expired, then the best advice would be to always reach from the producer. But if you are searching for a challenge and have enough time in your hands, there are scores of YouTube movies and internet tutorials available that could help you in troubleshooting and fixing your utensil all on your own.

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Just the ideal choices are included in this listing of the best vegetable choppers. There are many choppers on the marketplace for fruits and veggies which you may always wind up making a poor choice.

That is the reason you must compare the qualities of available choices very carefully. We expected that we’ve educated you in regard to the info that you require for the best monitoring tool for your kitchen.

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